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DAF XF by 50keda v3.6


This is the reworked version of DAF XF by 50keda with new add-ons, wheel pack and more!

This is a nice truck, It has a lot of Options with it. Like multiple cab’s “Cabin’s”. Several type’s of drivetrains as well as a couple of transmissions.
You get a lot of extra part’s as well, Lights, wheel and tire’s, as well as side skirts and pipe’s.
Now I would have liked to see more in the lights as well as wheel and tire’s.
I did how ever have a problem with the sound of the engine ion this truck. The team that made this mod made the engine sound like something out of a race truck.
If you listen to the engine, it is either an open pipe sound or it is something else. This is just from the inside of the cab, if you go to the outside view it sound’s like a normal truck. So there is something not right here.
Also if you are going to put pipes on the truck, why not give me the choice of having the pipes down near the ground or up the back of the cab, where I would have liked to put them.
The other problem I had with this truck is the number of engines you got with it. The biggest engine I could get was a 510 BHP and that was it. I would have liked to see more.
I am sure that this truck can go farther in the upgrade department.
You do get the standard paint, plus you get the metallic paints, I used a black Metallic paint. It does look real good in the sun, but not so good in the rain.
Most of everything that is listed above is in this truck now. But I think it has it’s own texture’s as well, I found that this truck was eating up my frame rate a lot.
With this truck being reworked by 50 Keda, I had expected more. You have everything that I named in my earlier review with a little more added to it.
BUT you still do not get the tag or mid lift axles, when you choose a chassis, the only thing you will see, is the front grill change color.
Yes you have lights, interiors, cab’s, engines. You get the lot, but then again you are still missing some needed parts. I want more of the parts that should be on this truck.
Lights are an option, and nothing more.
What’s new in this version?
  1. Fixed sound definitions to properly work with Open Pipe sounds
  2. Fenders for 6×2/4 and 6×4 are cut on the top, to prevent any intersections on lift able axis chassis
  3. Wheels locators repositioning for better fitting of stock wheels
  4. Fixed horn locator rotations on only slots roof grills
  5. Fixed missing licence plate on 4×2 chassis

Credits: SCS, 50k, hans22
Compatibility: ETS2 1.23.x and 1.24.x
Review: Lone Wolf


daf-xf-by-50keda daf-xf-by-50keda-1 daf-xf-by-50keda-3 daf-xf-by-50keda-2 daf-xf-by-50keda-4

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download DAF XF by 50keda for ETS 2:


  1. Game crashes right after visiting a DAF dealer. I’m running v1.16.3.1, but claim the mod is compatible with this version of the game aswell

    • Seems like this mod doesn’t works with 1.16 anymore.
      Can you upgrade your game to 1.17?

      • Upgraded and it is working now. One question though- which XF truck does it affect? I couldn’t find the paintjob at Space and Space Cab Plus which I have unlocked now, so is it replacing only the Super Space?

          • Never saw any truck addon that didn’t replace a default truck. I still have 8 trucks for DAF, having both this one and DAF XF E6 ohaha addon enabled. Same for Scania by 50keda.

            Am I doing anything wrong?

  2. The download link is buggy. It takes me to the “Mega” thingy, but then nothing happens

  3. Ok, it appears that I was right, the third XF truck is the one that can is modified. However, I still cannot find any paintjobs- do they require a higher level to appear?

  4. i guess there are some problems here… when i click download i’m actually donwloading a winrar mod with some folders inside (vehicle def, automat…) , but no one of then are .scs, so this is a updated mod? how do i update this one?

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