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Realistic Lighting v2.6 + Review

Realistic Lighting is a fantastic alternative to SCS’s default skybox.

It will add lots of skyboxes with a range of cloud variations, and these clouds also project shadows to the ground realistically.

One of the best characteristics of this mod is how the game looks like at night. The night is much darker than SCS’ “dark blue” nighttime. You may see stars, but they don’t stand out too bright – however that is pretty realistic due to light pollution (it would be cool if the author added regional starry nights for special locations such as the deserts in TSM). At night, you can also see a realistic full moon (the size is more proportional).

Another great feature is the street lamp and led lamp effects. The mod author (Atak) added new effects to the lamps so they would project downwards and spread out in the correct direction, making them a lot more realistic as if you were really driving at night.

The sunsets and sunrises give great opportunities for pictures. One minor thing that might bother you is the green tinge you might see for a few minutes in the sunsets and sunrises. In real life, you can see a slight green tinge in sunsets and sunrises, but this mod overly saturates that effect which isn’t too realistic.

AI Traffic headlights, street lamps and LED lamps also can emit three different lighting colors: xenon, orange, and cold white. This adds a lot to the realism since cars, street + LED lamps do have these variations in real life.

There are also times when you may have gentle fog in the morning which is a cool plus. Many other touches to add to the realism are added to this mod, like having ambient color be calculated from the skybox.

It does appear to rain less often with Realistic Lighting turned on, however when you do get rain there are interesting variations in the heaviness and storminess of the rain.

This mod is definitely worth trying out. It makes your driving more realistic and also interesting because of all the variations.

Working perfect on version 1.18 with Realistic Lighting v2.6!
The order that this mod loads in shouldn’t matter too much, but logically I have the mod order as this:

  1. Game Fixes Mods
  2. Skin Mods
  3. Traffic Mods
  4. Truck Mods
  5. Map Mods
  6. Trailers + Cargo Mods
  7. Environment/Weather Mods (Realistic Lighting goes in this section)
  8. Mods that need to overwrite settings from other mods


  • HDR and Bloom tweaked to more realistic values.
  • Realistic full moon.
  • A lot more different cloud variants at all times.
  • Sky has now realistic color and gradient (dawn/midday/sunset/night).
  • 3 different types of bad weather:
    1. Storm with heavy rain and thunders
    2. Thick clouds but no rain and no thunders.
    3. Same as above plus medium rain and without thunders.
  • Street lamps now generate more common orange/yellow color instead of pure white.
  • Led lamps emit cold white.
  • Added lamp mask to street lamps and directional glow.

Credits: Atak_Snajpera
Compatibility: ETS2 1.17.x and 1.18.x
Review: DriveSafely


realistic-lighting-improved-skyboxes-and-weather-1 realistic-lighting-improved-skyboxes-and-weather-2 realistic-lighting-improved-skyboxes-and-weather-3 realistic-lighting-improved-skyboxes-and-weather-4 realistic-lighting-improved-skyboxes-and-weather-5

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Realistic Lighting for ETS 2:



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