Oslo, The Biggest City in Scandinavia DLC - ETS2 Mods

Oslo, The Biggest City in Scandinavia DLC

Welcome to the good news from SCS team about the Scandinavia DLC. This time, we are going to visit the Oslo city, the biggest urban agglomeration not only in this DLC but also the whole game.This city has all new types of intersections and junctions in Scandiania to connect the city to the large port that incorporates a ferry terminal.See more in these screenshots:oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-8 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-7 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-6 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-5 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-4 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-3 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-2 oslo-the-biggest-city-in-scandinavia-dlc-1

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