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New France DLC is gonna released soon!


Hello guys! Great news here!

In the upcoming update, SCS Software will release a new major DLC expansion about the France with lots of new cities, vehicles, map models,… Also, couples of current cities will be improved a lot.

Here are couples of new images about the rural part of France, one of the most beautiful country in the world.

ets2-france-dlc-4 ets2-france-dlc-3 ets2-france-dlc-2 ets2-france-dlc-1

I will try to update more information about this new DLC as soon as possible. Stay tuned guys!


  1. “soon” calm down mate. Both East and Scandinavia were released a bit more than a YEAR after their first teasing/announcements

  2. + It doesn’t looks much french for now. Why are road so dark and smooths ? Why not even white line ?

    Road there were built in the 60’s , are in very poor health , but still got white marks.

    Same for the roadsigns , they didn’t got the essence and the feeling of them. At least TDU2 got it.

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