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FAEL Environment v2.4.1


The FAEL Environment mod will give you a better visual to Euro Truck Simulator 2 with new textures for trees, road, ground, grass, water,… and will not change the weather in game.

FAEL Enviroment works fine with some weather mod such as Improved Weather Mod or Realistic Lighting Mod.

If your computer is strong enough, please set Vegetation Detail and Highgrass density in Settings to High for the best quality.

This “FAEL ENVIRONMENT MOD”, is an other long list of Environment mods that are out there. I have tested a lot since playing this game.
But for some reason I like this one. I found that all the texture’s road, grass sky look so real, you would forget that you are playing a game.
I also found that this mod dose not eat up my frame rate like a lot of the other’s have.
When I was driving in the country you could see some nice green fields and my frame rate stayed nice and high, when I drove into a city, my frame rate dropped a bit. That I really liked, not like some of the other’s were you have almost no frame rate at all.

I will keep testing this mod a little longer, I will keep you all up to date on how it goes.

This new version:

  • Added new versions for ProMods Map and Trucksim Map.
  • Fix road problems.

Credits: rafaelbc
Compatibility: ETS2 1.17.x and 1.18.x
Review: Lone Wolf

Screenshot and Video:

fael-environment-ets2-1 fael-environment-ets2-2 fael-environment-ets2-3 fael-environment-ets2-4 fael-environment-ets2-5 fael-environment-ets2-6

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download FAEL Enviroment for ETS 2:


  1. http://goo.gl/TSmwGW – this goo.gl shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here and here for more information about our terms and policies respectively.

    Download link error :/

  2. Well in my first impressions, the world seems to be a little darker… anyways interesting mod gotta download it.

    • yeah, Hey Charles you right, streets so bright, trees so dark. together with a good lightmod, it looks like “always early afternoon”, never like a bright day. Looks not bad, but the very dark trees, kill the feeling. Is a nice mod, much work inside i think. But not for me. to dark.

  3. My short review:

    This mod is good. It changes the colors of the world and makes living plants look more natural. But somehow the world looks quite gloomy to look at, esp. at HDR. Sun too bright, living things look too dark and roads look only great. Sometimes it takes time for the game to adjust the mod’s demand.

    This mod is great for people who like to drive in a gloomy way, keep them relaxed while driving (just make sure you don’t get board too much.)

    It works with other weather mods but definitely won’t recommend much of it.

    3.55/5 🙂

    • Yes right because it is for 1.16.
      I think the author will release new version for 1.18 soon!

      • but how is this posible? i use the version 2.2 and it works in 1.18.1 alredy…. and this one here says version 2.3 (which is newer then mine) and it crashes …. that’s wierd… Anyway, thank you for your reply. You have any idea when the new one comes out?

  4. lol wtf? it seems ETS2 graphics are way better than the FAEL….

    well at least FAEL is somewhat an autumn season mod

  5. This environment mod doesn’t work with Brazil Map EAA v1.1 Bus Map. As in, after enabling this mod, I can’t scroll to the Brazil Map, please fix it.

  6. Great mod and seems to work fine with promods v1.95,Poland rebuild map
    v1.96,Russia map v1.49,Russian open spaces map v2.1,and EAA v2.4 map.The
    only bugs i ran across was in Norway and Sweden. I was getting some red
    roads and red grass areas on the freeways.

  7. with version 2.2 i have everything normal …. and with version 2.4 it is still working, but i can’t zoom into my RusMap v1.49 and can’t zoom in to Iceland country which comes with promods 1.91 ….. Poland rebuild map v1.96 works ok with this. But the roads on the map are misplaced, they moved to the north.

  8. Confirmed working with 1.18. Definite framerate drop, but looks *so* good. Best looking drive I’ve ever taken in this game with Realistic Lighting! I also have the map issue with RusMap, so I’ll try deleting the prefix z’s.

  9. The problem of scrolling the map the the Brazil Bus Map is still not fixed!!! Please fix it ASAP!!

  10. Ok , still working on 1.19

    But “FAEL Enviroment works fine with some weather mod such as Improved Weather Mod or” , no it don’t

  11. This Mod is BY FAR my favorite one !!!…. I have it right now working with, Promods 196(and patch-v1961), Rusmap 1.51 . polandrebuilding 1.96.1, Scandinavia rebuilding v0.9 …. and of course with the 2 dlc’s (scandinavia & going east). And it’s working like ….. paradise 😉

  12. Doesn’t work with ETS 1.19 w/ Promods 1.96 + Poland Rebuilding 1.96.1 + RusMap 1.5.1

    Any Solution? I tried arranging the Fael mod to the highest and to the lowest priority but it still doesn’t work.

    The game doesn’t crash, but it shifts the map offset, which means the road and the map is not aligned. Before this when I was having problem sorting out the PM + PM + RusMap, my map dint align and it caused me to plunge THROUGH the road as I was entering Poland on the A2, so I’m guessing that with this Fael mod that made my map mis-align, it will most probably cause the same bug again.

    Help? I really love Fael’s mod but ever since I started using Promods, I can’t get it to work properly! 🙁

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