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Pack Powerful Engines + Gearboxes v10.6

Hello there! I would like to introduce to u guys a big pack mod, this one will change and upgrade engine pack with many different modifications and logos added. To install this mod and play it properly, just place the mods trucks under the mod powerful engines +  gearboxes 6.0 V. So, here is the details list, which truck is gonna compatible:

  • Scania RJL.
  • Volvo FH10.
  • Volvo 2013 de Ohaha.
  • Mercedes NG 1632 edit by Ekualizer.
  • Man F90.
  • Sisu R500.
  • Daf XF Euro 6 de Ohaha.
  • Maz 64229-54323 v4.0.
  • Dong Feng.
  • Fsc Star.
  • Volvo NH12 V1.25 Fixed.
  • Kraz 255.
  • Volvo FH 12-16 I Generation v 1.2 Fixed.
  • Volvo F Series (F12 – F16).
  • Scania T Mod V2.0.
  • Volvo FH12 Mk1 updated. (NEW ADAPTED)
  • Daf CF85. (NEW ADAPTED)
  • Scania 112-142. (NEW ADAPTED)
  • Mercedes Benz Atron. (NEW ADAPTED)
  • Mercedes Antos 1840. (NEW ADAPTED)
  • Scania R1000 Reworked 5.0. (NEW ADAPTED)
  • Scania R700 New. (NEW ADAPTED)

News in v6.0:

  • Front Emblems of all engines pack for Scania R and Scania Streamline.
  • Side Emblems of all engines pack for Daf XF.
  • Side Emblems of all engines Hiway pack for Iveco.
  • Side Emblems of all engines pack for TGXy Man Man TGS.
  • Side Emblems of all engines for Volvo FH12 pack Mk1 updated.

Version 7.0 has added more 9 new trucks

Changes in version 9.0:

  • Brutal emblems added to the Volvo Fh Originals.
  • Added Brutal Emblem Lateral to the Renault Integral of Cyrusthevirus.
  • New trucks adapted and readjusted: 10

Changes in v10.0:

  • Corrected sound bug of the original Mercedes New Actros 2014.
  • Retrofitted 12 new trucks.

Changes in version 10.1

  • Added 2 new engines for the original trucks of the game: 305 and 460 Cv
  • New trucks adapted to the pack: 9

Changes in v10.3: New trucks adapted to the pack: 18

Version 10.4 has added 20 new trucks to the mod.

Version 10.5 has adapted to ETS2 patch v1.27 and also added 10 new trucks


Credits: Rockeropasiempre
Compatibility: ETS2 v1.25.x


pack-powerful-engines-gearboxes-1 pack-powerful-engines-gearboxes-2 pack-powerful-engines-gearboxes-3


How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Mod Manager ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Pack Powerful Engines + Gearboxes for ETS 2:

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