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Mega Store Trucks v1.9


Mega Store will add all things you need for your truck! I think this is the biggest mod pack for your ETS2 game!

Install this mod and start for shopping now! 😀


 Mega Store Trucks v1.9 Changelogs:

  1. FIX Luxury Volvo 2012
  2. FIX Slot Chassis MAN
  3. FIX Neon Scania Iveco Man
  4. FIX Slot Chassis IVECO
  5. FIX smalled Left and Right Blinker
  6. Created drains for Volvo 2×6 / 4
  7. Create skirts frame 2×6 / 4
  8. FIX Slot Chassis DAF
  9. Shadow Chassis 2×6 / 4
  10. FIX Slot DAF skirts Court / Long
  11. FIX Slot Chassis Cab Skirts Hiway 8×4 / 4
  12. FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Renault Premium
  13. FIX Led / Blk Scania
  14. FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Stralis
  15. FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Renault Magnum
  16. FIX MAN Badges
  17. Created frame 2×6 / 4 Volvo 2012 fullpaint and chrome
  18. FIX Slot Chassis and Cab Mercedes Actros
  19. Create Extra for skirts frame 2×6 / 4
  20. FIX Left Blinker

How to install mod for ETS2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Unzip it!
  3. Paste the .scs into the My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Enjoy!

Download Mega Store Trucks for ETS2:

Work fine on ETS2 1.7.x

Version 1.8: [box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” ]https://mega.co.nz/#!jRFEXIiJ!Yn4GYAks8pyXjJlXkEfsVXyGK1tonV2mwyhhC6tjtGw[/box]

Version 1.9: [box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” ]https://mega.co.nz/#!SctGhRRC!MKjsb07BCs9bBZWMdMOnaTBOyR4Jw9uKBbHED2x6n6w[/box]

Download Euro Truck Simulator 2
Credits: Kyto


  1. when I set chassis from this pack, the whole interior start flashes!
    Can someone fix it?
    Flashing in the cabin can be seen only in night, with out traffic lights, with included dipped headlights.

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