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Reworked Kenworth K100 v5.0


I had driven an other version of this Kenworth K100. there were a lot more options back then.
With this version you get 2 Cab Styles, several engines and transmissions. BUT you do not get a lot of lights, so if your looking for lights, your out of luck.
You only get the standard paint and same goes for wheels and tires. You also get a nice sounding engine break.

As I was saying, there were a lot more options with an earlier version of this mod, there was even a co-driver, witch is no longer there.
But I guess the reworking of this mod took care of that part.

Until next time.

What’s new in this verison?

  • Added animations for salon.
  • Added 4×2 chassis.
  • Added new sounds.
  • Added new textures.

Credits: Ivan, Ols, Laza-truck, AU44, Oleg_Conte, darklorrd, Stas556, Oleg_Conte.
Compatibility: ETS2 1.20.x and 1.21.x
Review: Lone Wolf


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How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Kenworth K100 Mod for ETS 2:


  1. There seems to be a problem with this mod, at least in my game: it causes the lights (roadlamps, etc…) to be generally awful looking. It’s weird that a TRUCK impacts such a thing, but it’s true: as soon as i disabled it for test, the lights went back to their fancy look. Can be fixed?

    • yes I agree with you when active my lights at night are aweful, when turned off everything it normal again. Ashame i like the truck

      • Yeah, i have a love-hate relationship with this truck: i find it absolutely AWESOME, but it constantly caused problems (lags, lights bugs etc) since its first iteration, and that’s overly annoying. I hope it gets fixed, i’d love to use it.

          • Wait, what… did you write this sentence in italian or did something translate it for me? Nevermind.
            As for my comment, this issue got solved at a certain point (i’ll never know wether it was a conflict or just some bug), and as of now the K100 is happily installed on my game and fully functional 🙂

          • I actuallly do speak a little, and I can read and understand it quite well. I was once forced to get along with the Latin I learned at school for one week to wing it somehow in a tiny Localitá in the mountains, Costageminiana near Borgo di Taro (Parma), where all but one spoke only italian. I was a guest there when I did a bike trip across middle Europe. Rare old times.
            However, I used the translator to check the spelling, so there still may be errors in the grammar 🙂 Remember, my first language is german, not english. Apropos: Your english does not give away your origin unless you really look for it…

            As for the truck:
            I do notice a certain framerate impact, but apart from that, it runs smoothly on my system. I found out in general, lights and cateyes can sometimes do strange things and interact with other such mods. The results then are unpredictable.
            I particulary love the soundsets; I wrote a mod so that my MAN’s would run on that CAT E sound. Will be released soon; Will Potter makes a demonstration video for it first.

          • The sounds of the K100 are beautiful :3 well, your english doesn’t give away your origin as well. Well, your name does, but your english is flawless. It’s nice that you were in Italy some time ago. I currently study in Milan, and the fun fact is that i’ve never been in an english/american city: my whole english knowledge is self-learned. English proficiency is generally quite bad in Italy, but i felt it was necessary to know the universally spoken language that grants communication between almost anybody, and that’s the result.

            Yes, the K100 does have a certain frame rate impact, that was particularly noticeable in older versions where it was integrated in traffic. A massive lag spike would hit my system every time the game loaded the high quality textures as i approached the truck XD now it’s much better, anyway.

          • That’s awesome! Milano! Do you know how often I get there in Flight Simulator (Malpensa) or in ETS2? And it’s not too far away from the eternal city…. aaahhh! The turntable of Italy, you might say the heart.

            Have you noticed there’s a new version 4.0 of the truck out, just today?
            And another thing: I just wrote a comment (I’m sure it will be a featured comment as soon as Will notices it) about the KamAz 6860 that might interest you. More like a review. Shameless self advertising 🙂

          • I’ll check out that comment immediately! And yes, i’ve noticed a new version, but i don’t think i’ll get it because it apparently lacks a lot of content 🙁 don’t understand the sense of this…
            I’ve been in Rome, and it’s as grand as they say, in all possible ways: it’s such a damn mess! XD Milan, instead, is a more modern city, somewhat, but most importantly is very clearly split into neighbors. There are many “blocks” of city, but it’s not one humongous sea of buildings like Rome. It’s more like islands. The old town is beautiful, of course. I live there, and it’s really, really nice. If you consider that up until September 2014 i lived in a 90.000 inhabitants town in south Italy… it’s quite a change.

          • I’d agree that Roma is not the place to live in for an extended period of time. It’s way to crowded and busy, but I very much enjoyed my time there, especially street life at night. It may not be so special to you because you grew up in this culture, so you are used to it. That takes away some of the appeal, I guess. But even as a tourist you realize there’s some tention in this city, too. Well documented by what the rest of the Italians made out of S.P.Q.R., Senatus populusque Romanorum: “Sono porki, questi Romani”.

  2. Reworked Kenworth K100 v4.0

    The intro in the post is misleading and outdated; you have a co-driver here, but only one chassis and some more parts. Though the mod seems to work fine despite some framerate impact (weak system), the log reports some trouble with the pmd. For the benefit of the tyres, I reverted to the previous version.

  3. with this version you cant use any skins, all the ones i have tried all look funny on this k100, its a pity its a nice truck to drive

  4. Beautiful truck. Awful performance in a view from a cabin. Minus 5-10 fps and even worse. The interior isn’t so detailed, so autor – clean up garbage! I saw a lot more detailed interiors mods with more performance.

  5. It’s a beautiful model but I Immediately deleted it when I saw the co-driver, the Russian flag, the pistol and the cracked glass in the truck. It just seems unnecessary and unattractive. I’m really hoping for a clean version of the truck in the future. What do you think Will?

  6. I think need this this messages

    00:01:00.875 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/kenworth_k100/interior/model.pmg’ with size 38618354

    00:01:00.908 : [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/kenworth_k100/truck.pmg’ with size 39362758

    00:01:03.708 : Incorrect rear wheel definition for /vehicle/truck/kenworth_k100/truck.pmd

    • I am so sorry about the late reply buddy. I had some troubles with my email system.
      Okay I have just updated the new download link!

  7. Interesting how mods can affect other aspects of ETS 2. Adding this mod stopped all AI truck traffic in my system. 🙁

  8. @windmm:disqus, Can you please update the truck to the latest version of ETS 2 I would really love to use this truck again in game, or at least tell me how to update the mod and I’ll do it for everyone..

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