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Mercedes-Benz Antos 12 v1.1


This Mercedes-Benz Antos 12 has detailed textures with 2 types of cabin, new chassis with tandem version, plenty of tuning parts, new sounds, animations, shadows,… Perfect truck overall!

In this new version:

  • Adapted to version 1.23
  • Adapted to DLC Cabin Accessories
  • Fixed chassis 6×4
  • Fixed chassis 4×2 Low frame (nR) 5200
  • Fixed chassis 6×2 ENA Low frame (nR) 4600
  • Added new side skirts (chassis 6×2, 6×4)

Credits: DANZ
Compatibility: ETS2 1.22.x and 1.23.x


mercedes-benz-antos-12-6 mercedes-benz-antos-12-7 mercedes-benz-antos-12-8 mercedes-benz-antos-12-9 mercedes-benz-antos-12-5

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Mercedes-Benz Antos 12 for ETS 2:


  1. Says it works with 1.17, it does on the surface in that its in game, but the truck’s handling is not inline with 1.17 physics, it would be completely unresponsive to accelerating while the wheel was cut making tight turns really hard to do. Wound up selling it and uninstalling. =(

  2. This truck is very well done, but the seventh gear up the exchange is all wrong, I ask kindly please fix.

    Thank you!

      • I know it doesn’t really matter now, and the newest release that I’m commenting on may have fixed it, but the Antos is not the same truck as the Actros that was released in 1.18 beta.

        • Ya right.
          I just though the original Mercedes would be nice. But we are all using Mercedes mods now lol

          • LOL yeah. I’ve still never driven a 1.18 “official” Actros yet! But it should be much nicer than the “Majestic” since SCS did a completely new 3D model of the real Actros. The original Majestic interior was pretty awful.

  3. I can’t brake Antos, even if I throttle the pedal until the end the truck takes to long to stop (other trucks works fine).

    Anyway, probably the best truck I have already tested.

    I love these mid trucks, any chance to make Volvo FM or Volvo VM?

  4. Love this truck, but the only problem that I ran into, and i’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but I can’t see the truck’s headlamps on the road. Like I can see then in third person view, but in first person, I can’t see them at all. Other than that, this truck is very solid and smooth.

    • Ya I can see this problem too. Hope the author will fix it soon!
      I really like this truck mod!

  5. Is there a way that I can add this truck into EtsStudio, and create my own skins for it?

    • try removing other mods that you have, other truck mods and AI mods because there might be conflicts. If it still doesnt work try re-downloading the mod… if not just wait for a reply from the Mod Author 🙂

  6. 00:08:33.192 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmd” in the read_only mode

    00:08:33.192 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmd’

    00:08:33.192 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmg” in the read_only mode

    00:08:33.193 : [model] Model descriptor ‘/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmd’ is malformed.

    00:08:33.193 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmg’

    00:08:33.193 : [model] Model geometry ‘/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmg’ is malformed.

    00:08:33.193 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmd” in the read_only mode

    00:08:33.193 : [ld] Failed to open ‘/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmd’.

    00:08:33.193 : model_template.cpp(560): ?cache_data_handler@model_template_u@prism@@UEAAXXZ: Failed to load model descriptor (.pmd) or model geometry (.pmg) for ‘/vehicle/wheel/d3swheel/trailer.pmg’.
    I get this Error and my game crashes if I enable

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