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Kenworth K100 v1.2.1 Full + Review

This Kenworth K100 is a real nice truck, it’s not a really Great truck, but a nice truck.

You get 2 Cab styles, 1 Chassis, 7 Engine type’s, 6 Transmissions, 1 Interior and 4 bull bar’s with light options.
You get a limited amount of light’s with this truck, you also get 2 horns for the roof, BUT they do not work.
There is also a single American trailer that comes with this mod. Plus you get a large amount of paint as well as a premade skin and Metallic paints.
This truck drove real nice, when the trailer came into the job market, I was able to drive the trailer a 1000 miles with out any trouble.
Now you have to remember that North American trailers are longer then the European trailer’s, so some of you may find it a little hard at first. But if you take your time you will be able to master this.

Credits: Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004
Compatibility: ETS2 1.16.x and 1.15.x
Review: Lone Wolf


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How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Kenworth K100 Full for ETS 2: