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Freightliner Argosy CAT Reworked


This Freightliner Argosy CAT version contains:

  • 8x4a and 8x4b chassis.
  • Extra tanks and crane for 8×4 chassis.
  • New fenders, sideskirt, engines, rears and some new accessories.

In this new version:

  • Fixed shadow issues in raised roof interior
  • Fixed fifth wheel position for standard trailers
  • Fixed cabin uv-map (small issues)
  • Added new chrome stoneguard and two new mudflap options
  • Some sound fixes
  • Added missing icons

This truck is standalone, you can find it in every Volvo dealer.

Credits: SCS Software, Jon_Ruda, Sergej Baltazar, Kriechbaum, dmitry68, odd_fellow, OHAHA, Irteza
Compatibility: ETS2 1.22.x and 1.21.x


freitliner-argosy-cat-13 freitliner-argosy-cat-12 freitliner-argosy-cat-14 freitliner-argosy-cat-15 freitliner-argosy-cat-11 freitliner-argosy-cat-10

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Freightliner Argosy CAT for ETS 2:


  1. problems with center display above main clocks wen you try and select to display fuel or distance etc kicks you out of game

  2. Well i have decided to try this mod, actually latest version of it, i think is a cool truck author did a good job with this but i faced some issues with it, many times my game crashed but i give it a try here what i faced :
    1. beacon on top cabin not appear
    2. in front of truck try to have available “bull bar” when i try to use lights or something on that bar game crashes
    3. lower bar same
    4. in service try to put a paint on, one of my own, one of available when confirmed order game crashes
    5. same problem on tires when confirmed order game crashes
    6. on rear bumper if try to put lights on game crashes so i run now without lights on tail
    7. truck have a big engine 1050 hp but barely pulled out from quarry a 30 tones load a bit disappointing for me

    I hope author will fixed some of this issues and i say this truck really worth to give it a try, i will use it for a while for sure. Hope this post will be useful for other users.

    • Thanks for sharing the info.

      I haven’t tried the mod yet, but looking at it, the torque values don’t match what’s in the engine .sli files….that might account for lack of power with the 1050hp engine.

      • I deleted my post as the mod’s author did a great job of updating very quickly.
        However, as Dave Snow pointed out, and I agree with him, the 1020hp version is still a little underpowered…that’s only my opinion of course….so I’ve adjusted the relevant engine file as follows:

        accessory_engine_data : catc18_1050.freightliner.engine


        name: “Caterpillar Cat C18 1050 ”

        price: 50000
        unlock: 18

        info[]: “1050 @@hp@@ (783@@kw@@)”

        info[]: “5@@dg@@200 @@nm@@”

        info[]: “1@@dg@@100-1@@dg@@400 @@rpm@@”

        icon: “engcat_34”
        torque: 5200

        volume: 14.9


        • Thanks man and yes author made an update real quick. Will use this and hope the engine will have a little more life in it thanks again.

          • Work better now, thanks again, anyway author did another update but with same engine characteristics, i use your changes and is much better, thanks!

  3. This is a beautiful truck with great sounds, but a bit sluggish and difficult to drive. Also has an impact on frame rates.

  4. Is there any chance somebody could do the chassis 8x4a & 8x4b plus extra fuel tanks for the Man please

  5. Before all, excuse me for my bad English. I download this mod, and think – this Argosy have 4 pair of wheel, its very good! But… when I installed this mod, I didn`t find it in shop, and again, when I`m changed name of truck in truck_dealer folder volvo_5 on volvo_6, I get it in the dealer Volvo. And see it – configuration 6×4, nothing like photo of mod. And in file of mod i`m find only file 6x4a.sii, but ”
    8x4a and 8x4b chassis.
    Extra tanks and crane for 8×4 chassis.”
    not added in the mod. Please, change description and photo of mod =) Thank`s.

    • Hi m3dad,
      Thanks for your commend.
      This is so weird.

      I think it is because of the new version. Let me check this again.

      So sorry!

  6. I don’t have 8×4 chassis and no tuning options except the bumper. I tried it in multiple profiles but no one works. I would really like to use this mod because it’s great. I hope somebody can help me.

  7. The wrong file is linked to download. The link is to v1.0 , not even v1.1, could you fix the link so it is connected to v2.0 or later version of the mod.

  8. Downloaded this Mod…Found it in Volvo dealer,started tuning it,all was working fine til i selected different lights for the front bull bar…It then crashed..Tried it a few times in different combinations and it still crashed 🙁

  9. i am trying to download the truck from mega, but it wont connect.
    do you think mega is just down?

  10. I’ve downloaded this placed the SCS File into my Mod folder and when I go to the Volvo dealership the Freightliner Argosy CAT isn’t there, any suggestions on how I can fix this or where I have gone wrong.

    -Thanks Matt

  11. Ive installed the mod and disabled all my other mods and still cant find this truck in dealerships? And i also have the latest ets2

      • Using many different mods 🙂 Then I placed this mod to the top of other trucks mods ,find it at Volvo dialer, but only with 6×4 chassis (

  12. To the author.

    Please re up this elsewhere as it’s no longer available on mega
    due to termination of your account 🙁

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