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Roadhunter Trailer Pack v5.3 – 68 Trailers


This trailer package is great, it gives you a lot of oversize trailer for various types of cargo. There are several trailer in this package, a fun and good change to your transport goods. In this version, there are total 68 trailers were added!

Compatibility: ETS2 1.21.x and 1.22.x
Tester: bcslagelse (BCS)



How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Roadhunter Trailer Pack for ETS 2:


  1. Is this mod riddled with errors like all of Roadhunter’s trailer mods in the past? The quality of the models is exceptional but they generate a multitude of errors in the game-log. I have not tried this combined pack, I have only tried them seperately.

  2. Hey guys..love having oversize trailers to pull…but as the last pack from roadhunter I used, errors soon became apparent. Not sure where to upload screen shots to but trailer hitch area/top deck shows double…this seems to be one of the main issues thats slows the frame rate down to a crawl…like trying to land a small aircraft on fligt sim 2004 only find when the frame rate catches up you crashed…noticed this on 3 trailer configurations :- Cat Dump Truck , Volvo Wheeled Excavator, Wirtogen Road Profiler…not to sure of any other..other errors came up in log for reconfigurating dry trailer and wheel location/ size, so to that affect, as that was a problem with an earlier mod I was looking forward too… scs should give us these or similar oversize in packs, being in Oz these are the most watched and photographed transport feats seen…besides the road trains that service the central and far west…

    • Yeeeeaaah! I know exactely what you mean, though I don’t have that in FS2004 but in FSX. That’s why I still use FS2004!

      Well, I’m gonna have a try with this package shortly, and if I can find out something useful, I’ll report back.

      SInce I got a real Austalian on the other end: Do you know of any nice offroad going aussie style truck mods? I’d love to ride my T800 in east russia as well, but with that narrow kind of ground clearance and that “small” fuel reserve, that’s utterly hopeless.

      • there is a project for an Australian map going on but not to sure how the team are going with it…the going east expansion kinda is similar to the Aussie road ways and highways, so I enjoy driving that region with the only differences the side of the road we travel on…it’ll be great to see the finished product as a few Australian transport skins are making there way to the mods sites…cheers and ‘Keep on Truckin’

        • I’m looking forward to hear more about it. This surely will prove to be a challenge for any mapper. I mean, some areas in the Nullarbour plain are very monotonous in real life, especially this sheer endless straight you have there – how would you make that an interesting ride and make the player feel the fascination that actually comes with it in real life? A ride in Bathhurst with an Aussie style 750hp V8 Comodore is something way different than a trip through the Nullarbor plain with a Mack Roadtrain featuring a close spaced gearbox ….

          For non Aussies reading this: Null Arbor, latin , Zero tree. The name is telltale…

  3. Does anybody know if this mod works? Because apparently, I downloaded and installed this mod before and kept crashing the game by making all your deliveries in your home city only to companies in your home city. Also, I have version 1.16.2.

  4. Works flawlessly, looks awesome and gives your engine a run for the money. Especially when you try to pull a 75 ton dump truck monster out of a quarry with only 420 hp… By comparison, your profits will almost double, and your employees will bring back significantly more money, too. If you don’t like that, you can still adjust the rates a bit. With roughly 60 trailers you are done in no time.

    IF YOU USE the latest JazzCat trailer pack: One small thing to take care of: Deactivate the cargo file cargo.doll_mkran.sii in the pack that you add last (to avoid a reset), because their presence in both packs leads to conflicts.

    Also, there is a .dds file missing, I have not observed any ill effects. I guess the affected trailer does not show up: vehicle/trailer_eu/tex/lack0.dds. I found that folder empty while the log complains about not being able to open the file.

    If you are more the racy and runny GTA type, overlength and oversize will bother you quite a bit on narrow roads and turns. If you are more like me, the “as real as it gets” type, this is a challenge you will enjoy. And unlike in real life, all that can get bruised here is your ego.

    Bottom line: You can enjoy it as is, you will meet updated old aquaintances from earlier roadrunner packages, along with many new ones.

    • Thank you for the information regarding a conflict with JazzyCat’s mod. I’ve see the weird effects of the conflict in trailer wheels or in the cargo.

      How do you deactivate files within mods? I’m using a Mac and there are no modding applications available for this platform. I can only tweak via the game’s Mod Manager.

      I like this roadrunner mod enough that I’ll drop the JazzyCat mod if necessary. I’m running several of his mods. Do you recall which one contains the conflicting trailers?

      Like you, I’m the real as it gets type. I was challenged by that 75-ton dump truck. My Peterbilt has over 800HP but she had to work hard just to keep up any kind of speed. You need to claim two lanes much of the time by using four-way flashers and lane straddling.


      • The issues I had were not that strong. All I found so far was one faulty ore trailer skin that would not show up. But meanwhile, ther is a new Version of roadhunters’ trailerpack out, since I think yesterday or the day before.

        To deactivate something inside a mod from within, you need to get inside it. An SCS file is basically a ZIP.file. I use the free 7.zip utility for all kinds of compressed files. In our case, you would open the def folder, in it the cargo folder and just take out the CargoFilename. sii file. To totally deactivate it (which we don’t wanna do here) you would delete the @include “Cargofilename.sii” from the cargo lineup file. BTW, those sii files can be opened with an editor like notepad.

        However, I have no clue about the intricacies of MAC systems, nor if there is a Version of 7Zip.

        If you never did any of this before, you should at first get an idea how these mods are organised and what makes them tick. I am almost completly self taught in that respect, so I trust it won’t be to hard for you either. As long as you backup your files, you can’t do much harm.

        • Thanks again, Johannes. I’ll look for the latest version of road hunter’s trailer pack.

          the Mac OS can easily open zip files. But there isn’t any software that I could find to open SCS files.

          Modding can be quite complicated from the YouTube videos I’ve watched on the subject. In a way I’m glad to be free from that but it would be a kick to get into it.

          Cheers mate.

          • The download link is right here. Will always moves the ongoing discussion (and sadly sometimes even reviews and pictures which by then may be outdated) to the latest version and replaces the downlad link. Pretty confusing for newcomers, as the comments also refer to older versions until some new ones are posted.

          • I was using V5.2 and that’s the version with the issues, Johannes.

            I’ll wait for the next version. Thank you again.

          • See, that’s were the confusion starts. I thought you were still commenting on the previous version, because you reacted to a comment about the previous version which unfortunately is still on the same page, dammit. I have no indications of any problems yet for the newest version. YET. But I just started using it, so there is no guarantee. Well, I will edit my comment to make clear that the advice I gave is outdated 😉

          • Ah, ha! Seeing that your originating comment was posted within the month, I thought your comments WERE for this v.5.2. No issues, Johannes.

            When running this road hunter mod v5.2 and reviewing trailers in ETS 2’s About function the worst trailer in the RH pack was the Volvo backhoe on a lowboy trailer. The backhoe’s entire skin was wrapped in random gifs. All the trailers in the RH mod had that effect in their wheels. Eliminating other mods didn’t change that. All other mods were unaffected. Every RH trailer looks good in your system?

            I see below someone else commented on bugs in the mod. Not surprising when so much variety has been packed into one mod. There are bound to be conflicts. Modding is tricky but aren’t the rendered results worth it when the magic works! I’m endlessly amazed at the quality of the rendering in ETS 2.

          • Yes, me, too. I finally got both DLCs, so I could add the newest TSM and Russmap which both would not work without “Going east”. You can drive these maps without a Gps once you have done a route a few times, because they are full of landmarks and custom buildings, so you really remember places and how to get there. And all that is freeware, year after year. Incredible!
            I have not seen any flaws yet. But then I have several cargo packs with sooo many differnt trailers and cargos that it might take a while until a faulty one pops up.

          • Thanks for that. While we’re making recommendations, may I make a three?

            Three well-crafted trailer mods featuring long trailers:
            – Wabash duraplate dryvan by B4RT
            – Moving Van by B4RT
            – Great dane spread-axle trailer-pack B4rt


          • Thank you very much. Why didn’t anybody come up yet with the idea to wrap the best ones each month into one (balanced) mod, like a monthly digest? Of course pending the authors’ consent and not without properly crediting them? It could even be like a competition that uploaders can sign in when they upload their work.

          • Good idea, Johannes. Maybe Will could offer a monthly digest since he has this site in place.

  5. Downloaded this and tried to extract it but all I get is a fail message. Get to 26% extraction and then it says Data error ?

    • Have you deleted the file and started the download again? Things like that sometimes happen thanks to connection issues. Also, Mega does some strange things every now and then when you download through your browser (like I do), because they want you to download and use their utility for downloading. Well, not me…
      And what program do you use for unpacking? I use the free and not nagging 7zip for all compressed files (rar, zip, 7z, scs). In those rare occassions it gives me problems I use the also free but occassionally nagging Express zip. As strange as it is, when one of these acts up, the other will do the job and vice versa, provided the file in itself is not faulty.

      • Hi – Tried this again and it works fine! Don’t know what the problem was but I guess if you don’t succeed, try and try again! I use 7zip to extract the files and had no problems.

    • I think you have a trouble with the Internet connection. I will try to upload this mod again to another host!

  6. this is weird i had just downloaded and mod manager say it is incompatible?
    does it only Work with 1.21 or will it Work with 1.22 ?

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