Wiper Sounds - ETS2 Mods

Wiper Sounds

This mod will improve your default wiper sound ingame for more better! Try it now!

Work fine on all trucks!

How to install Wiper Sounds mod for ETS2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Unzip it!
  3. Paste the .scs into the My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Enjoy!

Download Wiper Sounds for ETS2:

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” ]https://mega.co.nz/#!DJU1iBoC!V1n5gxseoquAWmCUkN_19WLo8_VnroEl4WC638_DOn8[/box] Credits: Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel



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