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Roads Brasil Map v1.9.6.1


I ran this map for better part of a day. What I found in this map was very interesting.
What is written in the description for this map is also what I found when playing that game.
I mainly stayed in the Brazilin area instead of traveling outside the country. I had a great time on this map.
I thought it was well thought out and it was very well done.

But for the time being, I will recommend this map to any one that want’s to use it.

Until Next Time.

This Brazil Map contains:

Cities has:

  • Restaurant.
  • Surround Sound City.
  • Sao Jose Dos Campos.
  • 3 new types of driveways.
  • Lombadas turtle style or cat’s eye.
  • Intersections with yellow bands.
  • Precinct.
  • Fire department.
  • Plate Urban Perimeter.
  • Bar with ambient sound (Pagoda).
  • Turtle or cat’s eye at the entrances of businesses.
  • Streets with coasting.
  • Market.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Road with pavement.

Types of road:

  • Walkway along the highway.
  • 2 posts biggest, with a floor paved with sunken bath and the other with part of the land.
  • Plate Urban Perimeter.
  • Rodovia Regis Bittencourt BR 116 Connect from Sao Paulo to Sao Jose Dos Campos.
  • Radars along the highway.
  • Small neighborhoods along the highway.
  • Shop By Lucas Santana.

And other features:

  • Returns included in BR 101 From Sao Paulo to Record (Remember that testing is a return, if approved by you put in other sections).
  • Retrieved Bugs plate
  • Time of the adjusted map, now the time became longer, taking longer to darken and more for sunrise.
  • Several stretches of asphalt resurfacing with sunken.
  • Sounds of running water.
  • Sons of traffic in major cities.
  • Sounds and Sea Ports.
  • Sounds of birds.
  • Sons of rockslide in the mountains.

Credits: Tubarao – Sony
Compatibility: ETS2 1.19.x, Rus Map
Review: Lone Wolf


roads-brasil-map-6 roads-brasil-map-5 roads-brasil-map-4 roads-brasil-map-3 roads-brasil-map-2 roads-brasil-map-1

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Create new profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Roads Brasil Map for ETS 2:

Password: maparbrtopdemais


        • There are some awesome maps that I have not tried and which are standalone. Just create another profile and enjoy the pleasure of driving. I know it’ll be fun and realistic if different parts of world are connected in one map, but technically, its just impossible in foreseeable future. May be I can hope for that in future. Sometimes standalone maps feel better because like Indonesia map which is compatible with may famous maps and adds roads on left of UK looks stupid in real life. I am going to download this one. Any update on Hungary Map for ets2 1.14.2?

          • Sorry but you are wrong. 1. it is technical to made, the maps to merge, but the problem is, lot of Modders, do there own Things that for a Map NOT needet.

            Like: including a Weather System. The Most Maps if you merge, crash the Game, becourse every Map want to use a own Light + Weather System.
            There is a Fix, you can use (search by your own) that helps you, to deaktivate ALL Weather Plugins IN Maps, so that you can use THAT Weather, what YOU want.

            the next absolutly stupid Thing on Standalone Maps, is the Economy. Not everyone want s to play with Deliverys you get 1 $ for 1000 km, that is stupid and boring. So if you want to play serious on a Profile, such a Economy is not good for everyone. Maybe some PPL have Fun with, but not all.

            one more thing is the “Terrain Fix”, that a lot of modders not doing. So if you have 2 Maps that DONT touch,l they touch becourse the map is with unused Space “full” and overprints the roads of the other map, and this only becourse: it s not worked good enugh. There is NOTHING on the stand alone map, but she crash s the Road Connection of Other Maps.

            And the last Thing:
            It is ABSOLUTLY Fun, to have a BIG Map ! We live in a Time, nearly every 2th Person have a PC to can run big Maps, with a lot of Memory.

            see me for Example: my PC is 4 Years, but have a GTX 970 (that is only for the Grafiks needet, a smaller card will work to) and have 16 GB of Memory. I run more than 20 Mods in 1 Profiel. there are Maps, Trucks, Weather, and a LOT of Trailer and Traffic Packs. And i have not really a Problem with.

            but here on this Sides, you dont find the Mods you need to merge some Things.

            The last: here is the maddest Example the Brazil Map (not Rodes de Brazil, i mean the EAA Brazil)

            they changes SO MUCH in your System, that ISSNT fun, and the Map is SO NICE on some Places, but she is SO BUGGY; that you can delete. It s not worth to make a Profiel for, becourse there a LOT of Glitches, Bugs, and at least – 3 not passable Mout Stations, so you cant get to the West of Brazil.

            For that you secrefice a lot of things, like: your normal Gearbox (all Gears switch to S1R1 S2R2 and so one… okay for the Mountains is ok, but a calling 1 2 3 4 5 up to 18 will be better than a S1 R1 no one knows this …
            and you secrefice your Economy to the map, becourse you earn with full qualify 1,80 Euro on 1 Km, so you drive 2000 KM for nearly 4000 Euro, as a full skilled profiel. 1x Speed Camera is 300 Euro, 1x redlight 300, and driving without light is 100, so you CANT survive the map, that is boring.
            (there is also a fix out there)

            and she crashes without any reason the TSM Map, she uses a complete other Room / Space on the World map, but the Fuel Stations, the Companys and the Economy does not fit. At last, you cant run the map if you use your own Weather System, so that you need to run EAA solo, or need Fixes for Weather.

            and now explain me, why ? I cant understand. If the Modders, do there maps without bugs, and with nice gymmiks on, they dont need a economy ore a Weather Mod. Ore they should include a weather mod as an SCS so that the user can use it ore not, like he want. There to much things in maps, no one need, becourse: a MAP is a MAP, and not an other Mod. that brings the Problems with its.

            and THAT is the problem not to merge the maps.
            So back to that what i want to say, and that is important:

            TSM = a Standart, nearly every player runs the TSM
            a lot of Ppl run MrHeavyAlex
            and any ppl run Promods.

            i know all 3 Cards
            For me TSM is the best out there.MrHeavy maybe ok, but is ,little small. and Promods, have to much Streets over Land, and a lot of stupid streets you cant drive with heavy load (like the ring streets and other) so that is for me the last choice of a map. Also you drive most Time not more than 30 ore you crash, and if i want to play, i want to have some fun, not to have a Business traffic on every street, you cant drive away from, and you crouch like a old man with 20 – 30 km/h
            but – there are players, like that, me not.
            so promods is n ot my map.

            and the Thing is: TSM + PROMODS, was a big Discussion, but no joint venture, that is NOT the failure of TSM, it s the Failure of ProMods, that says: “no we dont merge”….

            so i think, a big map is okay, and for me: promods can do what they want, they dont interest me in any form.

            the other maps, i look for fixes so i can use together.
            And i think, the best will be a fixet EAA
            without economy
            without weather inside
            and with a NORMAL gearbox
            ( and fixed Bugs on the Mout places)
            if that is coming … my map will growth 😀

            all other like every map 1 profiel, is for small maps nice.
            i do the following:
            i do the 1th delivery,
            than on the 2th mission, i drop the Trailer
            and drive the map. ( Company pays Fuil, Ship, Aircraft and all other, so you can drive, only pay attensione for Crashs an Speed Cameras, so you can watch the complete map in short time, perfekt ) after that, i delete
            i cant play 100 profieles for every map here out there…

    • charlessabuero2@gmail.com 😀

      Hope I’m still available at the time you will message me, because my time is quite hectic. I go to school (in the Philippines) and I have roughly examinations by next week and projects to pass on the same week so, as you can see it’s hectic, but I’m available next, next week because it’s our christmas holidays 🙂

  1. Little review on v1.0.6 with ETS@ 1.14.2.

    Awesome work done on this map, I felt like driving on real roads. There was lots of noise in city and water bodies produced a good sound. Though it needs a bit more testing and closing down of roads leading nowhere, I must again admit the great and hard work behind this map. Did not notice any wildlife, and I hit an invisible object near a garbage dump in a service center. The author has worked hard in making this real roads with lots of ups and downs too.

    Creating a new profile with a garage in brazil itself is proper way of playing this map.

    In case someone just wants to add this map to existing profile, then disable all other map mods, and this will work with ETS2 default europe map. this way you can use your existing high level trucks, and make trips from Europe to Brazil. I got ferried from Calais. But the problem is that you can not drag the map outside Europe to see the Brazil map and see nicely where you were, you have to rely solely on visible roads and route navigator to navigate, map view won’t work. I think the map author can work a little on this.

  2. Here is my review.

    Well first of all my thoughts on this map are answered by Rajdeep Biswas since he made the review.

    Let me add a little more….

    First of all it was a great map. I have reviewed both this map and the Brasil EAA Map v1.6 which was also good. I have seen better things in this though there were some lacking.

    1. Buggy Map. Look at the featured comment, I have experience them too. (but of course I appreciate the developer too.)
    2. More noises though in some parts of the map.
    3. Invisible objects.
    4. A little lagging map.
    5. “Too” detailed map. (concluded to the featured comment.)

    The rest were very good, though I prefer more on the EAA map v1.6 though I have seen many good things in this map because of the many new modules, defs, things, etc. Probably the mod developer has created much of them it had some conflicts though while running the mod.

    Compatible all mods except map mods. If you only see a european and brazilian map together and can’t find the cities of this map. Better drag it to the bottom left until you see cities in this map.

    4.1/5 😀

  3. Here is my 2nd review of this map.

    My first review was my 1st impression but what I am really impressed is how you really like driving in highways in real life. When I drive in Brasil Highways I have seen these stops at the side of the highway, and there is a road going so you could refuel, sleep and of course some companies. I really like the scenery, it’s like I am driving in Brazil, and sounds similar driving in a countryside.

    The scenery looks like somehow a countryside to drive. There are companies in the highway that leads you going up there through a road access from the highway, which looks cool. There are factories between the 2 cities (in real life) and this is one of them to see, a company between the 2 cities. Yes, it’s also somehow around the map. Really appreciated.

    In the city, it doesn’t, somehow look similar with ETS2 cities, which looks great still to explore. There are also more cities to explore still and roads were different in entering a city or a port, which looks cool to me either.

    Because of these detailed roads, I have encountered some frameloss, but still I was able to play as smooth as possible. I’m happy about the developer. Like Rajdeep Biswas, I agree with him. There are also parts of roads that suddenly gets elevated, which makes physics mod nearly useless, I nearly caught damage, but in real life, it’s really like that.

    There are bugs in this map, and I understand the mod developer is pressured by making this map. As I said invisible objects, noises and somehow the detailed map was sometimes overlook, and I understand that. Not every map mod is perfect.

    I’m really happy about the developer. Hope he could have time fixing the bugs. 🙂

    4.4/5 😀

  4. Any chance of making this compatible with ProMods? Even just so we can take a ferry from Europe to Brazil? If not I will try this on another profile at some point. Just thought I would ask, though.

    thanks for making the mod.

  5. hi I’m looking for someone to do just europe including Italy without africa,is this posible, I have a low mem computer

  6. Major Update: Roads Brazil Map v1.0.8


    – Sao Jose Dos Campos.
    – Lombadas turtle style or cat’s eye.
    – Turtle or cat’s eye at the entrances of businesses.
    – Streets with coasting.
    – Intersections with yellow bands.
    – Fire department.
    – Market.
    – Bar with ambient sound (Pagoda).
    – Restaurant.
    – Precinct.
    – Pharmacy.
    – Road with pavement.
    – 3 new types of driveways.
    – Surround Sound City.
    – Plate Urban Perimeter.

    – Rodovia Regis Bittencourt – BR 116 Connect from Sao Paulo to Sao Jose Dos Campos.
    – Plate Urban Perimeter.
    – Radars along the highway.
    – 2 posts biggest, with a floor paved with sunken bath and the other with part of the land.
    – Shop By Lucas Santana.
    – Walkway along the highway.
    – Small neighborhoods along the highway.

    – Sons of traffic in major cities.
    – Sounds of running water.
    – Sounds of birds.
    – Sons of rockslide in the mountains.
    – Sounds and Sea Ports.
    – Several stretches of asphalt resurfacing with sunken.
    – Returns included in BR 101 From Sao Paulo to Record (Remember that testing is a return, if approved by you put in other sections).
    – Time of the adjusted map, now the time became longer, taking longer to darken and more for sunrise.
    – Retrieved Bugs plate

    Version 1.0.8:
    – Added 2 new cities: Lorena and Cachoeira Paulista.

    Author: Sony

    Download Links:

    1. http://uploadfiles.eu/n9aa8fl5ollq/Brazil_Map_-_Mapa_RBR_1.0.8_for_ETS_2.rar.html

    2. http://sharemods.com/y71v2zbcibm8/Brazil_Map_-_Mapa_RBR_1.0.8_for_ETS_2.rar.html

  7. Hello. Here is a couple of deliveries done with the 1.9.6 free version of the map….

    Picked up cargo in Pelotas
    Teleported to (new city in ETS2 1.19) of Szeged
    Delivered cargo back to Pelotas 2806km run

    Picked up Passengers in Pelotas
    Teleported to Purbalingga (Legiunnaire Map)
    Maybe do some simulated pickup/dropoff of passengers
    Dropped off Passengers in Volta Redonda 4398km run

    More information is in the video descriptions.

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