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ProMods v1.61 for ETS2 1.9.22


Here is the ProMods v1.61 for Euro Truck Simualtor 2! Fixed some bad bugs from the previous version, also add new things! v1.62 will be released soon after testing step!

This version of the ProMods pack converts the ProMods map from 1.8.25 to 1.9. and fixes some important bugs from 1.60

Note: ProMods v1.62 has been released! Read more and download at: ProMods v1.62

ProMods v1.61’s Content:

  • 2 new French cities
  • 1 new Swedish city
  • Rebuild of Stockholm
  • Fixed all of the known bugs (Invisible walls of course as well
  • Several improvements all around the map

Fixes in ProMods v1.61:

  •  Stockholm ferry fixed
  •  Replaced nodes of metro prefabs
  • Removed invisible wall at Hamburg
  • Removed invisible wall at Paris
  •  Several other small tweaks

Current issues in ProMods v1.61:

  • Only working with DLC Going East!.
  • Some fixable dissapearing traffic.
  • Non 1.9 sectors can cause game crashes in France.

ProMods v1.61 contains these things:

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DK :

  • Cities: Kolding, Esbjerg (port), Aarhus, Aalborg, Hirsthals (port), Frederikshavn (port), Odense, København, Rødbyhavn (port), Gedser
  • Main Roads: E20, E45, E39, E47, E55, N11
  • Noticeable landmarks
  • Storebæltsbroen (TOLL)
  • Lillebæltsbroen
  • Øresundbroen (TOLL and Swedish border)
  • Budolfi Kirke (Aalborg)
  • Vandtårn (Esbjerg)


  • Cities: Göteborg (port), Malmö, Jönköping, Linköping, Skövde (Volvo plant), Södertälje (Scania plant and demo centre), Stockholm (port), Kalmar, Karlstad
  • Main Roads: E6, Rv26, Rv49, E4, Rv75, Rv50, Rv40, E22, E45, E18, E20, Rv44, Rv35
  • Öresundsbron (TOLL and Danish border)
  • Svinesundsbron (TOLL and Norwegian border)
  • Turning Torso (Malmö
  • Ericsson Globe (Stockholm)
  • Brahehus (E4)
  • Lakes like Vättern, Vänern and Roxen
  • Stockholm City Hall
  • Noticeable landmarks
  • Moose sounds in Swedish forests


  • Cities: Odda, Hønefoss, Oslo (port), Bergen (port), Stavanger, Kristiansand (port), Gardermoen (airport), Geilo.
  • Main Roads: E16, E6, E18, E39, Rv13, Rv7
  • Noticeable landmarks
  • Varrodbrua
  • Gardermoen airport
  • Svinesundsbron (TOLL and Norwegian border)
  • Stordabrua


  • Cities: Helsinki, Turku (port)
  • Main Roads: Kehä III, vt1, vt3, kt50, kt51, E18

FR :

  • Cities: Le Mans, Lorient, Caen, Cherbourg (port), Le Havre, Rouen, Poitiers, Brest, Rennes, Nantes, Angers
  • Main Roads: A10, A11, A13, A81, A83, A84, N12, N13, N12, N24, N137, N164, N165, N175, D973, D348
  • Noticeable landmarks
  • Le Mont Saint Michel
  • Airport Poitiers


  • Cities: Flensburg, Burg auf Fehmarn (port), Port added to Rostock, Improvements on Hamburg
  • Main Roads: A1, A7, A20
  • Noticeable landmarks


  • Cities: Croydon, Portsmouth (port)
  • Imported: M2/M25, M2/A2
  • Noticeable landmarks
  • Spinnaker Tower (Portsmouth)
  • Added Studs to roads (ongoing process)


  • Improved areas: Amsterdam, Rotterdam

Other noticable changes made to the default game:

  1. A whole range of new and modified streetlights (map-wide)
  2. Corrected signage fonts (map-wide)
  3. Shorter road striping to represent more realistic road markings (map-wide)
  4. Added new trailer types (Scania/Volvo transports and forklift trailers)
  5. Corrected signage in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany (partially) and France (partially)

[toggle title=”Credits” state=”close” ]ScuL81, Nico, Kutchek, Mandelsoft, robertas14, Platypus, Mirfi, Lolsmurf, ScuL81, Nico, Komat, Martin, Mjack, Peter Møller, Scansim, Claus Vendelboe Holmberg, Søren H. Nicolaisen, Frank Sørensen, Lars Møllebjerg, Andu, Birsu Fanel., Hotaru Customs, Tete_sniper, Reislord, stefag40, CorsicaTruck, MsHeavyAlex, FLD, 50keda, Stefag40, Peter Møller, Kevin5735, orestescm76, Ron Ubels, Kutchek, Sebastian, Flemming V, Ton_majstor, nfshp253, djk-transport, easynote, rAs^, olivier77340, marco11, StAfFoRdShIrE, us-boy36, harry88, Lumiaxelite, Elisium, Trucker68, Julien, sTranport2000 and saofeng, Keralis, DaSquirrelNuts, SwiftHaulage[/toggle] Compatibility: ETS2 1.9.x and 1.8.x

Screenshots for ProMods Map:

Download ProMods v1.61 for ETS2 1.9.22:

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” ]http://bit.ly/OUgKaE[/box]


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