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Anadolu Haritasi Map



This map is a detail version of Turkey! There are total 82 provinces have being added in this awesome map!


This map includes these cities: Trabzon, Giresun, Ordu, Samsun , Çorum, Merzifon, Amasya, Tokat, Pazar , Department of Cardiology, Yozgat , Ankara, Mersin, Konya, Bor, Nigde, Karaman, Antalya, Eregli, Adana, Kayseri, Sarkisla, Sivas, Ceyhan, Iskenderun, Hatay , Osmaniye, Sanliurfa, Viranşehir, Gaziantep, Mardin , Diyarbakır , Erzurum, Elazig, Bingol, Mus, Bitlis, Tunceli, Erzincan, Agri,… And a lot of other cities will be added in future!


Signs grow. Few cities are lacking , but one week later bi future update pack . This package Isparta, Burdur, Afyon, Agri, Kars missing signage will be removed and the rest of the city . Original Companies Companies moment of the game in the first updating your company companies will be replaced with the desired ..

Screenshots of Anadolu Haritasi Map:

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Anadolu Haritasi Map for ETS2:

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” ]http://bit.ly/1mQ4neV[/box]

Credits: Kaz1m USLU

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