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Renault Magnum Tuning Pack v14.36


This is a tuning pack for the Renault Magnum truck. There are 2 truck options to this mod. 1 is the standard truck, the other is the BDF Tandem truck. I drove both.
So with this mod you will find, 2 Cabs, 4 Chassis, 2 BDF Chassis, 3 Engines, 11 Transmissions, 18 Interior, Standard paint and Extra Skins, 27 BDF Boxes, and Lots of Exterior and Interior Options, including the Cabin Accessories pack.
So I first drove this truck in the 6X4 midlift mode, I drove it from Berlin Germany to Moscow Russia, I found that this drove drove really nice. The only real problem I had, was the sound level of the engine. I think it could be toned down a bit. I also found, that if you tapped the “I” key until you see TV Channel, you will turn on the LCD TV in the sleeper. Also with this pack, you can climb up on the bed, and watch TV before you go to sleep.

I then drove this truck in the BDF Tandem mode.
With this mode, you will get 2 chassis. 6X2/4 Taglift and 6X4. I drove in the 6X2/4 Taglift. You will get all the standard options with this pack, but you will also find 27 BDF Boxes for the back of the truck. All the boxes for the truck, have all different company name’s, but the trailers are all “World of Trucks Trailers”. I would have liked to see different company names on them as well.
I drove this truck from, Copenhagen “KOBENHAVN” Denmark to Morocco. I must say, that I am impressed by the way this truck drove. But again, the only problem I had with this mod, was the sound level of the engine.

I think this is a really nice update, but I think the engine sound could be dropped just a little bit.

I will recommend this mod to any one that want to try it.

In this new version:

  1. A huge number of edits of Magnum exterior, interior, animation, accessories
  2. Renault Magnum Legend appeared in agency jobs
  3. Added new variant of side glasses deflectors
  4. Some paintable parts made in black matte variants
  5. Added a clock to interior in two variants: as digital clock and as clock on mobile
  6. Changed the reflections for side and front glasses of interior
  7. Added a lot of chic interiors (personal thanks to Vyacheslav_A)
  8. Updated UI icons for Magnum
  9. For manual gearboxes of “ZF” series the gear numbers displayed as halfs lower and higher
  10. Support of DLC “Cabin Accessories”
  11. Increased kerb_weight for all chassis
  12. Added new slots for “Cabin Accessories”
  13. All paintable parts made in matte variants
  14. Ext_interior now is like Int_interior including all looks
  15. Added two variants of front license plates: “MAGNUM” и “LEGEND”
  16. In Renault truckdealers appeared Magnum Legend, Magnum Legend Mat Edition and Magnum BDF
  17. Added TV variants of big and transparent GPS
  18. Bottom part of cabin (apron) made as accessory
  19. Changed the font for gear number
  20. Steering wheel in the game is one for all trucks!)
  21. Steering wheel of exterior model made more darker (Attention!
  22. Added variant of 4×2 chassis with more higher front axle
  23. Reworked Magnums in traffic (in France there are more Magnums, in UK there are Magnums with “T6x2” chassis)
  24. Added skin “Duda Transport & Logistic”

Credits: Knox_xss, dmitry68, oq37, kuba141, 50keda and Matthias.
Compatibility: ETS2 1.21.x and 1.20.x


renault-magnum-tuning-pack-5 renault-magnum-tuning-pack-4 renault-magnum-tuning-pack-3 renault-magnum-tuning-pack-2 renault-magnum-tuning-pack-1

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Renault Magnum Tuning Pack:


        • I can’t speak french at all XD i would definately NOT survive in France for 10 seconds. Hablo un poquito de espanol.

          • Lógicamente, está muy íntimamente relacionado con italiano. Está una versión rhythmosaurico de la Marseillaise, el himno nacional francés.

            El original se canta: Vamos, Niños de la Patria, la hora de la gloria ha llegado. Para mí cantar se:
            Vamos a Francia, la gran patria. Nuestro Renault ha llegado.

          • Are you aware of how many languages there actually are on planet earth?

            I got no clue about slavic languages, I can only read the cyrillic alphabeth, but that’s it. I never got the hang of ancient Greek. I am somewhat fluent in dutch, and I learned ancient hebrew and latin. That’s it. Portuguese is beyond me. In a written text, I have about the same chances to understand what it is about like you do, as an italian native speaker. But I have about no chance when they talk. Spanish people need to slow down so I can understand them, but I can read and understand written texts. So, that’s my scope.

            In return, I am abyssmal at maths, chemistry and physics as long as it has nothing to do with aviation.

          • Well, my question was rethorical of course. English, Spanish and, of course, Italian are the only languages i know. I have studied Latin and ancient Greek in school, but they always bored me to death (if nobody speaks them anymore, what’s the point?). I am pretty decent at maths (it may be ironic since i can’t reprogram a gearbox in ETS2, but i study informatics), but physics and chemistry have never been very good friends of mine. Aviation, you say? So i must presume you also like flying things other than hauling things, is that right? Any other particular interest?

          • Prior to the militairy, I was a student pilot flying gliders. I had to quit on that for several reasons with fthe financial aspect being the paramount one.
            I took and passed several exams, so I had to deal with physics, especially in meteorology and technics.
            Back in 2002 I bought Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, and also began diving into the non-hardcoded parts to see what makes it tick. Though I have FSX, the last version, I still spend a lot of time in FS2004 (=FS9), modifying airports, downloading sceneries, tailoring air traffic to my liking. But at the moment, I feel I need to stear something landbased.

            I’ve been a moderator at a (at that time) major FS-Website, I wrote tutorials, reviews and stuff. You just need to google Rhythmosaur – there is only one – to bring up all that old stuff. And that’s also why my english is that fluent and without german accent, because us moderators used to talk to each other via teamspeak ( something like Skype) while moderating, and one of the moderators even invited me to spend three months with him in Ohio, USA, which I did.

          • Well, Jesus, you made a career. XD i honestly can’t tell wether or not your english is accent-less since words don’t speak (sorry, you called yourself that one), but i believe your word. I can’t speak without an accent right now, but i can imitate an accent pretty well (in english, of course), so no doubt you’re true. Prior to the military? So you’re in the army now? Did i mention i am quite fond of weapons (i dislike using them in any way, i’m actually a pacifist, but i am universally renowned as a nerdy, walking firearms encyclopedia because of videogames that made me interested in the subject)? Lastly, i too bought Flight Simulator 2002 back in 2003, though… when i was 8 years old. As you can guess, the best i did was smashing my Cessna in the Cheope Pyramid. Not to mention the “raw power” of my computer (i think it had a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz single core CPU and some kind of dumb named Nvidia low-end GPU) coughed up quite a choppy performance. In real life, by the way, i must say that i hate flying XD but maybe jetliners aren’t quite as good as gliding in the sunset, so this doesn’t matter much. Personally, i like whatever has an engine, from motorcycles to combines, trains, tractors, cars, airplanes and guess what? trucks obviously! I’m a shameless nerd, summarizing.

          • I wish I HAD made a career. But that’s another story.

            No, I was in the army for three years, (2 years, 10 months), and that’s enough. But about your passion for engines, that’s something we share: Trains (including steamers), Trucks, Aircraft, the older the more interesting. I even have some nice old italians in my collection. From the Savoia Marchetti S.73 to the Junkers Ju 52 3m in Ala Littoria livery…

          • Your COLLECTION?!?!?! Ok, i suppose that means a model collection, or some flight sim airplanes list… right?

          • Yes, my airplanes on FS9. The S.73 just appeared recently and is a wonderful model, even featuring real sounds for at least one of the three engine choices. Handles like the real thing and just looks awesome!

          • I just watched it again. Man those picture have suffered a lot in quality…

            I had the bad habit to take at least one picture on every flight, until I had hundreds of them just sittin around my harddrive and occupying space. You know, .bmp’s. So I decided to do a little cleanup job and put the best pictures in the video you saw. I’ve flown it all from the Wright Flyer to the Concorde, From the An 124 to the Tu 144., as real as it gets. Each of the plannes has a life and a logbook. Many of them, I even ferried from the factory to their new home.

          • That is really a very serious and romantic approach to a flight simulator… i’ve never been good enough to play it like this. Though i can fly any plane in a nearly straight line XD i have played the X-Plane series though, rather than the Flight Sim series. 2002 is the only installment i have, while i enjoyed myself both with X-Plane 7 and 8 (though there isn’t much difference, truth be truth).

          • Romantic? I tell you something: Though realism has increased dramatically (sound, symstems and systemm failures, navigation, ATC, graphics, procedures) it still is just a bad excuse for a replacement of the real thing. There’s nothing like “holding the reils” yourself in a real plane, especially in a glider!

            I have no experience about X-plane, so I can’t comment on that.

            Some remark of yours I forgo to adress: I never said I have NO accent. I just said I don’t have a german accent. I hate that german accent… People take my English for American English usually, but americans find it hard to decide where to put me. It’s because I picked up a little from every corner, I guess.

          • Well, it’s obvious that every simulator, no matter how well crafted it is, is only a poor excuse for the real life. I love ETS2 and some train sims, but i know they aren’t remotely close to real driving of those things. Not to mention things like Farming Simulator. I love it, but it’s as realistic as Dynasty Warriors is realistic in depicting a feudal China battleground. Still, they are fun and having fantasy is of course a crucial part in this. Personally, i really enjoy myself in simulators also thanks to be some sort of dreamer XD the thing about the accent wasn’t a remark, just irony, and i understand that you don’t like german accent in english. Being honest, just all foreign accents in any language are god awful to me. You wrote some of the music yourself? 😮 nice!

          • Yeah, you nailed it: These simulations enable you to do things you will never be able to do in real life. And if on top of that you are the kind of person who dreams of large journeys, visiting foreign countries and people, or in part even did such things in real life, then the appeal of such simulations is multiplied.

            When I grew up, adults always talked about how bad computer games would be for kids. They kill your phantasie, because they deliver to you the images (some part of that is actually true), they isolate you, because you don’t go out and play, and they have no educative value, they make you brutal…

            But look around: People from all over the world gather in forums, they explore foreign countries, and curiosity may even lead them to learn more about that country they explore in the sim, by having a stroll to Wikipedia or youtube. People interact, make friends worldwide and overcome prejudices.
            Would there rise a new Hitler our Mussolini, I could not imagine that the two of us might find ourselves shooting at each other.
            In China and in Turkey, imagine that. people actually discuss about MY traffic density mod I released three or four days ago, and they use it in their sim! That’s just unbelievable! That was my first published ETS2 Mod, a very simple one at that, you know, so I am a nobody, not a star modder like Harry Piel, Merlinita or Goba.
            Now we’re talking about Russia. Goba and others give us a glimpse of what it is really like (and Goba may even lead some more people to learn the cyrillic alphabeth). Imagine, 15 years ago this would have been nothing but a wild dream! No chance during the cold war. I never ceased to be amazed about this, you see…

            Could you enlighten me as to how I have to imagine a farming simulator? I mean, so you own a farm and have to run it from sawing to harvest to winterwork, or are you driving around in a combine harvester and learn how harvesting is done best and most efficiently?

          • Your words say nothing but the truth. Like an image on the net that i’ve read a while time ago says, “I don’t play videogames because i don’t have a life, but because i choose to have many”.

            As for the farming simulator (2013 or older ones, and now 2015 recently released), basically you’re tasked with driving around tractors, combines and other machinery (often with some tools attached) in order to harvest your field(s), cultivate it, plant something, water it, let it grow and then collect the result. All this is made by pacing back and forth with such vehicles on the field, thus it can be very repetitive, but the atmosphere is there and it helps a lot. There are many different vehicles, both official and modded (modding community is not extremely high in quality, but pays back with numbers) and some variations, like loading hay/grass bales with a frontloader (which is a standard tractor with a scraper extendible thingy on the front, in case you don’t know), harvesting potatoes which is slightly different, feeding your cows in case you have them (quite another sub-game, actually, requiring different harvests and different vehicles) and, in Farming Simulator 2015, also sawing and transporting wood with dedicated, badass looking machinery.

          • I grew up in a small village, at least until I was 12 and we moved, so I spend uncounted hours watching the peasants do their work. We had three families of them in that village. And damned how many times I dreamed to be the one on that tractor. One of those farmers had three kids, two of them in my age, and I envied them like hell when they drove by on a tractor or drove the cows to the field while I rode on shoemaker’s horse (like we phrase it in Germany, meaning walked) like the pilgrims to Mekka…

            Now I almost need to defend flight simulator. There have been various huge improvements on systems and necessary procedures, especially by freeware authors. The Russians in particular have been very ingenious in that field. You got your FMC in an Airbus with almost everythig working like in reality, you got your systems that normally would be operated by three peoppe in your DC-6, and excatly where they are in the real thing, looking like the real thing, you got to worry about cylinder head temperatures, turbo gears, cabin pressure, fuel temperature, fuel feed from multiple tanks, realistic navigational aids. You can overstress your engines, make the fuel freeze, make the passengers suffocate or the hull rupture. Handling is very near to the real thing (if not always on the ground, that’s right, but this is actually very tricky to achieve in coding) and you can have malfunctions that you did not preset prior to your flight. The real sound and the real cockpit makes you feel like it was. But you still sit in your non moving armchair, there’s no feedback from your backside, but even so, my pulse rate still goes up before any simulated landing,

          • This is like me in racing games. I have two types of simulation experience: the dreamy ones and the adrenaline ones. The first ones are trains, farms, trucks, ships and so on (though jesus, parking a tanker can be stressing!), the latter consists in airplanes and race cars. If there was a decent motorcycle sim, i would add that. There isn’t though, so movin’ on: flying things always scared me, but flight sims are ok to me, to a certain degree. Take off is generally nice, but nothing special, while landing either never happens (boredom) or resolves into a crash/pretentious “landing” in what would be a wood if it wasn’t 2D texture over a voxel generated hill, thus being pretty anticlimatic. As i’ve already said, i suck at flying. I DID manage to land a Learjet. Once. On a gigantic strip i can’t remember. And that’s it for my professional landing experience. Cars are a different story. When i rev the engine of a 1200 HP Bugatti, release the brakes while inserting first gear and roar towards the street in a breathtaking progression towards 400 Km/h, that’s literally a shaked cocktail of dopamine and adrenaline in my brain. Though i’d never, ever, EVER drive like that in real life, no matter if in a circuit or not, i love speed, and i love the engine sounds. And when i have a game with decent graphics and a decent engine sound, i’m there. Though i’m not there, i am there, for a brief instant, and i can feel the G force and the engine howling near me. There’s this italian (!) game, Assetto Corsa, that offers few tracks and few cars. I find it rather limited in content, and a bit on the elitist side, but hell if i can feel the speed, there. There are many more in my history of gaming, but that’s the latest. As long as Project C.A.R.S. is finally gentle enough to ship.

            I don’t have a steering wheel, or any pedal. For almost all the driving purists, these tools are essential. For me, honestly, no. Not only i would have to save for a while to afford a decent set, but it wouldn’t fit into my room because of how close my desk is to my bed. And it would be a generic, mini wheel (i like big wheels, i would feel uncomfortable to an extreme degree) with a shifting method (either paddles or lever) that not always reflects the one the car i’m using has. So yes, i play driving games with an XBOX game pad.

          • You know what? I probably use that very same gamepad (speedlink), for the very same reasons. And to be honest, I’m not too happy about how it is interfaced with ETS2. I tried dozends of settings, even “making ” it a stearing wheel and turning auto center off, but here’s the problem: When you push that stick all the way over, the front tires move quickly.
            If you just touch it, the wheel is moving slowly and CONTINUES to move instead of just giving you a slight angle. Labled as a steering wheel however, movements are way to abrupt, no matter what tweaking you do in the settings.

            During the military time, I was a playstation fanatic. Gran Turismo from the very first version up to the P3 version, Collin McRae, DTM 1-3, Driver, LA-Rush, Need for Speed, Formula 1 from 1997 to 2005, NASCAR 98 and 2000, I played it all. So from Gran Turismo, I am used to that kind of stearing, doing very fine movements when stearing, maxing up my laptimes, shifting manually to have the right amount of torque at the right times.

            Have you ever driven Le Mans on Gran Tourismo, with a real Le Mans car? In the old track layout, featuring that bumpy 3 km straight were you hit in exess of 350 km/h, barely managing to keep the car on track at the very edge of grip, especially when pulling out of someone’s slipstream? Ohhh yeah, that’s the feeling!

            I prefer to sit on my bed with the keyboard on my lap, coffe and tabacco to my left, leaning on a pillow and watching my screen to the side than sitting straigt up in a chair, having pedals somehow mounted to the floor so they don’t slide back, and having the wheel mounted to the table so it won’t slip either. These things may add to realism and enable you to much smoother inputs, but, plainly, they are inconvnient to be used for a relaxed session in front of your computer. I tried that back in playstation times. I think that’s exactely your point, too.

          • I am a Gran Turismo maniac, at least i’ve been a maniac until the disappointing GT5 and GT6 (or 5.5, pick your choice). I use a branded Microsoft wired controller, and honestly i don’t have any issue at all, it’s perfectly smooth and controllable, so maybe it’s your specific Speedlink pad that causes issues. As for Le Circuit De La Sartre, i think saying that it’s my second favourite circuit ever after the Green Hell (the Nurburgring Nordschleife) is more than enough. And i’ve done countless runs on the Hounaudieres (i think this is how it’s written) straight, and i can grant you it’s about 7 km 😉 on a tuned 2004 Audi R8 (one of the many Audis that won the 24 hours) i reached 450-something km/h, through the use of engine tuning, custom gears (veeery long ones) and a bit of nitro. That was fun! When i was younger and i still played GT4 on the PS2 (that is currently back home in Catanzaro, so while in Milan that’s kinda impossible) i used to test the top speed of the many, many cars in the game on that straight at LeMans. Fun times, they were. I was also quite competitive in racing games back then, while now… well, i just drive decently. But i’m not competitive anymore. Guess i grew too old XD and i’m still waiting for a decent, big simulation to come out after GT5. Basically, i’m waiting for GT7, since Assetto Corsa and Project C.A.R.S. have a small garage (43 without DLCs and about 80 cars respectively), while all the other games are too arcadey (Need for Speed, Driveclub…). Wish i had an XBOX so i could play Forza Motorsport 5, but money doesn’t grow on trees.

          • Nordschleife used to be my test site as well, except for the Le Mans cars for their poor ground clearance. I even tested snails like the ancient Cinquecento or the old VW Beetle there…

            Now that you say it, it might even be 12 kilometer straight. I haven’t played it in years, so my memory fails me. Need for Speed had it’s appeal because of the music and the scenery, which was in NfS3 something extraordinary by the standards of most contemporary Playstation games. Though I am not an arcade racer at all, that’s what keeps me lovng the game.

          • Sarthe, you’re goddamn right; my memory failed me, i confused it with Jean-Paul Sartre. Since i haven’t played the game in a while, i double-checked the length of that road. The whole circuit is over 13 km long, but the Hunaudiéres (another typing/memory fail) is 6.75 circa. So at least i didn’t fuck up this one.

            I’ve never played old NFS, though i’m aware they’re revered as arcade racer classics, but i did play modern ones. I loved the Shift spin-off (made by the same of Project C.A.R.S.), because they were more realistic, and i hate things like Hot Pursuit 2010 or the latest most wanted, let alone things like The Run or Rivals. They just feel character-less, like if they’re not NFS and they don’t even have their own personality. Criterion Games did very well in its Burnout period (God, how fun Revenge and Paradise were!), but it completely messed both the NFS and their reputation when they started developing these excuses of games.

          • Post note on FS that i forgot to add as conclusion: it’s far from realistic (the driving model is particularly laughable), but it gets the feeling right. You’re there, in your land, working with either super-modern machines or oldtimey ones (that have a very nice fashion, of course), breaking your spine in order to… well, buy more expensive machines and fields, because this is a game and a family needing to be fed would have been boring and stressful. This is a very relaxing game, speaking of which: you definately don’t have any urge to do anything. You have plenty of time to even collect your harvest before it withers. Probably the most stressful thing is the terrifying speed at which your gas tank empties, possibly leaving you helpless and gas-less in the middle of nowhere. That’s why i started modding fuel consumption there, it felt so boring and unrealistic XD

          • That’s your voice, right? It DEFINATELY has no german accent, the pronounce is mostly american with some bits of slight british sounds. Very enjoyable, very clean, very smooth. GG!

          • You passed the test. I wanted to know whether you hold back because of undue politeness: I can only learn if I’m corrected when necessary, so thank you for being straightforward 🙂

          • Ah, so that was a test? Well, everybody says i’m annoying when correcting language mistakes (and i correct italian spoken by italians, that can barely speak their own language. Just saying… sigh), but having a limited vocabulary is a problem, having a broken one is terrible, because you could (extreme occurrence) tell someone to fuck off instead of asking where is Park Avenue incidentally. So yes, as long as i’m capable of, i’ll correct any grammar sluggishness/mistake i see, though it may be unpolite 🙂

          • Well I do not correct germans speaking german. In a country with so many dialects like Germany, that’s utterly hopeless and makes you being regarded as someone who wears his nose a little too high. Besides, language is always in a constant flow and changes all the time. If people were not constantly making errors in latin grammar, you’d be speaking Latin to this day. But it is differnt when you speak a foreign language and you wanna do it right. There are two sorts of people: Those who learned a language to the point that they can get along, but with no desire to really master it, or maintaing their accent on purpose, either because of national pride (french people) or for professional reasons, because they are supposed to have an accent and people like it (italian Pizzaria owners in Germany), and those who try to master it in a way that others cannot tell that it is not your mother language. Of course, a native speaker will always at least suspect that I am not a nativespeaker myself. Some things just are telltale, be it word order, be it a certain sound (german w is a traitor, natives speak it almost like a u) or the melody of your voice. Think about germans speaking italian: Even if they master the accent, their voice melody is less vivid, unless they are reeeally good.

            i don’t oppose accents in general. In fact accents can be very nice, be it a scotish accent in english, or the italian accent in german mirroring the way, italian is spoken (with your voice going up and down, stressing certain vowels etc.) . But when I hear professionals (e.g. at an airport) in germany when they talk in english, it sounds like they are incompetent or unwilling to speak a proper th, to get vowels right and to surpress the german rrrrolling r. It does not sound like an accent, it does sound like incompetence. That’s why I hate it. If you learn another language, you should at least try to get these sounds right that are contained in your mother language. I think, it is also a question of politeness and respect. Noone blames you if you can’t get an Ayin right in Hebrew or Arabics, because we don’t have that sound in the west, and if you try to produce it, it’s really hard to do right if you did not get it with your mother’s milk. But you can get an english r right, and with some practise, you can promounce a th as well. I did learn it, and if I can, everybody can.

          • Just don’t mention plane pilots giving announces in english when it’s not their first language. Average italian captain makes always a hell of a mess when blabbing in italianenglish, and he’s horrid to listen.

            As for germans speaking italian, you just made me remember the awe-inducing Christoph Waltz performance in Inglorious Basterds, the Quentin Tarantino movie. I watch movies in the original language, because even if we have excellent voiceover actors in Italy i just prefer the lines to be spoken by the actual actor. Waltz acted in english, german, french and in italian, in a very hilarious scene near the end of the movie. I didn’t really find the movie itself astonishing, but he was so majestic! And yes, though he did speak the other three languages really well, i can immediately tell that even if he is fast and varied while speaking italian he’s not really an italian person, due to just the way he speaks, the rhythm and so on. But it still is amazing.

          • Hi again, multilingual friend. Ambition is endless of course. Remember the gear ratio thingy? I decided to crank it up a notch. There’s a fancy Kenworth W900 aRC in my garage that always felt a bit underpowered, especially when a good 800-something HP engine was mysteriously removed from the mod (realism, likely). I want it back by modifying torque and horsepower of another engine. Can it be achieved through 7-Zip?

          • Not that I am bothered, on the contrairy, but I take the fact that you ask me instead of having a look yourself (I gave you the key, remember?) as a compliment.

            You really should go ahead, take a truck mod and examine what is inside. This is not illegal. If you cannot open a particular file (not talking about graphics!), it is locked. Would you change the mod’s ending in .zip and try again with winzip, you would probably be asked a password or made aware that access is denied. If you try to crack this, now that’s illegal. So you see, authors can protect their works if they choose to do so.

            To retroengineer the hardcoded stuff in the game is also illegal. I know you don’t plan to do that, it’s just so you understand the concept.

            Okay, when you open such a truck mod, most of the folders are self explanatory, some seem to be there twice e.g. sound, vehicle, some are clear no-no’s for non-graphics like me, e.g material, automat.

            The heartpiece of it all is the def (“definitions”) folder. It is the heartpeace because it contains the information about how all these various parts, graphics, folders, transmissions and sounds are ment to be put together. So the soundfolder in there will not contain sound files, but the instructions for the game what sounds to play when, at what pitch and volume and so on, and where to find them, in case they are soemwhere else than the standard locations.

            Since your problem is to increase power, you want a definition about an engine. Unlike in GTS, where no engine choice existed, it is necessary to make a definition for each engine, each accessory, each transmission instead of storing this data all in one truck definition, like it was in back in GTS.

            FH16_2013_v17.5s_ohaha.scs DEF
            vehicletruckvolvo.fh16_2013 and here we are:
            Engines, transmissions, badges. What are badges? If you are at the dealer’s, there is for instance a choice of engines; each option is displayed with a little graphic that also displays the data, like 800 HP at 1500-3000 RPM. That little graphic is the badge. In that folder is the information, where particular badges are stored and with what trucks they may be used. You won’t have a CAT choice for a Kamma3 unless you change it here.

            And here we run into a problem: I can tell you how to modify an existing engine. But it still will be displayed with the original data because I cannot create graphics! You need special programs, usually payware for that and a lot of dedication.

            So, if you now open up the engines folder, you find a definition for each available option. Just open the file you want to be your victim, BACK IT UP of course, and look what’s inside. Et voilá, you will realize, you can do it. 🙂 Have Fun!

          • Well, what happened is actually this: first of all, since you gave me the key (wish i could bold this line here 😉 ), i opened the def folder of my truck, found the engines, chose my victim and changed horsepower and torque. After doing that a doubt crossed my mind: what if i only changed the information displayed in the shop while the effective power is still the same? Since i currently can’t run the game because of being busy, I’ll ask my recently acquired Grand Master. Of course i backed up the original engine (it’s still slammed on my desktop, waiting for me to go and see wether or not my little tuning experiment actually worked), so since looks like i’ve done the right thing, i only have to check it. As for the badge, no worry: it’s my game, so as long as i know what i’ve fumbled with, you can bet i’ll remember that. And my mental scheme only works with easily recognizable spots in which i operate these modifications, thus you can be sure my modded engine-transmission-whatever will be either the first or the last in line.

          • Grand Master… I just grew a few centimeters, I think 🙂 Wellll, don’t blame me for always stressing the wisdom of backing up files. As a forum moderator, it seemed I could not say this often enough and still had to deal with people who did not. So it becomes second nature to stress that when it fits or does not. Just like Cato did: Ceterum censeo Karthaginem esse delendam… The other side of the coin is, that it happend often enough to myself when I felt secure. Murphy’s law. These are the moments when I’d like to bite into my own butt if I just could reach it….

    • My computer just crashed. Any explanations why?

      Seriously, you need to be a little more specific, because without any information, it could be just about anything: Wrong version, conflicting mods, memory problems…

      So, when does your game crash? While loading the profile or the savegame, or while selecting the Renault at the dealer’s, or while buying it? Any suspicious comments in the game log? Have you tried what happens when you deactivate all other mod trucks?

      • Yea sorry my game crashes when I select the Renault at the dealers I have tried everything from turning my mods off to just the game without mods. It just wont let me do anything. I have a high powered gaming computer with everything and my game still crashes when I try to get the Renault. Could it be that my computer is just touchy?

        • I had a suspicion, so I made a test run using a test profile and tested various configurations. But I can find no problems whatsoever, meaning, the mod in itself is clean. So as it looks to me we’re eiter talking about a memory problem (even if you installed 100GB of Ram, this is possible), or we have to deal with a mod conflict here.

          So I’d like you to perform one more test:
          Fire up your simulation and go STRAIGHT ahead to the dealer (using the menue, not physically going there). Do nothing else prior to going there. You can also try the online order.
          Select your Magnum, customize it as you see fit, buy it. Can you do that or do you crash in the process?
          Some more questions (unless the prior test resolved that situation):
          What version are you on? 16.2 brought changes to the behind the scene handling of truck dealers.
          Does it really only happen with the Magnum?
          Do you have other mod trucks?
          After the crash, what does your game log tell you?

  1. Good work Knoxx, can you please make a 1.18 version, when i try to change the chassi the game crash.

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