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Kenworth W900 Long


I have driven this Kenworth W900 Long on and off since I started playing this game over a year ago. I still have the version that came out in Game version 1.9.
I can tell you that this truck is, the king of the road. This is one of the biggest working trucks in this game.
You get several engine’s “with sound”, transmissions, 1 cab, 1 chassis. “You can forget about tag or mid lift axles”. You will not see them on American Trucks.
It also comes with a choice of bull bars and some lighting options, plus a huge wing on top of the sleeper. “That I didn’t use”.
Plus you get the standard paint as well as the custom paints.

I know that this mod can go a lot farther then it is right now, just takes the time to do it. I would hope that the mod author is willing to do so.
You can also check out you tube, for this truck, you will see them on there. I see them drive by also every day. Living in Canada we have a lot of trucks like this here.

You can buy it in every MAN Dealer!

In this new version:

  • Completely rewritten the residence of the Prime mover, orders of agencies, and also added the truck orders in the UK
  • Added missing Mat files
  • Added all of the drives at ATS
  • Added engine with ATS
  • Added original sound from CAT ATS
  • Back logo Kesha
  • Fixed the onboard computer, now it doesn’t conflict with the other mod from ATS (thanks so much vovang4)

Credits: dmitry68 & Stas556
Compatibility: ETS2 1.22.x and 1.21.x
Review: DogMan Dan, Lone Wolf

Screenshots and Video:

kenworth-w900-long-7 kenworth-w900-long-5 kenworth-w900-long-4 kenworth-w900-long-6 kenworth-w900-long-3 kenworth-w900-long-1 kenworth-w900-long-2

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2:


  1. yes, but the internal sounds are the muted variety so … nothing exciting on sounds which is a shame.
    Why not include scania 8 straight pipe type sounds to make it more enjoyable as a option for those not able to fix internal sounds on their own.
    As is this mod sounds like another one of the sewing machines.

    Many accessories missing, no air horns for example that I saw.
    It is long though. And it does work.
    Was not compatable with the older k900 long KW skins I had downloaded here and elswhere from some months back for the older kw900 long mod that this claims to be a update of.
    can’t fathom why they ‘update’ and break w older skins made just for this.

    Good to park in garage just to look at.\.

  2. everything seems to be work fine though the smoke stacks do not blow out anymore like the older version. Happy to be able to run this in 1.12 again. As a not I have not issues with the sound at all.

  3. I noticed that in the second view after the first person, if you are looking at the driver and press the brakes or gas, the driver and the wipers sink into the dash when braking and rise when pressing the gas. I had this happen on 1.10.1 but it was a Kamaz mod that caused it. When I removed it, it stopped. I’ve deactivated every mod on 1.11.1 and yet it still does it.

  4. The truck doesn’t even show up for me in TSM 5.1.2 and 1.12.1. It did have this problem when I tried it on 1.11. The only way I could get it to gt through was to floor it right after a car went through or try to go through at an angle.

    Do you also have the problem I listed below where the interior and wipers sink and rise into the dash when braking or accelerating while in the third person view?

  5. This truck could be fixed and updated to be really fully compatible to v1.17 v1.18 and v1.19. Truck from 2014.

      • The mod was working fine before i updated jazzycats traffic packs now it doesn’t show up in the dealership at all, really sad, i love the truck, if anyone has any ideas, i would love to hear them.

  6. I see no indication that this is ‘new’.
    It appears by the file archive title to be the same T Kenworth long uploaded last year.
    Why is this being presented as ‘new’?
    Does the site maintainer bother to even verify uploaded claims?

    • This is not a new mod but it is still working fine. I just want to bump it for players who haven’t tried it yet.
      So sorry about that!!

  7. Help! Can not pass through toll road gate due to nose being to long!(can’t pull up far enough to trigger pay action) Fix or work around?

  8. the truck’s great. Handling is still tolerable though need to really slow your truck down at corners. But i’ve recently came across a problem where the truck cant go through a toll gate. Some of the toll gates can, and some can’t. Can you fix it?

  9. I go to the Man Dealer but I am unable to purchase the truck. It says the mod is active and will be loaded. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

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