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Are you a ETS2 mod developer? And you wanna show your mods to everyone, who are playing Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Just complete this from and comment below, we will post your mods on ETS2Downloads.

  • Author: Your name/nickname.
  • Mod name: What is your mod name?
  • Description: Tell us about your mod.
  • Screenshots: Because I will test your mod and make another screenshot in game so you just need to give me 1 screenshot of it. You can upload it to imgur.com then paste the link here!
  • Download Link: I will not change the link If you don’t want.



  1. And I didnt give him promision to Upload my map MOD on his server and share it here on your page. You can read my Rules on my Blog on right side of it. I expect that you’ll remove this page from his Release here. Thank you . Regards, MsHeavyAlex

  2. Hey do any of you guys happen to have a copy of the MF Farms v1.4 map you could send to me? My little boy wants to drive on that map, but I deleted my copy which I should not have done. 🙁

  3. i have forgot the compatibility: i have tested it with 1.18.x and 1.19.x and with many map mods (promods, mha, rus map, brutal env…)

  4. Some days ago I’ve submitted a Fedex Ground Trailer here… Someone here can tell me if have received the files?

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