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Reworked Scania Sound


This mod contains new realistic L6 sound for Scania trucks, new noise sounds, blinker sounds and more!

Credits: Paulnice, Kriechbaum
Compatibility: ETS2 1.18.x and 1.17.x


How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Reworked Scania Sound for ETS 2:


  1. Excellent sound, i finally got rid of the noisy, “lowered-window”-style Scania 164 sound. Great work, and thanks!

  2. Also, an open question to the community (and particularly to the friend Johannes Konig): if i want to remove a modded truck from the traffic because it creates unwanted lag any time it approaches me (the Scania P340, specifically), is there any way i can do it? I tried to delete the traffic file in the .scs file, but it doesn’t allow me to do so, or to open it, rename it or anything at all. It seems to be protected. I normally wouldn’t mess with someone else’s work, but these lags are making the overall experience more annoying. Anybody has a solution for that?

  3. Thumbs up!! This is a very nice mod, its working on ETS2 with Scania Streamline, and sounds almost real…By far, the best sound of Scania I have heard!

      • its still awesome though, makes me enjoy driving the 480bhp as the 750bhp i normally use sounds boring without it.

  4. I can only state: This sound pack is really great and in my view it is an abolutely ‘must have’…..

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