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Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v2.8


I have used several version’s of this mod, and it is good to see that Jazzcat keep on updating them.
He and his team do a wonderful job on all there mods. I am running 5 of his traffic mods in my game, and I find them very well done.
I have the AI truck traffic, American truck traffic and the AI traffic mods running. Trust if you are looking for more traffic, then these are the mods to get.
I personally can not wait to see what Jazzcat and his team come up with next.
I highly recommend his mods to any one that wants to use them

This pack contains total 92 trucks and BDF’s for your traffic in game. All of them are standalone and work on all maps.

Version 3.0 – added Renault C280 with trailer, fixed some minor bugs.


  • Version 2.4.1 – pack adapted for patch 1.27.x.
  • Version 2.6 – added Man TGA by Madster(different variants cabins, chassis and accessories).
  • Version 2.7 – added Man TGS Euro 6 by Madster (different variants cabins, chassis and accessories).
  • Version 2.8 – added Mercedes Benz Axor(by Danz) with 3 cabins and 3 chassis variants, allowed parking for some trucks.

Credits: Jazzycat
Compatibility: ETS2 v1.27.x
Review: Lone Wolf



How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat for ETS 2:


      • Well,perhaps it runs smooth, but causes the traffic to revert to the old pre- 1.17.1 A.I. routines?..effectively breaking the game. I just wanna be sure- as one of these (not sure which) that I’ve downloaded is crashing the game after a few minutes.

  1. Great mod, especially combined with JazzyCat’s AI traffic mod and AI bus traffic mod.

    However, since using JazzyCat’s traffic mods I never see any AI trucks on the highway (except the ones that come from the opposite direction). Has anyone else noticed this?

    • No man, just played last night, noticed a few trucks come up behind me and pass me. I just noticed he has a 1.8.2 out as well, which probably would be wise to over-write your old file with. Perhaps that will solve your issue.

  2. This is an excellent mod, IMHO. AI traffic is up a click in quality and variety. How about that! Motorcycles! An AI guy riding a chopped American bike passed me on the freeway. Pretty cool. Thank you Jazzy. ETS 2 v1.19 has been crash free through the handling of a number of loads.

    Will give Jazzycat’s trailers and cargo pack v3.4.1.7z a try. Cheers.

  3. Sorry if this question comes off as dumb, but can I use this version with his older version’s or just stick to this one?

    • You lose nothing when you replace the old version, because JazzyCat also includes stock from earlier versions, just that he updated it to work with the new game version, and added some new creations on top. Note that there are several different packages around, like a bus package, a truck package and so on which JzzyCat updates individually from time to time. Each has an own version number, so make sure you don’t confuse things.

  4. I have no problems to join the choir to sing praise and thank you to JazzyCat. Thanks to this package, I almost ran over a speeding biker on the highway when I was about to switched lanes. The effect was absolutly realistic, because some of JazzyCats bikers are not only as suicidal as the real “potential organ donators”, they also are as tricky to spot and as easy to overlook.
    I combined this one, the bus package and the car package with the non ai-trailer pack (it includes ai-trailers traffic!!!), and since, there are so many different vehicles on the road that you need days to see each and every item once. This is as real as it gets
    And the best thing is, even on a weaker system the impact on framerates is surprisingly tiny.

  5. Hello !

    Thanks for this mod. I do use several mods made by Jazzycat, and I LOVE them ! What a fabulous work !! I have removed all single trailers made by other moders I had loaded before Jezzycat’s ones.

    One question : would it be possible to create more french trailers (well, I’m french 😉 for an update, such as : Picard surgelés, Galeries Lafayette and Monoprix ? Il would be very pleased to see them on the roads of France !

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