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Download Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.22


Currently, Beta Version is in the making, and judging by the dwindeling count of reported issues, it seems we are not too far away from the final release. However, with all the benefits coming from the update, some of you will have to deal with a few issues which are NOT a bug of the update:

Incompatible trucks
First of all, after installing the update, if you have any trucks that are shown in your mod manager as incompatible and deactivated (not all are but more than none), expect trouble. Everything run fine, when you are lucky, but should you experience crashes while trying to change tyres or a chassis, that’s the revenge of the add on. In that case, unless you have a safegame prior to using this particular mod, you will have to start over. From scratch. Quit the game, delete the entire safes folder from your profile – that will trigger a complete restart of your career without the need to specify your controls and preferences one more time.

The Tree Issue
As I reported earlier, the update comes with huge changes to how vegetation is handled. Most of your 3rd party maps (the only exception I know of so far is the latest ROS) will have that issue. However, there is a fix for this you can download at here – freeware, of course.
In TSM and the prelast MHA as well as in Russmap, it works as advertised, the screenshot below is in MHA.

Online Cargo and 3rd party maps

1. Missing companies or cities
Surprisingly enough, you can actually use 3rd party maps like MHA and TSM, if you keep the following in mind:

The cargo from’s and to’s are of course based on the standard map alone. If your map happens to not have a certain company in a certain city that would be there on “Vanilla”, as the official pure game is called, then you will not be able to load the assignment in your game. In the game log, you can read that the problem was a “missing” company, or no way to get there.

What can you do?
Have a second profile “Vanilla” with NO mods whatsoever. You need to own a truck already.
As the online game always stays linear, you can just switch to that profile, load the assignment and drive it right there.

Note that company mods that come with some maps only change the apperance of the standard companies, so your “Dachser” will still be recognised as Trameri.

2. Quicksafes and Ferries:
Any option where your truck is moved from one place to another in another way than drving is a possibility to cheat. Therefore, the developer teleport functions are disabled as long as you have an online assignment running. If you suspend your assignment and then resume it, you will always be brought back to the point were you’ve been recorded last. Forget your quicksafe button, if you trash it, you trash it.

The game knows several exceptions: When you use a ferry or the Chunnel, and when you get “towed” to a body shop. The points where you enter the ferry must match exactly with the standard map, otherwise your attempt to cross will be nullified. That means, you cannot use the extra ferries on MHA, and you cannot even use the “Europoort” Ferry in Rotterdam, Netherlands, because MHA in their great wisdom moved the trigger point a few meters closer to the sea to make that more realistic.

What now? Drive back into the city to be sure, quit, change to vanilla, resume the online assignment, cross the waters, drive into a common city, change back your profile.

Have fuuuun!

From The Rhythmosaur.

How to update Euro Truck Simulator 2?

  1. On the Steam Window, go to Library Section and right-click on your Euro Truck Simulator line and choose Properties.
  2. Go to the Betas Tab and choose v1.22
  3. Done.



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