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Brutal Environment HD + Sound Engine v1.21

I tried an earlier version of Brutal Environment HD Sound Engine Premium mod some time ago. I was not happy with the way the mod, it  had changed the sound of the engine’s in my trucks. So I there for removed the mod at that time.
So when I was asked to try this mod, I said why not. This is a really nice mod, although again the engine sound is different still, but it is not bad.
It is nice to have a Environment mod that is not going to steel your FPS rate. So I am liking this mod. I have found that the graphics is nice and clear with this mod, although I have not seen any wild life, I am sure that it is there some where.
I drove from Germany to Moscow Russia with this mod turned on, I drove through some rain storms, and I will tell you that the thunder sound was almost like the real thing. That was great, the rain sound was like the real rain coming down and hitting the truck.
So would I recommend this mod. YES.

What’s new in this version?

  • More optimizing 720p and 1080p screen resolutions
  • More sounds the “only brutal sound engine”
  • Volume lower noise exterior sounds
  • New rain skybox
  • Blur Parameters reduced
  • Many surprise
  • My 5000 HP test engine repair and extended Scania v8
  • HDR optimization

Note: Please OFF the Color Correction in your game Settings.

Credits: Stewen
Compatibility: ETS2 1.21.x
Review: Lone Wolf
Screenshots by abasstreppas


brutal-environment-hd-sound-engine-1 brutal-environment-hd-sound-engine-2

How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Edit profile ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Brutal Environment HD Sound Engine Plus for ETS 2:


  1. Great mod but why for the love of good did you put in Good Year tiers in this it looks silly that all the trucks have them as default. Sadly that why I’m not using it but would love it if you can remove that feature.

  2. Remove the Good Year tire color of the trailers, its soooooo ugly. and the sound mod isnt so good either but i removed it manually. everything else is very good, just waiting for update….

  3. I would make a request to the creator of the mod, it would be possible to include in the next release a mod for the sound of the tires? Thank you.

  4. Another thing, the internal sound of the engine is lower than the latest version. Would have some possibility I edit this? Congratulations Mod is wonderful.

  5. This mod also adds just sound or graphics changes? I already have some other graphic mode and I do not know if it will be compatible

    • I can confirm it works with the latest True AI Lights mod flawlessly. Said mod is positioned lower (loaded afterwards).

      In case of doubt, it’s always learning by doing, trial and error. Since Mod management has become a lot more user friendly (compared to GTS) you can hardly do any serious damage that you could not reverse with a single click.

  6. please use an alternative file share – not everyone wants to use google chrome…. can’t download unless I install one of the specified browsers chrome, firefox, opera

      • Hi Will,
        Sorted… it is because of the file size unless you are downloading with one of the specified browsers. I am using IE11 (Windows 7 SP1) and Mega wouldn’t let me download this file – says the browser needs updating as it is ‘out of date’. I did successfully download a smaller file from Mega using IE11 without any problems. Just for your info as this restriction may affect the number of downloads.

      • Just for feedback purposes since you can’t fix it: My Computer may be 4 years old, but my connection is top notch. Using the plugin, it took me several attempts to download the files. The problem is that the download would suddenly stop at around 86 percent and simply hang up. Mega might be operating with DOS: Denial Of Service…

    • It doesn’t depend on the browser. In many different browser in 99% show error, so only re-upload help us not change browser.

  7. Thanks for the mod, it works for tsm, promods, winter map, and all other map mods.

    It also works for weather reload r4 for v1.13.x, v1.12.x and v1.11.x users only…

  8. This is surprisingly beautiful, but I don’t really like the bad weather in the evening, quite looks unrealistic, clouds too bright to see in the dark during bad weather. In the morning it’s okay. What I like from this mod is the colors of the ets2 world map has improved, looking more interesting with this map mod.

    At version v1.13 I together used this mod with the Weather Reload r4 and no bugs and conflicts and crashes have occurred and that made the scenery and weather look better!

    Overall I’ll give this as 4/5 😀

  9. Hi Will, can you tell me a mod to get the unrealistic-looking rain fixed?
    I am using “ZX-Brutal-Environment-ONLY-HD-GRAPHIC-ENGINE-Gold-+-yrl-by-Stewen.scs” with ets2 1.14.2s, and I have tried “Rain_Fog_HD_Add_On_V2.2_For_Brutal_Environment_By_Kass” but that just crashes the game.
    IWR mod is good at that but with brutal env, I find that at night, the driving is smoother under street lights, well at least in my machine :~)

  10. Now with the “Gold Premium” one.

    With the new version this mod became better. First of all I have heard a better sound engine. Driving with my Iveco Hi-Way the mod changed the sound of the horn. Realistic exhaust brakes and sound effects. High quality sounds I have heard, very, very great.

    The scenery and texture had a higher saturation, which enhances the color of the game. Very cool. Very nice to see the landscape at morning midst (with my Weather Reload R5.)

    Many sounds have changed, even weather, but it is compatible with other realistic weather sound mods. Glad the developer fixed the bugs and not only that I was able to play the game much smoother than before.

    Great mod. Works for v1.14 & v1.15

    4.75/5 😀

  11. Brutal Environment X is now available for a new update!

    Brutal Environment X HD + Sound Engine Gold 2015 (1.16)


    ONLY!!! Ets2 1.16.x version (Not runing Ets2 version 1.14.x and older)

    Key Aspects of the “Brutal environment Gold 2015 (1.16.x)” version:

    Enhanced gaming Experience

    01: Faster FPS than of factory default game!
    02: running operation without “errors” and “warnings”
    03: default game & trucksim map additional textures and scripts expansion.
    04: driving, listen 2.1 or 5.1 sound system, enjoy the game my Brutal HD + sound engines Gold (1.16.x) !

    Warning : Please use game settings “Color correction OFF” Guarantied Faster FPS use Only Brutal HD + SOUND engine + External

    volume up mods! If Used Other MOD files, losses This faster FPS option.

    This version “yellow road lines”.

    deleted this “lines.dds” and use Game default white line !

    If Rename usage white road line:
    delete material/road/lines.dds or rename material/road/lines_w.dds to lines.dds and overwrite.

    my lines version white:
    material/road/lines_w.dds (not use game this form)

    my lines version yellow:
    material/road/lines_y.dds (not use game this form)

    game use “lines.dds” form.

    Credits: Stewen, tagagaba53, and prohardver forum users & testers.


    Download Links:

    Main Version: https://mega.co.nz/#!GVgyAR4K!GzuOK2eaZkX3REXu09qMQPE-w67dYCOz4pe6qZ9HJ48

    Only HD Engine: https://mega.co.nz/#!GVgyAR4K!GzuOK2eaZkX3REXu09qMQPE-w67dYCOz4pe6qZ9HJ48

    Only Sound Engine: https://mega.co.nz/#!OMoizaxI!Q2sat2GNeg_6ehA5ibi56-1KNE7sFPr9VKhEgLntK4U

    external volume up for the mod: http://www.stewen.hu/ZX-Brutal-Environment-Patch1.16-SOUND-EXT-VOLUME-UP.scs

    No damage: http://www.stewen.hu/ZX-Brutal-No-demage-Patch-1.16.scs

    Most links are Mega and there are ALL GOOD Links (thumbs up!)

  12. Attention:
    The “Full Version” link does NOT contain the Full version, but the graphics portion only, so you have to download both files if you want to use both of them.

    If you have soundmods for some of your standard trucks and you wish them to keep working, put them BELOW the Brutal Sound Mod (by adding leading Zs to the name), or, if you know how, delete the unwanted portions from the Brutal mod. Vice versa, if you wanna give the Engine sounds from Brutal a try, either deactivate your other soundmods or put the Brutal mod BELOW your soundmods as described above.

  13. Your installation instructions aren’t correct. I’ve unzipped and searched through the files of the FULL Ver. and there is no .scs file?? What am I missing here?

  14. Any chance of an option without stripes on the tires and without the lamps on the floor the night? Thanks.

  15. I tried it and I love the AI sound especially the trucks, but I don’t like the interior sound, it’s waaaaayy too loud that I can’t hear indicator’s sound, retarder. and it’s hard to hear the music. I think it’s lot better if it doesn’t change the interior sound. Oh and I only use ‘ONLY sound’ mod without the ‘External sound’ mod.

  16. after selecting the mod in profile settings and selecting continue for playing game, the ets2 crashes everytime, no other mod is used. please help!!!

  17. I used this mod and found it to be exaggeration of facts – leveled up everything. Even night looks like a fairy tale, but two things I really liked about it are the lower FPS pressure at night and cracking thunders.

  18. Tested this mod and found that I couldn’t really take it seriously. It replaces the default tires to Goodyear tires for trucks and trailers in the game which is pretty unrealistic when you see so many of them. Also the red crash barrier reflectors are so thinly spaced together that it looks ridiculous and unrealistic. The orange ones are okay though. Also the grass and vegetation has been further saturated which makes it look like perfect grass, when really it’s not going to stay like that in real life.

    What I did like about this mod is the addition of a rainbow to the skybox. I would recommend the author to split up the HD engine part of the mod (or tell us how to edit out a part of the mod) so people can enjoy what aspects they like about the mod.

    • Ya I know this mod adds some stuffs in game that a lot of players don’t like. But I love the color effects.

  19. i have driven at night from london to hull and i did watch the sunrise on the hull bridge..well this mode gives a graphic that it’s awesome! :):) ..just a question..but the green leds in the middle of the roads (crash barriers) have been removed? o.o..in england i didn’t see them

  20. @windmm:disqus When hitting the “Download Sound only version”, you land on the ET2downloads home page, not at the place to download. Something seems wrong with the link.

      • Thank uuuuuuuu Willllllll you `re the best and the page is the best no american trucks for the new version? i have k100 with trailer if you want i send u thank u Will.

          • Hi Will first thank u 2 is the same you have i think you haven`t that mod the k100 edited version 5.0 i think named that, but i have the same just a little less bites if u need it to compare with yours i send u, and 3 please please i `m like James Brown jajaja upload rus map in mega when you can thank u and sorry by my english imp rusty thank u Will.

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