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Truckers Map by Goba6372 (r43) + Review

After almost a year, here is the new version of the Truckers Map by Goba6372 r43 for ETS 2 1.22.x and 1.21.x with a lot of new cities, objects, dirt, narrow and bad roads. This is one of the best map for us. You should try it!

Goba’s Map has grown into topic number one on this page, and with all those threads and subthreads, (131 comments right now) it becomes increasingly difficult for any newcomer to get all the information.

I’d like to point out prior to this, that (is it just me?) I am right now tending to become a little weary of guessing how Goba intended things to be done and played. With all those ands ifs and buts, this map needs a manual. I wonder if infact there is not one that only the language barrier prevented us to get, for I seriously cannot imagine the author to put so much effort into such a huge map without telling his ever increasing fan community how he intended things.

As things are now, you might see this map for the first time, download it eagerly, make the wrong choices, like starting in the Northeast, and then throw that map away, because you think it is full of bugs. What author would run that risk after he spent thousands of hours spreading his heart blood on a project as huge as this one?

So now let’s go over it, first a very brief summary on how to install it, then about the gameplay:


  1. You need both download links in this post.
  2. You need to deactivate the Going East DLC by putting it ( dlc_east.scs) from your installation folder to another of your choice or you can write -no_dlc eut2_east in the Launch Options box of Euro Truck Simulator like the screenshot below to disable the DLC:
  3. It is highly advisable to install russian trucks as well, because you need a high fuel capacity, and, if progressing north, an offroad chassis.
  4. My tip: The KAMAZ 6860, availlable on this webside. See my review in the comments to know how to get 5200l of fuel on that truck. Kamaz 6460
    Master Trener and Master Potter recommend the Kraz 260 – 6×6 420BHp.
  5. This is a standalone map: New profile, no other maps allowed.

Truckers Map by Goba6372 (r43) Gameplay:

Start in the very West, in the Ukraine. Lviv and Kiew are a good choice, because by making a small deviation on your very first trip you can unlock all dealers in your start location. Your first delivery will be a short one by design.

If you decide for what ever reason to continue with short deliveries ( as opposed to buy your tuck right away; you got more than enough cash to do it!), don’t take exessivly long hauls, don’t choose a Mercedes (Fuel capacity!) and always choose 4×2’s (Fuel capacity!).


1. You have more than enough money to afford a brand new truck right after your first delivery.

2. You are (technically) able to do deliveries up to 5000 km right from the start. My first one took me from Lviv to Novosibisk; together with retreats and deviations (more below) an 8000 km haul that catapulted me to level 9. However, it seems wiser to progress gradually on the map, due to areas with sparse fuel (better to increase your fuel economy first by rank progression) and sparse resting areas where you eiter deactivate the fatigue simulation (who sais you could not have a co-driver?),
or buying garages in strategic locations, what of course requires you to have the necessary bucks.

I can confirm by today’s experience, that even rush deliveries don’t deserve that name. You always got weeks if not years of time to go, and if you are a real beeep, you may even drive the whole map up and down before you deliver your cargo, and then be payed for every single kilometer you did on that trip. (Meaning EP, not bucks!) After all we’re not in capitalist territory here, and we are supposed to work at another pace, quite unlike the famous early british airliners flying to every corner of the empire, shrinking the word, flying the flag, and home in time for tea.

Why is that so?
Because of ETS2 limitations. ETS2 calculates delivery times by a predefined average speed (62 km/h on most maps) + your delivery window + resting times based on the calculated elapsed time, no matter what speed limits, conditions, detours etc. So the only way to avoid impossible delivery times was to “deactivate” that feature entirely by setting unrealistically high delivery windows. Because there are no dates, just weekdays displayed in the offers, you may not realize that right away, but if you open your GPS F6 page, you will see over 8000 hours delivery time for Lviv-Novosibirsk.

4. Expect the unexpected. ALWAYS:
Without giving too much away:

  • Abyssmal road conditions.
  • Dangerous speed limits: You need to make responsible choices yourself!
  • Horses, Tanks, Tankards, Bikers, Snail cars, Soldiers on the road.
  • Blocked passages and large detours.
  • “Missing” road connnections.
  • Streets on the GPS that are invisible, because they are burried under tons of snow.
  • Challenging docking locations
  • Mud roads
  • Lax rules, but when inforced, rather expansive!

5. We got one report so far that hiring employees is just a waste of money.

6. Still you need garages to bridge the lack of resting areas in some parts of the map, if you want the fatigue simulation to stay active. Garages for sale are spaced in a way that you actually can go from one to the next within one shift.

Disabling the fatigue simulation gives you the comfort to rest at your own discression in real time since in real time, you actually spend hours or days for some runs, You may want to stop, smoke a cigarette, answer nature’s call, get something to eat and watch the traffic while you munch your donuts (or your baked beans on toast) and slurping your coffee (or your four ‘o clock tea), without the need to pause the simulation. That even adds a little realism in some respect.

7. Files within the map mod seem to be locked. They cannot be read nor modified. That burries my hope to translate the map view location names, unless we can get Goba to hand us the city definitions. Otherwise, all changes must be placed by an outside mod, and that’s virtually impossible with city definitions since there is a lot of specific data in them.

8. Choosing a job in the city you are currently at using the offer map is HOPELESS because of the map scale. You rather do it the Goba way (see video): Choose your next delivery at the point were you delivered your last cargo, or drive from company to company in that city, before you decide what bargain to strike.

Ufff…. feel free to add whatever I forgot or what news you might have; I might include it in this comment.

The Rhythmosaur

Truckers Map Review by Charles C. Sabuero:

Truckers Map is somewhat called an “obstacle map” since you have to go through surprises and bumps along the way. The great feature here is that the map is really big, and the northern part of the map is usually made winter. Do I really recommend a map like this? Let’s see more below…

Every city you enter there would be a police station and a sign of the city in front of you. It’s one of the features of the map. There are cities you will enter that are not cities after all, but just a village, farmland, or nothing! In a big city, you could probably see a truck there near the outpost, and I don’t know why he stopped there. (asked the author :P) Remember not all cities have repair shops or truck dealers or all of them, so drive carefully or you get damage and you would probably call emergency in a city that you just passed probably 2 or more cities. Some cities have been copy paste too and that could be found in the western part of the map (more information below.)

The physics has changed too! Don’t be too confident that sliding the trailer stability to the highest will avoid your truck tilt to side, NO! Drive carefully is one of the essentials of the map. Also, you may experience sometimes by just 1 small bump you get 1% damage immediately.

There is also a new traffic light system. Works usually on the day and in the night. As it gets midnight like from 11 PM to 3AM. The traffic lights go flashing yellow, nice feature.

You may see animals and pedestrians on the highway, you may be asking why the author allowed them to put them there, is this a sort of Easter egg or something?

There are some companies that you have to get through obstacles in order to reach the company to deliver or to finish the job. Another great feature of the map!

The map has 4 different kind of environments. The North (winter,) The Southernmost (warzone stuffs, etc.) The East (main featured of the map, where many obstacles and suprises are there) and The West (normal stuffs.) Let’s start from the North part of the map.


Brr… cold days! Cities filled with heavy snow and bumpy rides. Drive carefully or a damage will be given. Companies in some cities are on the sides of the GPS which you need to find a way to get through in order to take your delivery or finish your delivery. Roads are quite bumpy here so don’t drive 100 kph because later you get bumped and oh no…

Further to the north is very buggy. Try selecting a city on your very top right of the map. Many glitches and bugs are up there. Missing lands, unexpected bumps, etc. If you call an emergency, and you land on a new city, expect for you to fall out of the world. (I have to remake my profile though.)


Pretty normal stuffs. Some major cities are copy and paste. I really don’t like the part here because lol, every roads have bumps and obstacles every 1-2 km! Shouldn’t the author avoid putting obstacles all the time here? Copying and pasting the cities, lol, I nearly lost reputation in that part of the map.


I guess Johannes König has explained everything in the South. He said ” For the war: The soutermost route will take you past the warzone. If you are held up at the border, wait until the barrier rises, because there are no soldiers this time.” So I have tried it and boom it really happened, I’m gonna send the picture after I will process the picture and that will be soon. It’s another great feature of Truckers Map.


This part of the map is the most exciting part of the map. You’ve get to cross many obstacles there. Logs, bumps and everything. When I started a new profile to the East, surprising a city in the East (how to write the city?) had a lot of bumps in the roads. Lol, seriously; is there a city that contains a lot of bumps in the road in it. It sounds the Russians have forgot to put to re-concrete the road again… In this part of the map, is the most exciting part as I say again. One time a drove in the middle of the map, and I entered through a very bumpy road and without care I drove into a “trench bump” in the road that won’t let you drive further because of how deep is the bump. Urghh!!! The companies in this part are also appearing randomly in the roads and the world map.

As you see, Johannes König has reported quite a lot of bugs of this map. So I don’t guarantee the stability of the map. If you want to get a bug-less version of this map, then you have to contact goba in skype and the card stuffs and requirements in order to get it. Even me, I have experienced weird bugs and I can even see bugs in my console. Example is like this ” Unable to find route from: company.volatile.dieseloil.azs122 to magadanles2(tangara)! ” and some modules are in old format that need to update to improve load performance.

We have to congratulate goba for this kind of map. It was through trial and error and since his worked was (very) stretched, there were several bugs that occurred in the map, and we can’t blame the author. It was a very difficult job! To apply a non-bug map that do the thing above because he gets paid and the customer expects a good return, a near-perfect Truckers Map of course.

This is obviously a standalone map but works well with weather mods, environment mods, truck mods, all jazzycat mods and everything as long not map mods even map addon mods.

Credits: Goba6372
Compatibility: ETS2 1.22.x. Not tested on 1.21.x.
Big thanks to: Johannes König, Charles C. Sabuero, Pizza8, Roadhoguk, Deda Trener Thirtytwo, Andrew Wainwright

Screenshots and Videos:

truckers-map-by-goba6372-1 truckers-map-by-goba6372-2 truckers-map-by-goba6372-3

Download Truckers Map by Goba6372 (r43) for ETS 2:

Please download this key also, You will need it to run the map.



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