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Truckers Map by Goba6372 (r43) + Review


After almost a year, here is the new version of the Truckers Map by Goba6372 r43 for ETS 2 1.22.x and 1.21.x with a lot of new cities, objects, dirt, narrow and bad roads. This is one of the best map for us. You should try it!

Goba’s Map has grown into topic number one on this page, and with all those threads and subthreads, (131 comments right now) it becomes increasingly difficult for any newcomer to get all the information.

I’d like to point out prior to this, that (is it just me?) I am right now tending to become a little weary of guessing how Goba intended things to be done and played. With all those ands ifs and buts, this map needs a manual. I wonder if infact there is not one that only the language barrier prevented us to get, for I seriously cannot imagine the author to put so much effort into such a huge map without telling his ever increasing fan community how he intended things.

As things are now, you might see this map for the first time, download it eagerly, make the wrong choices, like starting in the Northeast, and then throw that map away, because you think it is full of bugs. What author would run that risk after he spent thousands of hours spreading his heart blood on a project as huge as this one?

So now let’s go over it, first a very brief summary on how to install it, then about the gameplay:


  1. You need both download links in this post.
  2. You need to deactivate the Going East DLC by putting it ( dlc_east.scs) from your installation folder to another of your choice or you can write -no_dlc eut2_east in the Launch Options box of Euro Truck Simulator like the screenshot below to disable the DLC:
  3. It is highly advisable to install russian trucks as well, because you need a high fuel capacity, and, if progressing north, an offroad chassis.
  4. My tip: The KAMAZ 6860, availlable on this webside. See my review in the comments to know how to get 5200l of fuel on that truck. Kamaz 6460
    Master Trener and Master Potter recommend the Kraz 260 – 6×6 420BHp.
  5. This is a standalone map: New profile, no other maps allowed.

Truckers Map by Goba6372 (r43) Gameplay:

Start in the very West, in the Ukraine. Lviv and Kiew are a good choice, because by making a small deviation on your very first trip you can unlock all dealers in your start location. Your first delivery will be a short one by design.

If you decide for what ever reason to continue with short deliveries ( as opposed to buy your tuck right away; you got more than enough cash to do it!), don’t take exessivly long hauls, don’t choose a Mercedes (Fuel capacity!) and always choose 4×2’s (Fuel capacity!).


1. You have more than enough money to afford a brand new truck right after your first delivery.

2. You are (technically) able to do deliveries up to 5000 km right from the start. My first one took me from Lviv to Novosibisk; together with retreats and deviations (more below) an 8000 km haul that catapulted me to level 9. However, it seems wiser to progress gradually on the map, due to areas with sparse fuel (better to increase your fuel economy first by rank progression) and sparse resting areas where you eiter deactivate the fatigue simulation (who sais you could not have a co-driver?),
or buying garages in strategic locations, what of course requires you to have the necessary bucks.

I can confirm by today’s experience, that even rush deliveries don’t deserve that name. You always got weeks if not years of time to go, and if you are a real beeep, you may even drive the whole map up and down before you deliver your cargo, and then be payed for every single kilometer you did on that trip. (Meaning EP, not bucks!) After all we’re not in capitalist territory here, and we are supposed to work at another pace, quite unlike the famous early british airliners flying to every corner of the empire, shrinking the word, flying the flag, and home in time for tea.

Why is that so?
Because of ETS2 limitations. ETS2 calculates delivery times by a predefined average speed (62 km/h on most maps) + your delivery window + resting times based on the calculated elapsed time, no matter what speed limits, conditions, detours etc. So the only way to avoid impossible delivery times was to “deactivate” that feature entirely by setting unrealistically high delivery windows. Because there are no dates, just weekdays displayed in the offers, you may not realize that right away, but if you open your GPS F6 page, you will see over 8000 hours delivery time for Lviv-Novosibirsk.

4. Expect the unexpected. ALWAYS:
Without giving too much away:

  • Abyssmal road conditions.
  • Dangerous speed limits: You need to make responsible choices yourself!
  • Horses, Tanks, Tankards, Bikers, Snail cars, Soldiers on the road.
  • Blocked passages and large detours.
  • “Missing” road connnections.
  • Streets on the GPS that are invisible, because they are burried under tons of snow.
  • Challenging docking locations
  • Mud roads
  • Lax rules, but when inforced, rather expansive!

5. We got one report so far that hiring employees is just a waste of money.

6. Still you need garages to bridge the lack of resting areas in some parts of the map, if you want the fatigue simulation to stay active. Garages for sale are spaced in a way that you actually can go from one to the next within one shift.

Disabling the fatigue simulation gives you the comfort to rest at your own discression in real time since in real time, you actually spend hours or days for some runs, You may want to stop, smoke a cigarette, answer nature’s call, get something to eat and watch the traffic while you munch your donuts (or your baked beans on toast) and slurping your coffee (or your four ‘o clock tea), without the need to pause the simulation. That even adds a little realism in some respect.

7. Files within the map mod seem to be locked. They cannot be read nor modified. That burries my hope to translate the map view location names, unless we can get Goba to hand us the city definitions. Otherwise, all changes must be placed by an outside mod, and that’s virtually impossible with city definitions since there is a lot of specific data in them.

8. Choosing a job in the city you are currently at using the offer map is HOPELESS because of the map scale. You rather do it the Goba way (see video): Choose your next delivery at the point were you delivered your last cargo, or drive from company to company in that city, before you decide what bargain to strike.

Ufff…. feel free to add whatever I forgot or what news you might have; I might include it in this comment.

The Rhythmosaur

Truckers Map Review by Charles C. Sabuero:

Truckers Map is somewhat called an “obstacle map” since you have to go through surprises and bumps along the way. The great feature here is that the map is really big, and the northern part of the map is usually made winter. Do I really recommend a map like this? Let’s see more below…

Every city you enter there would be a police station and a sign of the city in front of you. It’s one of the features of the map. There are cities you will enter that are not cities after all, but just a village, farmland, or nothing! In a big city, you could probably see a truck there near the outpost, and I don’t know why he stopped there. (asked the author :P) Remember not all cities have repair shops or truck dealers or all of them, so drive carefully or you get damage and you would probably call emergency in a city that you just passed probably 2 or more cities. Some cities have been copy paste too and that could be found in the western part of the map (more information below.)

The physics has changed too! Don’t be too confident that sliding the trailer stability to the highest will avoid your truck tilt to side, NO! Drive carefully is one of the essentials of the map. Also, you may experience sometimes by just 1 small bump you get 1% damage immediately.

There is also a new traffic light system. Works usually on the day and in the night. As it gets midnight like from 11 PM to 3AM. The traffic lights go flashing yellow, nice feature.

You may see animals and pedestrians on the highway, you may be asking why the author allowed them to put them there, is this a sort of Easter egg or something?

There are some companies that you have to get through obstacles in order to reach the company to deliver or to finish the job. Another great feature of the map!

The map has 4 different kind of environments. The North (winter,) The Southernmost (warzone stuffs, etc.) The East (main featured of the map, where many obstacles and suprises are there) and The West (normal stuffs.) Let’s start from the North part of the map.


Brr… cold days! Cities filled with heavy snow and bumpy rides. Drive carefully or a damage will be given. Companies in some cities are on the sides of the GPS which you need to find a way to get through in order to take your delivery or finish your delivery. Roads are quite bumpy here so don’t drive 100 kph because later you get bumped and oh no…

Further to the north is very buggy. Try selecting a city on your very top right of the map. Many glitches and bugs are up there. Missing lands, unexpected bumps, etc. If you call an emergency, and you land on a new city, expect for you to fall out of the world. (I have to remake my profile though.)


Pretty normal stuffs. Some major cities are copy and paste. I really don’t like the part here because lol, every roads have bumps and obstacles every 1-2 km! Shouldn’t the author avoid putting obstacles all the time here? Copying and pasting the cities, lol, I nearly lost reputation in that part of the map.


I guess Johannes König has explained everything in the South. He said ” For the war: The soutermost route will take you past the warzone. If you are held up at the border, wait until the barrier rises, because there are no soldiers this time.” So I have tried it and boom it really happened, I’m gonna send the picture after I will process the picture and that will be soon. It’s another great feature of Truckers Map.


This part of the map is the most exciting part of the map. You’ve get to cross many obstacles there. Logs, bumps and everything. When I started a new profile to the East, surprising a city in the East (how to write the city?) had a lot of bumps in the roads. Lol, seriously; is there a city that contains a lot of bumps in the road in it. It sounds the Russians have forgot to put to re-concrete the road again… In this part of the map, is the most exciting part as I say again. One time a drove in the middle of the map, and I entered through a very bumpy road and without care I drove into a “trench bump” in the road that won’t let you drive further because of how deep is the bump. Urghh!!! The companies in this part are also appearing randomly in the roads and the world map.

As you see, Johannes König has reported quite a lot of bugs of this map. So I don’t guarantee the stability of the map. If you want to get a bug-less version of this map, then you have to contact goba in skype and the card stuffs and requirements in order to get it. Even me, I have experienced weird bugs and I can even see bugs in my console. Example is like this ” Unable to find route from: company.volatile.dieseloil.azs122 to magadanles2(tangara)! ” and some modules are in old format that need to update to improve load performance.

We have to congratulate goba for this kind of map. It was through trial and error and since his worked was (very) stretched, there were several bugs that occurred in the map, and we can’t blame the author. It was a very difficult job! To apply a non-bug map that do the thing above because he gets paid and the customer expects a good return, a near-perfect Truckers Map of course.

This is obviously a standalone map but works well with weather mods, environment mods, truck mods, all jazzycat mods and everything as long not map mods even map addon mods.

Credits: Goba6372
Compatibility: ETS2 1.22.x. Not tested on 1.21.x.
Big thanks to: Johannes König, Charles C. Sabuero, Pizza8, Roadhoguk, Deda Trener Thirtytwo, Andrew Wainwright

Screenshots and Videos:

truckers-map-by-goba6372-1 truckers-map-by-goba6372-2 truckers-map-by-goba6372-3

Download Truckers Map by Goba6372 (r43) for ETS 2:

Please download this key also, You will need it to run the map.


    • Vi har ikke noe valg om hvor nedlastingen er plassert, og vi har ikke
      krav på å laste den opp et annet sted. Begge er på skjønn av
      opplasteren, og dette opplasteren er ekstremt lite samarbeidsvillig. Det
      eneste jeg kan råde deg til å prøve er å google for russiske
      nedlastingssider. Kanskje du er heldig, og de har andre

      The Rhythmosaur

  1. For those of you that are running on the mac version of the game…

    In finder, do cmd+shift+g, and in the box that appears, type /library. Go to application support, and find Euro Truck Simulator 2. Put all the mods, and the fixes in and activate them. (Don’t use dlc east).

    Make sure you have no environment mods installed, including Brutal Environment. They will crash the game when it loads.

    If you want to know how to take out the DLC east, then go to steam, in the library, select Euro Truck Simulator 2, and untick the box for the DLC.

        • Then you are not in the southermost way. There are cars in front of you, and if you squeeze yourself in front, you will see soldiers – they have collision qualities, so they cannot be ignored nor overrun. You need to go aaaaall the way down to the south, then first slalom around some tanks, and then you get to the final border crossing with a barrier, but no soldiers! So is it written above through my very own hands.

          There may be a secret way though, who knows. When I got there, it was pitchblack night, so I did not make further attempts to get through.

  2. Will Potter, can you replace the word “can blame the author” to “can’t” please? lol I did that intentionally..

    Also, please replace the compatibility to v1.15 & v1.16 (tested and works.)

  3. 2 things. 1, why is it all in Russian? and 2, where is a good starting city with Scania or Volvo truck dealer?

    • 1. Probably because a russian wrote it for russians exclusively, and locked the files, so nobody can change that. The guy does not care for human beings west of the Ukraine.
      2. Sorry man, but why do you think we spend hours and hours to write down all this stuff you can read above?
      “…and the Lord said: “He, who has eyes to read, do read!
      He who has a brain, make use of it!” (1.Rhythmo 1, 9-10)

      • I’m sorry, it seems I misunderstood your question: Indeed, THESE barriers will not rise. The ones in the south however will. And still, it is not impossible that there might be a secret way around the barrier, so if you have an offroad truck you might wanna check.

  4. Does anyone know why is my game loading so long? It takes about 10m, then my screen turns off and it’s done. Is there some way to fix it?

        • That has nothing to do with it. You can have a high end computer and still you are restricted to the way the simulation handles the memory. As this is a huuuuuuge map and ETS2 performs a check on virtually any file in it on game start, that means you gotta sit and wait. That’s the way it is, man!

    • Same answer for you:

      I can only tell you that Goba himself said to me about this version,
      an “imbecil” as he put it, named Volodja Semenov “merged” this version;
      he neither put it for download on his homepage, nor does he give any
      support, particulary not to non-russians. Maybe there’s an enhanced
      version out east of the language barrier, but this would not be backed
      by Goba either.

      It also looks like Goba released certain features
      and/or maps for a fee of 5000 Rubel, obtainable for Russian residents
      and certain neighbour states like the Ukraine only.

  5. Hi! I read some comments, but I have a different error:
    create_unit@unit_system_t@prism@@QEAAPEAVunit_base_t@2@AEBUunit_descriptor_t@2@@Z: Attempt to instantiate abstract unit type.

    The error arrive in a little city near ynta. I have tried the 1.15 1.16 versions.

    How can I do? I can’ t go in the far east….

    • I have had similar problems and what I determined is it is not the map that causes this, but additional trailer and or truck mods that you may be running. The Jazzycat Russian car pack should be ok, but all the other Russian ones including those posted on this site can cause fatal errors at certain map locations.

      • thank you, I will try to remove some of them!

        PS. I have this error while running one of the russian offroad trailers pack

        • Yes! zzzzTrailerPackOffRoadRus_Koral_v2 definitely causes conflicts and should not be run with this map. The error message unfortunately is too cryptic to try to pinpoint the issue and patch it. Also note that removing it is going to reset your economy so back to home base.

          • Extensively tested by me. The Russian Off Road mod as well as some of the the other Russian mods (not Jazzycat) will conflict in certain towns, I guess because of some of the cargo included (the map includes cargo as well). You would be able to drive the map without issue for quite some time until you encounter the conflict randomly when entering a town.

          • Okay, thanks for the hint. I actually know that type of annoying and unpredictable failure quite well from GTS with Merlinita’s Maps. Perhaps I can nail it down one more time.

        • I have retry now removing few mods and all work perfectly! I don’t have encountered problems with the TrailerPackOffRoadRus_Koral.
          I can’t se the zone on the map bause I can’t go east when I look at the in game map.

          • Glad you fixed it. Not sure what you mean by you can’t go east when looking at the game map. You should be able to scroll fully east with the mouse. If the map is forcibly recentering when you try to scroll east then another mod such as a map zoom mod is causing that.

      • I cannot confirm this – for now – as I am running both the previous (not the current) JazzyCats, the current JazzyCat Russian Trucks and the one that came with the map.

        In addition, I run Korals Off road trailer pack with no problems whatsoever.

        I have not been in every corner of the map yet, but I’ve crossed it all the way from Lviv to the very Northeast.

    • I have not had this error yet, so I’d be thankful if you could give me some more information as to where to find that city. I can read cyrillic text, so if you can, give me the russian or transcribed russian names, or at least an area and some larger nearby cities. If all fails, please provide me with a not too closely zoomed in screenshot of the map if you please.

          • Interesting, I had the same error and crash at Tobolsk as well. Too much of a headache to try to troubleshoot it anyway, probably better to just not use cargo mods with the map.

          • You gonna get stuck with normal hight trailers. I was there. Somewhere between Anadir and Yakutsk, the snow gets kneehigh and remains that all the way northeast. I also expect it to get like that further north of Tobolsk. It’s way worse than in Tobolsk. So if this mod I use now does not work, I’m done with Goba.

          • o.o. I did make it north of Tobolsk to Khanty-Mansiysk driving a Daf XF with normal chassis, but did so much damage to the truck I lost money on the delivery. And i found it so boring the endless slog where all you see are snow covered trees that i headed back.

    • Sigh , you don`t, its a Russian map, with Russian Cities with strangely enough Russian names for those Cities oh and this map was made for Russians, the fact it was actually released for other ETS 2 players who are not 100% Russian is nothing short of a miracle, so be thankful and rejoice in the fact you can play on a map by a modder who`s work for us EU dwellers is rarer than rocking horse poo 🙂 , Just enjoy the map as is mate 🙂 .

    • I’d like to add to Roadhoguk’s reply that the files are locked by password. Nobody can change that unless with illegal methods.

      • The files are not locked by password and there is certainly nothing illegal about unlocking them. The mod was previously translated and I have a translated version of the current map version as well as other fixes. I was going to post links to those in this thread, but I won’t do that if you are opposed.

        • Wait a minute: if you try to open THESE (that you get with our link here) files with 7.zip, say an .sii file, they won’t open. If you rename the mod to a .zip file and try to open them, you WILL be asked a password. I certainly did not dream this, did I? And cracking that password is overcoming the author’s read only access protection, thus retroengineering, thus illegal, ain’t it?

          • Think about it. The game has no mechanism to open password protected files. Therefore, if they were truly password protected the map would not run in ETS2 because the game would not load the map. They are malformed zips designed to fool programs like 7zip, although even with that program you can examine what is included in the mod. And there are programs out there that will fix the zips so you can unpack them.

            Goba can do what he wants with his map mod. Lock it, sell it, not support it, that is his business. But the entire mod is based off SCS intellectual property, uses certain SCS assets and can’t run without the game. Therefore, I have no qualms at all about unlocking it to fix some of the problems.

          • Interesting. I was taking for granted that ETS2 was designed in a way that allows the author to lock the files, but still the programm itself can read them. I also have some hesitation to believe that all the other files that behave this way – some truck- and sound mods do, others don’t – are simply “malformed”. Furthermore, I know certain examples of truck mods were the author explicitly sais that he/she locked the pmd file and does not wish anyone to temper with it. Still the programm can read them.

            You say, everything is based upon SCS’s intellectual property, so how come that the huge unauthorized merger of the Promods- and TSM map had to be taken down after complaints from both original author teams? Even if it was legal according to your interpretation, the fact remains that it was widely regarded as an act of piracy by the communities. Perhaps you can enlighten me about this, too.

          • Look, you can test this yourself. Take any mod you are currently running, password protect it with 7zip (without changing the name) and see if the game loads it. What the mod authors are actually doing is a simple hack of the zip format. Why do they do it? Ego I guess, they don’t want redistribution of their mods, they want to monetize their mods like Goba (the legalities of which are extremely dubious, for example all the truck/car models he includes would be subject to licensing etc).

            Personally I feel that flies in the face of the entire spirit of the modding community, but that is just my opinion. As for this Promods-Tsm thing you are referring to, i don’t know anything about that project. I imagine the two teams complained because as is widely known they despise each other and don’t want their work associated in any way. Piracy, though, is quite a loaded term to be throwing out there. I haven’t run promods, but I do know that TSM includes straight-up copies of SCS base cities (compare Cairo in TSM to Lyon for example).

          • I think, monetising mods is not the rule amongst modders. Goba is actually the only one I encountered. Concerning the morality of doing that, I totally agree with you.
            But for all the others: They simply want to make sure their work stayes connencted to their name, and vice versa, there are no bad quality copies of their work around under their name. I can accept that. Zip hack or not, the author clearly demonstrates that he or she does not wish anyone to alter these files and then publish them. These things happen, and if the author tries to protect himself against that, I do respect that. In case of the Off Road package I don’t LIKE to accept that because I feel I can nail down the problem (now that I have it actually). But I do.

            As to your offer to publish an edited version of Goba’s Map, I’d like to direct you to Will Potter. He’s the boss in here, and it’s his decision. You can contact him via the contact link at the bottom of the “HOME” page.

          • Thank for the info, I’ll contact Will Potter. I don’t want to publish an edited version of Goba’s map; I haven’t touched the map (although I’m tempted to add designated sleep areas throughout cause the map badly needs that). But for my own use I ‘transliterated’ all the city names so they show on the main & mini map in Roman characters, rather than Cyrillic. I think some of the fans of this map might enjoy that. I also fixed a syntax problem with a model that was causing a fatal error on the 2 roads heading south from Oleksandriya to Piatykhatky in Ukraine. And then I did a very basic mod to restore some of the things that Goba changed (reasonable delivery delays restored, gas prices raised to real level rather than almost free, fines lowered from the crazy level set by Goba, sleep default adjusted to Russian context etc).

            I respect the enormous amount of work that went into making this map. It is among the most challenging maps ever made for the game and lots of fun to drive. But most modders actively support their work and are willing to discuss fixes and welcome bug reports (especially when some of the bugs are game breaking). With Goba that isn’t feasible – he basically won’t talk to you unless he has a copy of your Russian passport and sworn affidavit. He doesn’t even admit that this is his map, which he apparently sells for €80 or something. So maybe this is a bad quality copy of his work that someone slapped together and distributed. I don’t know, but given the situation we might as well fix some of the problems.

  6. Well, I’ve played this map and while it works and is quite nice some times I would say this is probably not the proper r43 version of Truckers map – it has a lots of bugs and errors and it lacks many features compared to what you see in Goba’s own videos of r43.

    Many areas are looking much worse or simply missing compared to videos.

    So this must be some sort of leaked-unfinished-beta-version. Which is a pity.

    • I can only tell you that Goba himself said to me about this version, an “imbecil” as he put it, named Volodja Semenov “merged” this version; he neither put it for download on his homepage, nor does he give any support, particulary not to non-russians. Maybe there’s an enhanced version out east of the language barrier, but this would not be backed by Goba either.

      It also looks like Goba released certain features and/or maps for a fee of 5000 Rubel, obtainable for Russian residents and certain neighbour states like the Ukraine only.

      • Thank you, this confirms my impression.
        I started where the Truckers Map is originally focused – on Sahalin Island in the Far East. And while many areas looked authentic and high-quality build, a lot of areas were messed up, as if by some completely different person.

        And you are right, the original map is only available to some selected users among those having Russian/CIS citizenship.

        • Exactely my impression, too: At least two different quality stages.

          About authenticity: I read some russian download descriptions where the uploader states that the map is not intended to be authentic. However, the overall conditions in some areas seem to me pretty realistic.

  7. Nice and annoying facts about R43
    Preliminary resumé after roughly 50 000 km on this map

    Nice facts
    1. This map keeps you busy for months without becoming boring.

    2. When you think, you’ve seen it all, you are just one corner away from the next surprise:
    There’s a sheer endless variety of road textures and conditions

    3. The map requires that you take a professional driver’s approach: You have to plan your routes and stops, know the streets, handle your torque and your fuel consumption reasonably, and get an intimate understanding and feeling about how your truck performs at what speed.
    Because speed limits in the majority of cases do not really matter – they are either too high for corners, road conditions or the fact that there are traffic lights ahead, or in some cases too low – you need to stay vigilant and make your own responsible choices if don’t want to get into serious trouble.
    In other words: For lack of strict reglementing of speed wherever danger might occur, it teaches you how to select your speed responsibly. And you learn it the hard way.

    4.The map provides you with an adventure. The autor(s) stretched the envelope and thought a lot outside the box to create certain features of the map. Some of them trouble your game log, because the game was not prepared (by SCS) for this kind of approach.

    5.The map allows you to enjoy the map at your own pace, and to deal with any delaying problems without the need to rush like hell on wheels in order to remain on schedule.

    6.The map still provides lots of challenges which require your brainpower, driving skill, resourcefulness and constant vigillance. It is not enough to have the right equipment and lots of hp and torque to master certain situations, get over steep iced hills, cross tightly cornered makeshift bridges or find your way when your GPS information proves hopelessly outdated. Driving professional russian style does also involves using your brain a lot, improvising where it is necessary, and above all, never to give up.

    7. Sheer endless distances!

    Annoying facts:

    1. No manual, no help from Goba. Both would be needed. The why not’s are already discussed, so I won’t repeat them here.

    2. Several severe bugs, including too narrow passages and trap-like hopeless situations all of which can be dealt with (as far as I know at this time), but sometimes require you to use the editor style cheat (F5 in free camera mode). There is at least one impossible ice river crossing, several tent village passes with too narrow corners for even a short trailer and falling through the ground once you leave the path (in deep snow), at least one solid barrier with no way around it but a perfectly usable road behind it in the very North, holes in roads that make you fall off the map.

    3.Some road signs fooling you into taking long roads into dead ends with no way to turn back or wasting your last fuel while the next fuel truck would have been right in front of you.

    4. Some outdated models, including a faulty eagle animation that crashes your sim, but can be avoided by switching pedestrians off.

    5. Missing sounds and empty segments according to game log

    6. In some areas, city layouts are all the same; Kiev and Lviv for example have an identic layout.

    7. Some might find it annoying that they can’t go too far with an automatic shift. You really need to shift manually.

    8. A report that I have not yet checked myself states, having employees does not work on this map. To some, this might be annoying, too.

    • – Hired drivers seem not to be working on the map, indeed. My first “employee” first did a short run ok, then departed with another delivery and never reported back.

      The second one never left the garage, and kept complaining “I cannot work without a truck” although there was a truck assigned to his slot.

      – Invisible walls are intentional. They usually mean the player has to divert to the “weighting station”, which can be marked with row of red cones and police patrol.

      – Actually the difficulties like bumpy roads, crawiling traffic, jams, manual shifting – are all intentional by Goba.

      • Thanks for the detailed feedback. I completely agree with your last point. I also understood that the invisible walls are intentional, however, when you get there at night and there’s no (traffic-) sign of trouble, and then you smash into such a wall, then you get pretty p… uuummm, annoyed. I did.

      • Hm, that’s odd. I have one garage and one employee, but he is performing as expected doing runs and generating some money and has been for a while. And I’m playing with the Hard Economy mod plus some other mods that increase costs. I’m curious where you started your garage, cause it sounds like some kind of bug.

  8. Hello guys, thx’s for your great review and game manual, but either i’m blind but i can’t seem to
    find Moskou (Moskva) on the map? Extra tip: the DAF Crawler is a beast of a truck on this map!

    • Update, when going uphill the DAF 8×8 seems to work as a 8X4 BUMMERS! I hope the KAMAZ 6×6 is a real 6X6!

      • Hi Danny. No, you are not blind: As strange as it is, Moskwa is not on the map. The bridge you describe (as I reported earlier) is the one when Going east ( 🙂 ) towards Krasnodar, Rostov na Donu (Rostov on Don)
        with the Black Sea (Tshernoye More, Karadeniz) to your right, the Krim
        right behind you and the Asov Sea (Asovskoye More) to your left, you
        cross over from the peninsula back to the continent on a huge bridge.
        That bridge unfortunately is british style: You need to cross over to
        the left side in order to avoid ugly situations. Driving against traffic
        is fined rather heavily.

        Be sure you switch Pedestrins off (you will still see some static ones), because there is a faulty eagle model in front of you (some 500 km to go) that will crash your sim.

        For other buges and problems, you can read more when you scroll further down and look for the Dinosaur….

        The KAMAZ 6480 is 6×6 if you buy the 6×6 chassis. It really works as such. Same goes for the KRAZ, I tested both rather extensively. The KRAZ however is rather costly when taking minor damages. It’s plus over the KAMAZ is that it’s suspention is stiffer, so you can corner faster on asphalt, while you really have to watch it with the KAMAZ.

        • Hello Rhythmosaur, I have started allover again in Kiev with the Kamaz, this map is really really something else. I always drove on the TSM, Promods or Heavy Alex map, all combined with the RusMap. This is real adventure and the rides are epix looooong!!! (I have read your manual and directions a few times, thx you for that!!!)

          • Why, thank you, Danny. Actually, I did not write a manual. I said, a manual is needed, and then gave some tips 🙂

  9. I can confirm that the most southern route between Ukraine and Russia is open, you have to pass through Crimea (Sebastopol) and look out at the bridge (left driving, ONLY on the bridge!)

  10. hello friends I have watch the game version 1.16.2 and then let me know if I served and otherwise there is a file that asks for a password when removing or who can help me with the installation thanks

  11. I also have the 1.16.2 version of the game, and my delivery-windows are like in the normal game.
    Yesterday I delivered a load (profit 77000 euro) and was fined 66000 euro for being to late, costs at my vehicle (from falling trough the world 🙂 ) 19000 euro, so I lost 8000 euro on a delivery from 1500 km’s :-(((((

  12. Zip file asks for a password, but there’s no mention of it in the description. Should I be “activating” the zip file like the Hungary map?

  13. Also ich hab die Map nun probiert und stelle fest: sie ist fast
    unspielbar. Da sind 2 Versionen von einer Map in einem Mod. Die alte
    Version liegt unter der neuen, und wird im Route Advisor angezeigt. Die
    neue Version liegt obendrüber und wird vom Route Advisor komplett
    ignoriert. Man weiß nie wo man ist, da man ständig in freier Umgebung
    ist und an Kreuzungen keine Ahnung hat wohin man nun fahren soll.
    Gleichzeitig ist durch die zwei übereinanderliegenden Maps ein
    gewaltiger Performanceeinbruch an vielen Stellen zu verzeichnen. Dass
    die Originalroute des Route Advisors unter der neuen Map liegt, bemerkt
    man nur wenn man mit der freecam in die Map eintaucht. Außerdem wird man
    sehr oft vor unrealistische Probleme gestellt, wie gut und gerne 100%
    Steigungen und Gefäle, die dann in Copy/Pate-Manier mehrmals
    hintereinander auftauchen. Im Westen der Map ist ohnehin alles
    Copy/Paste, was die Map langweilig werden lässt. In der Mitte und im
    Westen ist sie zwar interessant, aber man verliert schnell die
    Orientierung. Ob ich meine Fracht überhaupt abliefern kann, oder ob mein
    Ziel auch unter der Map liegt, hab ich noch nicht rausgefunden, da ich
    beim Folgen der Originalroute mit der Flycam (um wenigstens ein bissel
    Orientierung zu haben), wieder auf dem Desktop gelandet bin. 3 oder 4
    Minuten Ladezeit eines Spielstandes macht es auch nicht gerade
    angenehmer. Verschiedene Situationen sind nur mit Flycam und F9
    (Teleport zur Kameraposition) lösbar, was schon frustrierend ist. Auch
    die Topografie (ständiges auf und ab in der Mitte des Landes) entspricht
    nicht den realen geografischen Gegebenheiten.
    Die Map glänzt zum
    großen Teil durch wirkliche Originalität und interessantes Design, aber
    auch zum großen Teil durch Einfallslosigkeit. Unrealistische Steigungen,
    nur um es schwer zu gestalten, wirkt schon recht einfallslos. Auch dass
    die Hauptroute ständig durch Baustellen, Unfälle oder Einstürze
    blockiert ist und man ständig enge Umleitungen fahren muss, macht es
    nicht einfallsreicher. Eine Stelle sah aus, als würde es ein dichtes
    Netz von Flüssen geben, da man aller 100 m ein Wasserhindernis auf
    Bohlen überqueren musste, was aber mit einem überlangen Trailer auf
    Grund der nicht passenden Schleppradien und Kurvenradien der Bohlen,
    schlicht und ergreifend unmöglich ist. Hier half auch nur Flycam und F9.
    Map müsste komplett debuged und überarbeitet werden. Es sollte auch der
    Hinweis erscheinen, dass man Aufträge mit überlangen Trailern nicht
    annehmen sollte, da es in der Mitte und im Osten schon mit normalen
    Trailern ziemlich knapp bemessen ist, und da wohl gerade so geht.

    passt ab der Hälfte nicht mehr, dadurch keine Orientierung möglich. Die
    alte Map müsste entfernt und die neue an den Routeadvisor angepasst

    – Performanceprobleme auf Grund vieler Fehler. Die Map kracht
    die Gamelog komplett voll. Möglicherweise ist auch da die unten drunter
    liegende, alte Map mit eine der Hauptursachen.

    – Copy/Paste im Westen, dadurch totale lange Weile und Orientierungsverlust durch ständige Landschaftswiederholung.

  14. Guuys I have a problem If someone can help me,
    when I install the mod it works, but when I open the map i can’t move it to see Russia I see just Ukraine and Europe and a little part of Russia… xd

  15. In case you can`t install this,look for Map of Bloated roads mod,its the exact same mod,but in a single file and works on all versions

  16. I forgot how to start a game with goba map. I know i have to remove going east, and i should insert mods and select particular game mode when i start a new profile but i dont have an option to ad mods before a start a new profile, something has changed there, please help.

  17. Hi @windmm:disqus, Can you please tell the steps to install for 1.22.6.
    I have downloaded both the files that yielded 6 scs files, copied over to mod folder. Created a new profile but I can see only goba’s 5 scs files in Mod Manager, not the key scs file.

  18. Hello to all,
    I’ve been trying for a while to get this map to work on a clean, new profile. I am unclear as to which files I actually need. Do I need the Lock zip file and Dealerfix.scs and Dynamiccarcrash.scs? What order are these in relation to the rest of the map? All the names are in Cyrillic which I don’t understand, so perhaps a numbering would be helpful. 12345, or 54321? Is there a video of the installation that I could watch? Is DLC North compatible? (DLC East is already deactivated.)

  19. Hello, every time you want to turn a profile, so it does not load, and wants it after I saved game. but I do not have any there, it’s a new profile. I tried to download but it did me the same thing. I am desperate. Please help me. 🙁

    • Do you have Going East and Scandinavia DLC disabled? You should have for this map to work. And you have to be on ETS2 1.22.

  20. First of all, EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING UP THERE including Charles’ and my own review and the videos IS OUTDATED!

    What you get here should be tried by people with at least SOME skills in tweaking; a pure user with no clue about modding will become pretty frustrated after playing this map for a while.

    With that being said, here is an incomplete overview of what awaits you:

    1. The map is full of purposely placed bugs, with the archives locked by password. Yes, they are there on purpose to beep you of:
    If you are not russian or ukrainian, you are not a human being. If you are a human being, and if you can prove that with your passport, you can contact Goba on Skype and BUY (!!!!) the bug free version. (I’m curious how SCS thinks about this!)

    2. The map is in REAL TIME, which is why this overview is incomplete. It will take months to explore.

    3. The map this time only includes southeastern Russia, from the Chinese Border to the Kamtshatka.

    4. The landscapes and road conditions change greatly within the regions. They are as stunning as you know them from this master mapper. You see his mastery particulary in the west, where the landscape is “boring”, but he seems to have placed any tree by hand without repeating any predefined patterns.

    5. Although the standard trucks are in so far modified that all chassis types have AWD, and prices are adapted to a lower revenue, there are section you simply cannot negotiate due to too little ground clearance. Loads can exeed 60 tons in areas with slopes so steep, an 6 axle AWD 750 horses Volvo Classic can’t negotiate.

    6. Some of the Sim features like economy and career simulation are turned upside down. However, having employees seems to work this time. So far, my buddy made profits.

    7. You need to at least learn some of the russian alphabeth in order to read street signs, as your GPS is useless half of the time. Goba used the same technique again to achieve this effect.

    I had some exchanges with the Master himself in the past and can confirm what is generally said in the forums about Goba: He’s one of the best mappers we know, but one of the most stubborn and biased people to deal with. Do not expect any support from him, no matter how respectfully courteously and politely you approach him.

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