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ProMods Map v2.0.1


Promods is great! I have seen a lot of new stuffs. New traffic light designs, new kind of road, bridges, cities, signs, all detailed and perfect. But do not expect for a lot of amazing landscape… With these new things putting in Promods, I haven’t experience any frame-loss which is awesome.

With the new version, it includes cities from Northern Scotland, Iceland, Fjord Islands, more cities in France, reworked cities that ProMods has made, and also reworked stuffs in Scandinavia.

” If you want to go for quality map, choose Promods. ”
” If you want to go for quantity map, lots of roads and an amazing landscape, choose Trucksim Map. ”

Let’s start of with:


Iceland is a cold country, expect for winter stuffs here, new Icelandic houses. On the eastern part of the map, is a cold, lonely road with Icy landscapes. On the western part of the map is where the industrial heart of Iceland is, even the capital city is there. Never expect for beaches here!

Fjord Islands

A small part of the map, it is a small country island. Here you explore the town of Tórshavn which you can’t expect any beaches here, but ports and docks instead. Up North is the hilly side (w/ rivers) of the Island which is Klaksvík. It’s just a village, but in case of some deliveries, sometimes you might have to go there.


Where the ProMods part is. Enjoy the new roads, cities, types of intersections in highways and roades, traffic lights. Ferry for short trips in the western part of the map. Get into the small cities and with good roads to go with including the landscape. In the middle goes for the capital city of Oslo. Explore the new toll ways and expect more than you expect, the city of Oslo is very big, compare to other normal ETS2 city maps like Paris. The Eastern side is the most industrial part. Tall buildings, industries and complicated roads and highways including new road signs. You may never get board going there!


Bounjour! Bienvenue! Welcome to France. Promods goes south and expect for French mostly plain landscapes, roads and cities to explore. Enter to the amazing bridge in France Enter to the historical landmarks especially one in Mont Saint-Michel. France is still expanding in ProMods, so expect for more in the next updates!

Part of Europe

Antwerp? Amsterdam? Rotterdam? Vadus? Bergen? All of them are included in the European world. Expect in Antwerp for a very industrial city to explore. Rivers, docks, and bridges, it never seems to complicate you. ProMods made it easy for you to explore all of them. Amsterdam & Rotterdam are improved, so expect for better things there, more of industrial stuffs and roads there. The rest are towns to explore with adds the atmosphere of Europe.


Talking about bridges? In this country, expect for big industrial zones, cities and the enormous bridges to connect to and from Scandinavia. It’s one of the only biggest features in ProMods. With good accuracy, it’s just the same thing driving across the bridge with your girlfriend along in real life. Also expect for short ferry connections in the northeastern part of Denmark to connect you from one Island to another.


Never thought of ProMods adding roads and cities in Scotland? Yes, go into small towns and fishing ports here and you would love it. Nothing to tackle much about here but all-around it’s interesting.

Baltic States

The 1st state has arrived in ProMods. Expect for the Baltic atmosphere with the roads, new road signs and many more. Enjoy the cities to explore there. Nothing to tackle much about here, but it is still awesome to explore.


Nothing to tackle much about here too, but the northern parts of Italy are mostly industrious, so expect for the industrial landscapes and atmospheres there. Head to the north, is the Swiss Alps, enjoy the view while driving there.

The map mod is compatible with Rus Map, which makes the map a whole lot bigger.
A couple of small map mod add-ons can be compatible with it too, but do it with your own risk, and make sure it isn’t conflicting to the Promods part.

Rating: 9.3/10

These cities were added in ProMods v2.0:

  • Padborg, Rødbyhavn (port), Aarhus, Herning, Holstebro, Viborg. Rebuilt: Aalborg, Hirtshals, Frederikshavn, E45 motorway
  • Gävle, Haparanda, Karlstad, Kristianstad, Sundsvall, Söderhamn, Södertälje (Scania plant and demo centre). Rebuilt: Stockholm, Linköping
  • Helsinki, Turku (port), Kuopio, Varkaus, Jyväskylä, Mikkeli, Tampere, Lahti, Hämeenlinna, Porvoo, Joensuu, Kemi, Kärsämäki, Napapiiri (Arctic Circle), Oulu, Pori, Rovaniemi, Tornio, Vantaa, Viitasaari. Rebuilt: Turku, Helsinki, Kuopio
  • Le Mans, Lorient, Caen, Cherbourg (port), Le Havre, Rouen, Poitiers, Brest, Rennes, Nantes, Angers, Tours, Orléans, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Pau, Limoges, Toulouse
  • Flensburg, Burg auf Fehmarn (port), Rostock (port), Oberhausen, Bad Oeynhausen, completely rebuilt northwest, northeast, south (Bayern/Bavaria). Added: Ulm. Rebuilt: Köln, Frankfurt, München, Berlin, Magdeburg
  • Croydon, Portsmouth (port), Wick, Inverness, Oban, Fort William, Hull (port), Chelmsford
  • Zwolle, Improved Amsterdam, Rotterdam
  • Antwerp
  • Vaduz
  • Basel
  • New Brennerautobahn & Karawankentunnel. Rebuilt: Innsbruck, Salzburg
  • Genova, Modena, Parma, Vicenza, Bologna
  • Irun, San Sebastián/Donostia
  • Andorra la Vella
  • Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Valga, Narva
  • Valka, Rīga, Ventspils (port)
  • Kaunas, Panevėžys
  • Reykjavík, Reyðarfjörður, Seyðisfjörður, Keflavík Airport, Akureyri, Höfn, Vík, Blönduós, Borgarnes, Akranes, Hólmavík. (fully rebuilt)
  • Rebuilt: Klaksvík, Tórshavn
  • Ljubljana, Maribor
  • Bielsko-Biała, Bydgoszcz, Cieszyn, Gdynia, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Grudziądz, Kielce, Koszalin, Krosno, Nowogard, Opole, Ostrołęka, Piła, Płock, Przemyśl, Radom, Rzeszów, Sanok, Siedlce, Suwałki, Świnoujście, Zamość. Rebuilt: Szczecin, Wrocław, Łódź, Lublin, Warszawa
  • Improved: Košice
  • Improved: Szeged
  • Arad, Bacău, Baia Mare, București, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, Craiova, Oradea, Piatra Neamț, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Timișoara
  • Bălți, Chișinău
  • Русе (Ruse)
  • Мукачеве (Mukacheve), Ужгород (Uzhhorod)

Credits: ProMods
Compatibility: ETS2 1.22++
Review: Charles C. Sabuero


promods-map-ets2-18 promods-map-ets2-17 promods-map-ets2-16

How to install ProMods map for ETS 2:

  1. Download this map.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Create new profile ~> Enable scs files.
  5. Enjoy!

Note: If you are currently using older version of ProMods (like ProMods v1.8,…), just download this version and replace the old one in your mod folder, you don’t need to create new profile!

Download ProMods Map for ETS 2:


  1. Okay I’m on the progress on the map. Heading through Northern Scotland, and soon Iceland. Interesting stuffs there so far, but encountered a lot of bugs because of the 1.17 update.

    Especially that disappearing trailer bug.

  2. Will, can I start updating my featured comment? Thanks I’m gonna put some more stuffs.

  3. this doesn’t seem to work for me,using version 1.17 and ive enabled both the map mod itself,and the patch but it just crashes the game after a few minutes? (even with no other mods enabled)

    • same, it just keeps crashing on start up. I’ve just re-installed the game, so I have no other mods installed. nothing, it gets 30% done with loading in, then crashes :I I’ve lost a little faith in ProMods today.

  4. I’m really excited to try this map out, but I’m waiting for a version that will be compatible with the Scandinavia DLC that’s coming out tomorrow.

  5. Have been unable to get this map to load – no trouble with previous maps. Any help, please? I’ve loaded al the files that Promods say are essential.

  6. It’s kind of obvious, but this version doesn’t work with the Scandinavian DLC.

    Y’know, it’s just me being Captain Obvious here. ^^

  7. YAY! A very big map now!

    Surprisingly, ProMods team has managed to make compatibility with the DLC Scandinavia, so now it’s possible to use this map mod with the new DLC, and is definitely needed, or the mod will not work!

    ProMods v1.95 + Poland Rebuilding v1.95 + Rus Map v1.4.9 (if possible, then yes!)

    But soon ProMods will expand to Russia, so probably Rus Map will soon not work.

  8. So , how this map handle scand dlc ? All their work on that part of the mad had been erased ?

  9. Help!!! I use ProMods Map v1.95 + Rus Map 1.49 + Poland Rebuilding 1.96. In Map view lands and roads are incorrect. How can I fix this problem?

  10. Why is my game crashing with promods installed? I am only running rus map and the jazzy cat traffic mod. Even with just the promods enabled, the game crashes. I am running the latest ETS 2 as of 7/13/2015.

  11. I have 1.19 and tried to get this to work with and it does not! I downloaded the files and put them in my mod folder but it seems as if only two show up in the mod screen when I edit my profile. Do you have to start again with a new profile or can you edit an existing one? I get the loading screen for pro mods and the loading bar across the bottom gets to about 75% across and then it crashes to my desktop. I have the DEF file as required in the download page at promods.

      • Hi Will – Sorry but I don’t know what that is! I downloaded the new Hungary map and had no problem with it but his mod seems to cause me some problems. Thought it was working the second time I tried but it crashed again.

  12. Tried to do this but it does not work! made a couple of errors downloading the files but got there in the end. Made a new profile for it and it seemed to be working great. Got to the stage where you choose your home base and then it crashed to my desktop! I have – does it work with this version?

    • You have to make sure that you create the DEF file first, once that is done, then you can download the other 7 files that you will need for it. So you will have to have 8 file’s all together.

      • I did that with the DEF files than downloaded the promods-map-v.196, promods-model-v196, and promods v196 scs files. But you say there should be 8 files?? Does that iknclude the readme file?

        • The readme files are already included in the .RAR files. You should have downloaded 1 DEF file and 7 .RAR files. That is nuless you paid the Dollar for the faster download. Then when you extract the files, they will merge into 4 separate files. They go in this order, 1-promods-def-v196 2-promods-map-v196 3-promods-model-v196 4-promods-v196. Now I labeled them with the numbers, but that the order they will work in the mod manager. Plus that is also top to bottom. number 1 on top and number 4 on the bottom. I hope this helps.

          • I have those four files in the mod folder in ‘my documents’ but the ‘map’ one does not show up in the mod manager in the game! Any ideas? Thanks for your replies so far!

  13. I already have Scandinavia DLC. Can I not install ProMods as well? Or do I need to create a new profile within my game?

  14. hello i have a problem my file are with .001 , . 002 , .003 and not .rar or .scs have you a solution i try to download from the website promod but i have the same problem

  15. my bad it works so have extract does files in downloads and click extract here and those same files become scs file its weird, but once you do this rest is easy and its awesome !


    Wow Promods looks amazing here are my reviews in the *updated countries.

    Italy: Northern Italy has always been quite industrious ranging from Milan to Bologna you can already see industrial plants along the road. New Italian roads, signs, intersections and road marks so it’s kinda fun to do. Go over Udine and there you can take a photo to the small cityscape and see the bit of farming over the hills looks pretty!

    Baltic Countries: Well here it’s quite simple, just some new roads and cities and stuffs, but still impressive as a Baltic plain landscape so not much quite to tackle about.

    Balkans: The whole new Balkans has now been included in ProMods. Pretty much you expect hilly, forestry, remote and some farmy places out there. Experience as if you are in a countryside, with peace and harmony! I suggest you download the latest Balkan Projects for better experience. Don’t worry it’s also compatible with Promods 🙂

    Poland: As I have heard, Poland Rebuilding has merged into the whole ProMods, which is cool. Expect a great polish landscape with new Polish roads, signs, road marks, more detailed and updated cities. More of my full review here: https://ets2downloads.com/maps/poland-rebuilding-map.

    France: France in ProMods is still intriguing. Expect a French Landscape, new stuffs, new cities, new sceneries, new French road marks, intersections, “bridges”, cities and many more. Explore the famous Mont Saint-Michel down Southern France, though not the whole France has been covered, the project seems very great and pleasing. Explore the new city Toulouse, and feel as if you are driving in real life.

    Spain: Finally a touch to see the 1st very few parts of Spain. Not to tackle much but explore the 1st 2 cities, and you may want to hint what would Spain look like in the future.

    New Scandinavia: After ProMods merged with the DLC, I believe 80% of SCS DLC have been put in the map, if I am not mistaken, but ProMods has decided to extend the new cities, upgrade some existing ones and new roads to the North. The features of the DLC and the expanded ProMods cities are very familiar to review because they are both related to the Scandinavian landscape so have a good trip out there! The rebuilt of Stockholm and Linkoping looks great so might wanna try to explore around a bit. Also don’t forget one of the highlights in this region is the big bridges esp. in Denmark 🙂

    Germany: A lot of rebuilt has been made in this country thanks to ProMods. Now Germany looks way better now than the original SCS map. Since Germany is mostly industrious, expect and industrious landscapes with many new cities, roads, road marks to explore. Germany looks really detailed now!

    England: looks still the same with the previous version, just some new tweaks and a new town made which is Chelmsford. Nothing much to tackle about.

    Iceland: ProMods has decided to rebuilt the two major cities of Iceland which looks, as expected better and detailed. The rest looks okay and explore some snowy and hilly parts of Iceland and the industrious west.

    Fjords: Still pretty much the same review. Great beaches, island landscape, rivers and a good port town to explore a bit.

    The rest of Europe: Above all most parts of Europe are now very detailed and nice looking thanks to ProMods (don’t forget about Antwerp!) They fixed many bugs and stuffs and added new models and materials to make Europe look very great.


    ProMods definitely got better, with their map expanded and existing ones upgraded, I highly recommend this mod to every ETS2 user. Rating a perfect 10/10.

    Mods that I used for ETS2 ProMods:

    Sound Fix v14.0 + Realistic Weather Sound + Some Jazzycat Mods + Rus Map + ProMods + Balkans Project + Real Companies mod by ProMods.

    My Top 5 Map Mods

    1. Promods (w/ Poland Rebuilding & Project Balkans) : 10/10
    2. MHA Map: 9.5/10
    3. Truckers Map: 8.8/10
    4. Trucksim Map: 8.6.10
    5. Rus Map: 8.5/10

    Worthwhile mention:

    1. Northern Scandinavia Map
    2. EAA Map
    3. Reisproject
    4. Russian Open Spaces Map
    5. Eastern Express Map.


  17. Hello guys new update ProMods v2.02 for ETS2 v1.23 is now out.

    It only features some bug fixes, minor tweaks and compatibility update of the mod.

    Just check the download section in promods.net and you’re ready to go!!!

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