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Poland Rebuilding v2.1 1.30.x

Generally, the mod reconstructs  and modifies buildings, roads and cities of Poland.

Note!!! You gonna need ProMods Map 2.25 (required),  RusMap 1.8 (optional) and following DLC (must have):

  • Going East
  • Scandinavia
  • Vive la France

v2.1 changes:

  • Added new city: Mława
  • DLC Special Transport one cargo: Olsztyn-Białystok
  • Fixed several errors: Traffic lights, locked speditions, sounds volume, etc…



Credits: GrakuPL, Michaleczeq, Sebavr6, djdarklighter
Compatibility: ETS2 latest version


How to install mod for ETS 2:

  1. Download this mod.
  2. Extract it!
  3. Paste the .scs file(s) into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod folder.
  4. Run game ~> Mod Manager ~> Enable mod.
  5. Enjoy!

Download Poland Rebuilding for ETS 2:



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