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MsHeavyAlex: New Europe Map for ETS2 1.9.x


Here is the new Europe Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 named MsHeavyAlex.


  • Add new cities:Epinal (F), Feldkirch (A), Unken (A), Lienz (A), Chur (CH), Belluno (I), Sillian (A), Bolzano (I), Croydon (GB), Portsmouth (GB), Maidstone (GB).
  • Add new textures, objects…
  • Add new trucks, signs,…
  • Add new companies.
  • Add many new gas stations.
  • Many new highways

What’s new in this v1.4?

  1. New company Fueltrans in Manchester (UK)
  2. New company Maxilla in Ammanford (UK)
  3. New company Fastrans in Poznan (PL)
  4. Fixed cross in Birmingham
  5. New company Transport21 in Manchester (UK)
  6. New company Fastrans in Ammanford (UK)
  7. New city Ammanford (UK)
  8. New company Fueltrans in Ammanford (UK)
  9. New company in game – Fueltrans (mostlly work with fuel)
  10. New position of Toll gates near Reims
  11. New company Transport21 in Ammanford (UK)
  12. New company Fueltrans in Wroclaw (PL)
  13. Fixed lights in some buildings ( for night )

[toggle title=”Changelogs” state=”close” ]

v1.3 changelogs:

  • New company Maxilla in Southampton (UK)
  • New company Transport21 in Southampton (UK)
  • New crosses and roads in Southampton (UK)
  • New company Fastrans in Southampton (UK)
  • Fixed small problems with garage in some citites

v1.2.3 changelogs:

  • New big company Maxilla Transport (mostly heavy Load)
  • New company FasTrans in Stuttgart (D)
  • New company FasTrans in Torino (I)
  • New small company FasTrans (food Load)
  • New company Maxilla Transport in Verona (I)
  • New Gas station in Erfurt (D)
  • New company Maxilla Transport in Erfurt (D)
  • New Gas station in Torino (I)

v1.2.2 changelogs:

  • New road on enter in Innsbruck (A) (east-south side)
  • Fixed Service garage in Amiens (F)
  • New company Transport21 in Bolzano (I)
  • New road cross Alps from Chur (CH) to Bolzano (I)
  • Fixed Service garage in Debrecen (H)
  • New company Bauhaus in Innsbruck (A)

Changelogs of Version 1.0?

Fixed jagged edges on these roads:

  • in London (GB)
  • around/in Wien(A)
  • around/in Salzburg (A)
  • around/in Rotherdam (NL)
  • around Strasbourg (F)
  • around Belluno (I)
  • around/in Amsterdam (NL)
  • around Toll gates in north France (on A16 Paris Calais Lille)
  • around Sillian (I)
  • around Feldkirch (A)
  • around Unken (A)
  • around/in Amiens (F)
  • around Bolzano (I)
  • around Epinal (F)
  • around/in Croydon (GB)
  • around/in Linz (A)
  • around IKEA place, London (GB)
  • in Southampton (GB)
  • around/in Portsmouth (GB)
  • around Metz (F)
  • around/in Chur (CH)
  • around/in Maidstone (GB)

New small country gas station between Salzburg (A) and Unken (A)
New road in Salzburg (A) to IKEA
New Toll gates positions in north France (on A16 Paris – Calais – Lille)
New highway around Paris (second part on west side)-A86 -somewhere 70 km new road
New France sign for highway (credit to Nishant Boro)
New look on normal roads between Metz(F) and Frankfurt(D)
New company in game – E.Leclerc – all Credits to Nishant Boro for Prefab
New gas station in center of Amsterdam (NL)
New company IKEA in Salzburg (A)
New look on normal road Luxembourg(L)-Liege(B)
New look in/around Luxembourg(L)
Improve gas station near Strasbourg (F)
Fixed enter in company on the hill in Epinal (F)[/toggle]

Credits: Nico, Tobias, MsHeavyAlex, Aneya, Nishant Boro.

Screenshots for MsHeavyAlex Map:

Download MsHeavyAlex EU Map for ETS2:

[box type=”download” align=”aligncenter” ]MsHeavyAlex (MHA) EU Map v1.4.2[/box]


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