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You can send me any question at ets2downloads@gmail.com.

Thank you so much!


  1. Got an error message on Gmail with this address, having problem with Rus map v1.4.5 kept getting decryption error message when trying to DL

  2. In m game Euro truck simulator 2 there is no option showing of active mod or mode. Please help me how we can show the active mode.?

  3. Hello, nice to meet you again, Will Potter.
    Say, I uploaded two mods (for the first time) during the last week. I am curious: Are these files still cued up in a approval cue or did I do something that made you reject them? I already contacted the Federal Bureau for the Allocation of Guilt (Bundesamt für Schuldzuweisung), but you know how it is, those bureaucrates take their sweet time… So I’d be happy to know wether I simply need to be patient – which is absolutely acceptable for me, I just have to know, so I can sleep well – or to eliminate any issues that you might have with those two mods. We’re talking about a realistic Volvo sound fix and a Cat-Engine for MAN mod. Thanks in advance,

    The Rhythmosaur

      • Thank you very much, I appreciate your quick response. But as I tried to say, the error may be on my side as I am a newcomer around here and have to learn my way. In that case, just let me know how to do things right 🙂

        The Rhythmosaur

          • The problem is, my system is quite at the limit to stand the strain of ETS2, so even if I had the software to do such videos (I’d love to), it would probably bring the framerate if not the whole system to it’s knees. However, I’d authorise anybody who would be willing to do it, to testdrive and provide such a video.

          • That is very generous. I appreciate that! – Please allow me to suggest you don’t mash the pedal to the floor, but accelerate gently like you would in a real truck with some heavy cargo atttached. This is something I miss in some of the showcase videos, but it contributes a lot to realism. Thank you!

          • Sorry to bother you again, but this time I really made a mistake. In the discussion about Rantkel HD Graphics (Download section Miscellaneous), I posted several replies (updates) which were intended to somebody, but then found out I technicaly replied to my own replies (so my conversation partner was probably not notified). So I deleted those comments this morning and posted them again as proper replies to the one talking to me.

            When I just checked on them, I now find these deleted messages shown as guest posts to myself, so infact, they appear there twice. I flagged them as inappropriate, so just go ahead and delete them, please. I won’t cause such a mess again!

    • Can you tell more detail about it?
      By the way, My network connection these days is really bad, maybe because of the weather, so I still cannot upload the video for your sound mods. But I will do that this weekend!

      • Easy, don’t rush!
        Well , I posted another mod 3 or 4 days ago, and as this mod needs no video, I began to become mildly concerned. I think I called it Traffic Density Mod. A very simple mod to reduce or increase your overall traffic and increase or reduce the part of it being trucks.

        For non-moders I put preset mods in it, and explained for all others in details were to find the two numbers to manipulate, so you can tailor it as you see fit. All on Pdf with pictures and stuff. And in what I call english :-).

  4. Good Morning , Sir,

    I just made a new upload of the screenshot for the MAN-Cat Sound mod, because by now I know you cannot use the link I gave you.

    This link will lead you to the link menue, so you can choose the format that suits the page. It’ll be nice if you let me know which one it is, so next time I can send you the right one right away. The upload itself is in original ETS2 format. I guess that’s what I’ve done wrong with the pic for the traffic density mod.


    Because I received so much appreciation from your side, I made something that much more resembles a real review (given the constrains of this page’s format) for the KAMAZ 6860. Since it seems you are exploring Goba’s Map yourself (and not just running this webside), you might be interested in this machine. You see Goba himself using this wolf in in a sheep’s disguise in the second video in the download description; it is perfect for the task. Aaand, it offer 30 horses more than your current truck produces, hehehe…



    • I don’t know about this page. There are many low quality ETS 2 Mods websites out there. They are just copy and paste them, they don’t know anything about them.

      • Okay, it was just to make sure that there are no rights of your’s violated. Meanwhile, I found my mod even on an chinese website, too. But at least they did a full translation…

          • It means it sounds promising. I hate to admit it, but I’d like to meet that guy who gave just one star.. with a sledgehammer… well, I took it with humour as you could see. hahaaa

            Seriously, I think it is. With that Readme I threw in there, I think my granny could do it.

  5. HI!
    i just wanna know if anyone it’s working in a converter dolly and what kind are they working if it’s an ”A converter dolly” or a ”H converter dolly”.
    Are they with 1 or 2 axles??
    Tnks so Much

  6. Help !!! Steam update my ets 2 game from 1.6.2 to or something. I wanna to go back to1.6.2 but I don’t know how. Help !!!

  7. Good morning, I believe something may be wrong with your mod submittal screen. I tried to upload my new combo pack last night and this morning but the upload screen is not appearing correctly in order to input my mod. Can you please check into this so I can share my new pack with you guys? Thanks!

  8. Hi,
    Would it be possible to create a mod which displays the chosen company name on the garages purchased by the player? It would also be nice if the company name was on the various trucks purchased.
    Best regards and many compliments for this game.

  9. Here was uploaded download content without my permission and without (that’s the rules) the original download links! Deletin’, or changin’ some stuff from me (the already sent e-mail is more precise).

  10. hi, I am searching for a Turkish Horn Air Flute, where can I find it. I want to purchase it online.

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