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Trucksim Map v5.0

This is the v5.0 of Trucksim Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with new cities and bugs from the previous version have been fixed!

Trucksim Map v5.0 Changelogs:

  1. 4 new cities, 2 (Evora, Viseu) in Portugal and 2 (Merida, Salmanca) in Spain
  2. Completly new edition of Prtugal and most of Spain
  3. Update of traffic lights for Portugal, Spain and Greece
  4. Realistic signage in the rebuilded- and other parts
  5. in which signnames were bigger than the actual sign
  6. All known bugs since our last version were fixed
  7. in which signs wrongly regulated the priority in the traffic system
  8. in which objects were not in their correct position near the garages in Bourges and Ljubljana
  9. Bugs were fixed…

Trucksim Map Review

This map is a plus in my book, and I want to thank the TSM team for making a real awesome map.
Pro’s for this map is all the countries you can drive to as well as all the city’s you get to see.
Con’s for this map.  The only problem I had with this map is the Toll Booth’s in Italy and France.
When I went to drive through them with a game truck, My Volvo FH, I had no trouble.
But when I use a mod truck, either my Peterbilt 387 or my Scania T long line. I got stuck at the toll booth.
Because the Activator is to close to the gate, so you can’t Activate the payment option to pay your toll.
I do hope that TSM team will fix this with an up coming update soon.  The good thing is this map team is updating there work all the time.
So I say, Excellent job on the part of TSM team. Keep up the good work.
Lone Wolf.

Trucksim Map v5.0 works fine on ETS2 1.9.xx and 1.10.x!

Credits: trucksim.

Trucksim Map for ETS2 Screenshots:

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Trucksim Map for ETS2:

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  • NikoTheRagdollKitty

    You need to make one for v1.9.22, awesome map. I enjoyed driving the one for v1.8.2.5

    • mohamedthegreat

      yes sure all ancient maps doesn’t work with the new patch v1.9.22: trucksim map,romanian map, russian map, scandinavia map, and orher maps also doesn’t work, so we need indeed maps compatible with the new patch or version ; 1.9.22 pl :)

  • NikoTheRagdollKitty

    Strange I saw a flying saucer (UFO) in Algeria, Did you put that in your map to surprise people? Weird I thought. Reminded me of ‘The X Files’.

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  • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

    The game has updated to 1.10.1s , the mod work well (with errors on textures)

    What the hell?, Now the game doesn’t allow mods. Below the game says (Game Modifications not are allowed).

    • Guest

      What the hell?, Now the game doesn’t allow mods. Below the game says (Game Modifications not are allowed). I have installed mods but doesn’t are activated by it appears.

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      Are you using ETS 2 1.9.x??

      • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

        Nope. 1.10.1s. New versión.

        • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

          You cannot run Trucksim Map on that version.

          The latest version is 1.9.24, please update your game!

          • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

            You are wrong. The latest version is 1.10.1 (new TODAY) http://blog.scssoft.com/2014/05/ets-2-update-110-get-your-free-copy-of.html. This new version includes a special paint DLC for trucks but does not work (FAIL). The mod works just like in version 1.9.x (1.9 is lower than version 1.10) only textures fail but mod works fine. When I opened STEAM has updated my game automatically. So the latest version is the 1.10.1s

          • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

            The last version is 1.10.1s (open your Steam) and get FREE the NEW DLC of METALIC PAINTS!

          • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

            Oh, I see…
            Sorry about my mistake, I just confused between 1.10 with 1.1 haha!
            The latest version of Trucksim map is only works on 1.9.x…
            I think we will get the newest version soon!

          • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

            lol, nothing happens, I imagined that you had passed that. The mod works well in this new version simply has to fail textures, skybox, traffic signs, textures of the vehicles, nothing important if vegetation is disabled. If vegetation is enabled then you have field of colors xD.

            Another flaw is that depending on where you are, there is always sunshine and Skybox goes upside down, day is dark, the night is clear.


          • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

            Big thanks for this feedback, can I copy these words to this post??

          • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

            Claro que si. ( yep. No problem). And sorry my english.

          • http://www.PSNeo.com mmiiqquueell

            After several hours I must say that it is difficult to play. The textures are changed every X time. But now it is impossible to play well. It has gotten me to change the texture of the entire Trucks as well as the HUD and GPS is impossible to know where you are going (ie, opaque glass, the GPS with texture of signal 50KM/h). I recommend use with precaution until appears compatible and functional upgrade on 1.10.x. To solution by changing settings in the texture quality at medium and then put back High, but does not last long until it fails again

          • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

            Nice feedback. Thank you so much!

          • NikoTheRagdollKitty

            My game is updated to Is the Russian Map compatible with the new 5.0 TSM Map?

          • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

            Yes, works like a charm!

          • melios

            Can i play TSM map with 1.10.1.version game?

          • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

            Sure, you can.

            It works like a charm on 1.10.1 :).

          • melios

            Yes but i need 4.7.2 TSM map. All the links when extract it is o Kb. Did you have correct link please? thanks for your reply

          • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

            Download this one and try to extract it with Winrar: http://bit.ly/1gDBCdf?r=bb

            I can extract it perfectly with this software.

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  • Lone Wolf

    You can run the game on 1.10, I am using it all the time. I am using the Newest TSM map and it works fine.

    • Mark Anthony Palacpac

      yeah I really love this map!

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  • valentin marsot

    I’ve got a runtime error

  • Hybrid Creeper

    I’ve done a video on how to install this mod: I will try the best I can to help anyone with issues downloading the mod. Thanks :D

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      Can you post it here? :D

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  • Mohamed Hussein

    i have an old game save on older tsm map , and i cant load it at this tsm mod , i need help pls

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      What’s your previous TSM map version??

  • Nonstop07

    Damn Big congratz TSM team , keep the good work , and please try to upload on Mega too , it makes download way faster :)

  • Jeff

    It crashes in France (Nice)

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  • Richard Russom

    No, it doesn’t “work fine”. Even if you have no other mods active you still get the occasional crash / run time error. Even if the game is totally up to date. Frustrating when you keep having to repeat the same stretch or road on the same delivery because the game suddenly crashes to desktop. Funny, the game doesn’t do that without TSM.

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      This is the biggest ETS 2 Map, thousands guys can play it. But there are always some problems that we don’t know why.

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  • Koponen Mikko

    There is an render errors in opengl. Can you fix them.
    Very good map and getting better and better.

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  • Mark Anthony Palacpac

    Anyone who tried this with the ETS2 1.11.x?

    • Tolnay István

      yeas :(

  • Ulises Garcia Robles

    is any russian map compatible with this mod? can you link me one please?

  • 대환 고

    이거 대박 좋은데 ?? KOREA

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      Can you use English? :(

  • Ibrahim Atli

    PLEASE V5.1 And Turkey Map :) pls…

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      Coming soon mate :D

  • David Scream

    guys i have tried to use the america mod map and this (not at the same time) and no one works in my game, I have the 1.10 patch and rhe going east dlc, any ideas

  • Psychodelic

    I can’t download it only on MEGA, what can i do?

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      Try to install MEGA apps for your browser mate!

  • gerhgetrh

    i have 4.7 do i need new profile for the newer version?

  • Marko Stanisic

    Will you add Serbia in the next version? :)

  • Tolnay István

    Pls help my, no job the mod to up date now patch for steam 1.11.1 :(

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      New version will be out soon for ETS2 1.11!

  • eudecio silva

    Is not working in ets 2 steam version 1.11.1

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      New version will be out soon!

      • eudecio silva

        Thank you. I look forward

      • NikoTheRagdollKitty

        I hope to see 1.11.1 TSM mod soon.

  • Anthony Couch

    do i have to install the previous versions of this or does this version have it already? also, people are saying i have to wait, wait for what?

    • http://ets2downloads.com/ Will Potter

      Just download this version if you are using ETS 2 v1.10
      We are waiting a new version for ETS2 v1.11.

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