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Trucksim Map v5.0

This is the v5.0 of Trucksim Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with new cities and bugs from the previous version have been fixed!

Trucksim Map v5.0 Changelogs:

  1. 4 new cities, 2 (Evora, Viseu) in Portugal and 2 (Merida, Salmanca) in Spain
  2. Completly new edition of Prtugal and most of Spain
  3. Update of traffic lights for Portugal, Spain and Greece
  4. Realistic signage in the rebuilded- and other parts
  5. in which signnames were bigger than the actual sign
  6. All known bugs since our last version were fixed
  7. in which signs wrongly regulated the priority in the traffic system
  8. in which objects were not in their correct position near the garages in Bourges and Ljubljana
  9. Bugs were fixed…

Trucksim Map Review

This map is a plus in my book, and I want to thank the TSM team for making a real awesome map.
Pro’s for this map is all the countries you can drive to as well as all the city’s you get to see.
Con’s for this map.  The only problem I had with this map is the Toll Booth’s in Italy and France.
When I went to drive through them with a game truck, My Volvo FH, I had no trouble.
But when I use a mod truck, either my Peterbilt 387 or my Scania T long line. I got stuck at the toll booth.
Because the Activator is to close to the gate, so you can’t Activate the payment option to pay your toll.
I do hope that TSM team will fix this with an up coming update soon.  The good thing is this map team is updating there work all the time.
So I say, Excellent job on the part of TSM team. Keep up the good work.
Lone Wolf.

Trucksim Map v5.0 works fine on ETS2 1.9.xx and 1.10.x!

Credits: trucksim.

Trucksim Map for ETS2 Screenshots:

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Trucksim Map for ETS2:

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