Trucksim Map v5.3

This is the v5.3 of Trucksim Map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with new cities and bugs from the previous version have been fixed!

Trucksim Map v5.3 Changelog:

  • Works like a charm on ETS 2 v1.14.x with Rus Map.
  • Expansion of Hamburg, “Elbtunnel”
  • Fixed all known bugs.

When I heard on Sunday that TSM had released there new map,I was a happy camper. I was until I read the Facebook post.
What TSM people had done, was to upgrade the existing map to the 1.14 version of the game and that was all.
Don’t get me wrong, I love this map and this game. I am glad that I can drive to North Africa as well as going to Russia with that map added.
But if it took so long to upgrade this map to the current version of the game, would it have hurt to add a couple of more things to keep the interest going?
So since I have been driving on this updated version of the map, I have found some minor bugs, sign’s flickering, ground texture not right and other issue’s. Mostly mirror things.
I do know that in the place release of this map, that there were some major problems in some city’s, that I hope that they will address in the new version to come out soon. I hope.
But time will tell.

I will look forward to the newest release of this map, when ever it is available.

Trucksim Map v5.3 works fine on ETS2 1.14.x!

Credits: trucksim.
Review: Lone Wolf

Trucksim Map for ETS2 Screenshots:

Trucksim Map v5.3 Trucksim Map v5.3 Trucksim Map v5.3 Trucksim Map v5.3 Trucksim Map v5.3 Trucksim Map v5.3 Trucksim Map v5.3

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Trucksim Map for ETS2:

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  • NikoTheRagdollKitty

    You need to make one for v1.9.22, awesome map. I enjoyed driving the one for v1.8.2.5

    • mohamedthegreat

      yes sure all ancient maps doesn’t work with the new patch v1.9.22: trucksim map,romanian map, russian map, scandinavia map, and orher maps also doesn’t work, so we need indeed maps compatible with the new patch or version ; 1.9.22 pl :)

  • NikoTheRagdollKitty

    Strange I saw a flying saucer (UFO) in Algeria, Did you put that in your map to surprise people? Weird I thought. Reminded me of ‘The X Files’.

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  • mmiiqquueell

    The game has updated to 1.10.1s , the mod work well (with errors on textures)

    What the hell?, Now the game doesn’t allow mods. Below the game says (Game Modifications not are allowed).

    • Guest

      What the hell?, Now the game doesn’t allow mods. Below the game says (Game Modifications not are allowed). I have installed mods but doesn’t are activated by it appears.

    • Will Potter

      Are you using ETS 2 1.9.x??

      • mmiiqquueell

        Nope. 1.10.1s. New versión.

        • Will Potter

          You cannot run Trucksim Map on that version.

          The latest version is 1.9.24, please update your game!

          • mmiiqquueell

            You are wrong. The latest version is 1.10.1 (new TODAY) This new version includes a special paint DLC for trucks but does not work (FAIL). The mod works just like in version 1.9.x (1.9 is lower than version 1.10) only textures fail but mod works fine. When I opened STEAM has updated my game automatically. So the latest version is the 1.10.1s

          • mmiiqquueell

            The last version is 1.10.1s (open your Steam) and get FREE the NEW DLC of METALIC PAINTS!

          • Will Potter

            Oh, I see…
            Sorry about my mistake, I just confused between 1.10 with 1.1 haha!
            The latest version of Trucksim map is only works on 1.9.x…
            I think we will get the newest version soon!

          • mmiiqquueell

            lol, nothing happens, I imagined that you had passed that. The mod works well in this new version simply has to fail textures, skybox, traffic signs, textures of the vehicles, nothing important if vegetation is disabled. If vegetation is enabled then you have field of colors xD.

            Another flaw is that depending on where you are, there is always sunshine and Skybox goes upside down, day is dark, the night is clear.


          • Will Potter

            Big thanks for this feedback, can I copy these words to this post??

          • mmiiqquueell

            Claro que si. ( yep. No problem). And sorry my english.

          • mmiiqquueell

            After several hours I must say that it is difficult to play. The textures are changed every X time. But now it is impossible to play well. It has gotten me to change the texture of the entire Trucks as well as the HUD and GPS is impossible to know where you are going (ie, opaque glass, the GPS with texture of signal 50KM/h). I recommend use with precaution until appears compatible and functional upgrade on 1.10.x. To solution by changing settings in the texture quality at medium and then put back High, but does not last long until it fails again

          • Will Potter

            Nice feedback. Thank you so much!

          • NikoTheRagdollKitty

            My game is updated to Is the Russian Map compatible with the new 5.0 TSM Map?

          • Will Potter

            Yes, works like a charm!

          • melios

            Can i play TSM map with 1.10.1.version game?

          • Will Potter

            Sure, you can.

            It works like a charm on 1.10.1 :).

          • melios

            Yes but i need 4.7.2 TSM map. All the links when extract it is o Kb. Did you have correct link please? thanks for your reply

          • Will Potter

            Download this one and try to extract it with Winrar:

            I can extract it perfectly with this software.

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  • Lone Wolf

    You can run the game on 1.10, I am using it all the time. I am using the Newest TSM map and it works fine.

    • Mark Anthony Palacpac

      yeah I really love this map!

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  • valentin marsot

    I’ve got a runtime error

  • Hybrid Creeper

    I’ve done a video on how to install this mod: I will try the best I can to help anyone with issues downloading the mod. Thanks :D

    • Will Potter

      Can you post it here? :D

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  • Mohamed Hussein

    i have an old game save on older tsm map , and i cant load it at this tsm mod , i need help pls

    • Will Potter

      What’s your previous TSM map version??

  • Nonstop07

    Damn Big congratz TSM team , keep the good work , and please try to upload on Mega too , it makes download way faster :)

  • Jeff

    It crashes in France (Nice)

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  • Richard Russom

    No, it doesn’t “work fine”. Even if you have no other mods active you still get the occasional crash / run time error. Even if the game is totally up to date. Frustrating when you keep having to repeat the same stretch or road on the same delivery because the game suddenly crashes to desktop. Funny, the game doesn’t do that without TSM.

    • Will Potter

      This is the biggest ETS 2 Map, thousands guys can play it. But there are always some problems that we don’t know why.

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  • Koponen Mikko

    There is an render errors in opengl. Can you fix them.
    Very good map and getting better and better.

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  • Mark Anthony Palacpac

    Anyone who tried this with the ETS2 1.11.x?

    • Tolnay István

      yeas :(

    • Jim Estep

      Sim crashes with 1.11.1 using trucksim 5.0…need patch quick !!! lol…please?

  • Ulises Garcia Robles

    is any russian map compatible with this mod? can you link me one please?

    • Will Potter
      • Jon Todd

        is this map compatible with any other map mods? i try this russian map but my game crashes even without tsm turned on..

  • 대환 고

    이거 대박 좋은데 ?? KOREA

    • Will Potter

      Can you use English? :(

  • Ibrahim Atli

    PLEASE V5.1 And Turkey Map :) pls…

    • Will Potter

      Coming soon mate :D

      • NikoTheRagdollKitty

        Thank you for the awesome map. It deserves 5 stars.

        • BMW

          Only 5 :D More is the best Map for ETS2 :) I always use only TSM Maps they are the best!

  • David Scream

    guys i have tried to use the america mod map and this (not at the same time) and no one works in my game, I have the 1.10 patch and rhe going east dlc, any ideas

  • Psychodelic

    I can’t download it only on MEGA, what can i do?

    • Will Potter

      Try to install MEGA apps for your browser mate!

  • gerhgetrh

    i have 4.7 do i need new profile for the newer version?

  • Marko Stanisic

    Will you add Serbia in the next version? :)

  • Tolnay István

    Pls help my, no job the mod to up date now patch for steam 1.11.1 :(

    • Will Potter

      New version will be out soon for ETS2 1.11!

  • eudecio silva

    Is not working in ets 2 steam version 1.11.1

    • Will Potter

      New version will be out soon!

      • eudecio silva

        Thank you. I look forward

      • NikoTheRagdollKitty

        I hope to see 1.11.1 TSM mod soon.

  • Anthony Couch

    do i have to install the previous versions of this or does this version have it already? also, people are saying i have to wait, wait for what?

    • Will Potter

      Just download this version if you are using ETS 2 v1.10
      We are waiting a new version for ETS2 v1.11.

  • maris

    nav 1/11

    • maris

      var kāds izstāstīt kad truksims paradisies priekš 1.11

  • CyKoSiS

    I need this for Version 11.1.x quick!!!

    • Anonim Vasutas

      Me too

  • cristian

    i need this for vercion 1.11.1 quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dolfgang

    yes, we really need a tsm map that works with version 1.11.xx. hope we could have it soon..

  • Petacreepers23

    COME ON compatibility with 1.11.xx you onli have to open with the editor and recompile, it isn’t so difficult!! i like too much this map but i don’t like to wait

  • Mudge

    any word on how far off a 1.11 is ?
    I love the TSM map and its the only one I use .. am having to play on Vanilla until TSM is patched.

  • Christopher Kurtz

    waiting for 1.11 tsm map also in the US

  • Niksuuu

    Really? How long does it take :/

  • Damijan Robnik

    Admin, could you tell them to add Maribor to the next update (it’s in Slovenia)? I’d really appreaciate it! :D

  • Jim Estep

    It works it works !!!! 5.1 works !!!! tytytytytyty

  • Mohsin Khairdi

    Download link is bad. I cant download it fron sharemods. Plz upload it to mega or drop box. Sharemod is always a

    • Will Potter

      I do not have permission to re-upload it :(
      So sorry mate!

      • Mohsin Khairdi

        Ok then tell me the way I can download it successfully.

  • Mohsin Khairdi

    Plz give me the latest link from where I can download it

    • Will Potter

      sharemods is a bit slow but it is the only way now :(

  • Skutt

    when i wana go from Alger port to Marseille the game broke on this section , have some errors

  • Piotr

    Why not work with Rus Map ?

    • Will Potter

      Rus Map v1.3?

      • Piotr


        • Will Potter

          Maybe TSM doesn’t care about other maps. If they really care, we will have a new update soon!

          • Piotr

            Ok ,thanks

  • Buzi

    What they did in Greece was awesome.

    IMO this beats ProMods and I dont’ understand the hate TSM seems to garner from some when comparing. Pity both cant’ work together.
    I started with Promods with 1.10 and enjoyed it much. I only tried TSM as of late, only maybe 12 or so real life game hours experience. I’m amazed at what I saw on trip out of Germany, down thru Italy,
    and into Greece. Greece has MOUNTAINS, and the work done there shows.

    I will live in TSM Greece now. haha.
    Working great with 1.11 ETS2 and a whole bunch of other mods I use, too many to list here.
    Driving my tricked out Scania T around with half nakid cowgirl paint job on it.

    Only downside I’ve seen so far, is I had to lower graphic setting in game from 300 scaling to 200 scaling as this mod impacts my system frame rate too much for 300 scaling to be used.
    It is a compromise that is worth it, as the TSM map mod , IMO, is a awesome bit of work.
    I can ignore the extra jaggies, just need more drink.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you for great words mate!

      • Maurizio Agius

        Hi Will, First of very well done your work is amazing!!! Just one thing I have an issue with… the map when I zoom out it is not showing all europe and africa when dragging down, it arrives only till half italy. Would appreciate your feedback thanks :)

        • Otávio Gabriel

          That sure is a mod compatibility issue… try to disable some mods to see if it works

  • Dolfgang

    thank you very much :)

  • Richard

    Doesn’t work very fine.. when i take the boat from Tunisia to Europa it crashes all the time when i wanna choose the destination

    • Nite

      that was fixed in 5.1.2

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  • Darin Curl

    There is a Issue with TSM Map 5.1 France Scenery, Everytime I get to France my game Crashes, This needs to be Fixed. I have v1.11.1s

  • Vanilla Gaming

    works perfectly on 1.11x !!! Good job !

  • Niksuuu

    I have a problem with the automatic gearbox, it doesn’t choose the gear, the gear pops out the whole time :/ the issue came with this update

  • Thiago DSouza

    wonderful good job!!

  • Szymek

    please do something with poland!

  • Andrei

    how i install?? how i open this scs file?

    • Will Potter

      How to install new map for ETS2:
      Launch game.
      New Game ~> New Profile.
      At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd

      • Andrei

        i need to copy or wath?

  • Andrei

    someone pls… how i open the scs file or i need to copy the files??

    • Will Potter

      Just copy the SCS file into your My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mod folder :).

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  • Erwin Chivalier

    Good work TSM Team, can you upload your Sweetfx setting please, those screenshots posted above – EPIC!!

  • Pingback: Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v2.6 - ETS 2 Mods()

  • Vedat

    Hey guys first of all thanks but i can’t use it well, there is something wrong with my map. I can’t see south of the map. I mean i can’t scroll down, like i’m still using pre mod version of the map please help.

  • Bruce

    will you increase this map by east I mean some Ukraine, Belarus etc?

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  • Jerau


  • BiZE HeR YeR TrabzoN

    güzel beğendim…edirne ve istanbulu koyacaktınız neden koymadınız. acaba!

  • Pingback: Ferries Mod for Trucksim Map - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods()

  • Taylor

    Hey whats the give I downloaded this map done 1 job no problems but the when I went to get another job BAM no jobs avalable to pick up absolutly nothing whats the catch I have all other maps and this problem does not happen any ideas or is this ojne of the things that needs fixing?

  • Leonardo Diniz

    map 5.0.7 crashes im the game 1.12.1s, steam version. My game machine is a six core AMD 16Gig of ram, nvidia 460, raid array of diks. Its enoug? ETS runs ok until map5. with map 4.5 ans ETS1,19,24s , everithing was ok .

  • Ibrahim Atli

    Compatible with all DLC ? and Turkey map
    Thanks for the map mod

    • Will Potter

      Yes, works like a charm!

  • Pingback: RPM Map v5.5 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods()

  • Freddy Oller


    Plz make this mod suport ProMods v.1.71 + Poland Rebuilding v.1.70 + RusMap v1.3.5

    • Nite

      Won’t happen, Promods and TSM teams have both agreed to not combine them together, you have to run them on seperate profiles

      • Bostyan

        Why ? I like more 1 big map then 5 small :P Perfect will be that all maps will be combine with TSM Map this will be amesome 1 big Map! I use Rus Map v1.4.1 but why only because is combine with TSM Map :) I will not have 2 or more Accounts for every Map sorry but not gonna happen :D I like one big Map and now TSM Map and
        Rus Map is Perfect I like it alot!!! I would use more map but only if is map combine with TSM Map! I don`t know why both Team agree with this sorry but is 100% stupid! I use only TSM Map from version 1.8 I never use any other map now I downloaded Rus Map only because is combine with TSM Map!

  • Toma001

    when romania is coming?

    • Will Potter

      I don’t know…
      Cause we have a Ro Map Add-on.

      • Toma001

        yes i seen the addon, but only works with going east, right?

  • beckom

    Hey, this map looks intresting but when I enable it(and it alone), the loading bar fills up about 1/3 of the way and then the game freezes and crashes with a “ETS2 has stopped working error”. Running v1.12. Any help will be appreciated,thanks!

    • beckom

      Never mind my silliness. I took a look at my log and apparent WinRAR fucked up an extraction. Moral of the story: Use 7zip.

      • Will Potter

        I use both them xD

        • beckom

          So did I until 5 minutes ago. ;)

        • beckom

          Great job on your mods by the way. Love them.

          • Will Potter

            Thank you mate :).
            Very glad when I know that guys love this website :).

          • beckom

            They do, but I think a way to get more people is to Merge all the trillion other ets mod websites with this one, so there is a standardized place to download mods. You are literally the only mod I see who actually answers doubts in the comments of the mod.

          • Will Potter

            I can see couple of “trash websites” on the internet.
            They just copy and paste the texts on their websites…

          • beckom

            Yeah,they just steal revenue from the original creators.

          • Will Potter

            And low quality of screenshots. So have been making this site much more better!

          • beckom

            And you did a smashing job.

  • Chris Tucker

    Ran it on 1.11 until I got to denmark via harwich ferry, then crashes repeatedly. Tried running on 1.10, game won’t launch, just crashes aft er creating a profile. Have no other mods active so not sire what the problem is

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  • Autumn

    How the heck do I download this? I click download and it brings me to some wordsearch page.

    • Will Potter

      There are 3 links to download. You can use sharemods

  • Bulgarian Guy :D

    Please add Bulgaria in next update :)

  • anthony

    do i need going east

  • Prince Jackal

    does this work on 1.11??

  • NikoTheRagdollKitty

    I have steam version 1.12.1s having trouble selecting mapnane mbd.

  • JoeAD

    Brilliant mod but I have one question which I cannot find answered through google: how do I view the rest of the map? I’m stuck in Genova with a delivery due in Libya (I think, I can’t see my destination) but I cannot move the map past the dotted line that indicates the ferry route. Please respond ASAP.

    • Paul Darke

      I had the issue where the couldn’t bottom 25%of the map disappeared after a few trips into Egypt and Tunisia etc. I added the Russia map and now it is all visible again.

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  • Aradeth Aradeth

    Is there a way to playwith my old profile which not created in tsm? Any chance?

    • Aradeth Aradeth

      Will Potter i hope you answer that one.

      • Will Potter

        As revanbh has said above. But you can try by backing up your profile :).

    • revanbh

      I’m playing fine with my old profile. Just go into “Edit Profile”, select everything related to this mod in the “Active Mods”, click apply and you’re good to go.

    • Aradeth Aradeth

      Thank you for your replies friends. One more question: if i decided to rollback to vanilla map is it possible to harm myprofile that saved when TSM activated? Sorry double post

  • Aradeth Aradeth

    Thank you for your replies friends. One more question: if i decided to rollback to vanilla map is it possible to harm myprofile that saved when TSM activated?

    • Will Potter

      If you de-active TSM, your profile will be rolled back to the time before you enabled it.

  • Denzel

    pls upload it on any torrent cause my internet suck ..

    • Will Potter

      Just try to download it again mate, we do not have permission to re-upload it :(.

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  • David o brien

    how do i change the game module?

  • Abdo

    please i want this map for patch 1.12 tornnet?
    can you

  • Vakonof
    • Will Potter

      How can it??

      • Vakonof

        I totally don’t know ;-)

  • Marko Stanisic

    When will the new version for ETS 1.13 be released?

  • Rusty

    The .7z file is corrupted. I tried the newest winrar, even the online converter says it is broken!
    Need some help here!

  • Martin GibonArt Petráš

    game crashes with this map in Albania, Tunisia and others … game version 1.13.3

    • Will Potter

      New version is coming!

  • Mister_Trouble

    I’ve downloaded it, I’ve installed it, and I can see it on my map..BUT!! I can’t get on the roads, there is just no connection, and I dont see the city’s. I’m running the 1.12.x version..Can someome please help me out?? (I’m sorry if there are any grammarfaults in my English, I’m Dutch.. ;) )

  • eudecio silva

    How to add new driver to ETS2? No more driver appears to hire.

  • Lewis Gazzard

    Can you put Bristol in on the UK In the next update and add more country roads in the UK

  • hai


    • Will Potter

      Just try to re-download mate. I think it’s because of your connection is not stable.

      • hai

        no my connection is perfect its says broken archive something like that now im downloading it V5.1.2 and thanks for replying fast(lol)

        • hai

          wow v5.1.2 works!

  • Charlie Magne Tablang

    will this work in 1.14.4?

  • James Tooey

    try downloading this and installing but load up screen says 5.1 tsm any help running latest update!!

  • Renzdaotan

    everytime i enable this mod my games crashes after loading why? i’m using 1.13.x. version

  • Marko Stanisic

    How can you use the achievement feature if world of trucks won’t let you log in being the version downloaded from pirate bay?

  • Felippe Sato

    Has anyone tried it on v1.14.0.4s

    • Will Potter

      It crashes on 1.14. The new version is not out yet!

      • Felippe Sato

        any news when to expect?

  • King Collins Khaemba

    doesnt work on 1.14

    • molyvos

      works tsmap 5.3 + Rus map 1.4 …like a charm …

      • Will Potter


  • NikoTheRagdollKitty

    Nice to see map made for 1.14.2s, awesome.

    • Will Potter

      It’s a long time haha

  • molyvos

    any no damage mod working with tsmap 5.3 ???

  • Jose Manuel Garcia Sanchez

    Why do not the cities of northwest Spain appear?

  • molyvos

    is there any no damage mod working with trucksim map 5.3 ???????

  • Experimental Trucker

    Even though TSM says, “These map is not compatible with other maps!
    You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!” this run does show (thanks to Author: aldim@tor & the Rus Map v1.4 for ETS2 v1.14) that you can connect TSM v5.3 & Rus Map v1.4 together & play without a problem.

    Start: Casablanca(MA) – in the TSM part of the map
    Finish: Volokolamsk(RU) – in the Rus Map.

    Casablanca(MA) – Volokolamsk(RU) 3486km run

    Part One
    Part Two

    PS. Now if only Eastern Express v4.0 map could be connected to TSM………… possible 6000+km run maybe??

    • Nicole88

      Which model of Scania is this truck?

    • Will Potter

      Great videos as always mate!
      I have added it into our post. :)

  • Justin Purdon

    The internet download link keeps failing. Anyone have a link to a torrent download?

  • connar

    how come u need a password for the zip folder

  • Experimental Trucker

    Here’s one more run using TSM v5.3 & Rus Map v1.4

    Sirte(LY) – Tver(RU) 4518km run
    Part One

    Part Two

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much mate :)

  • Coen Hoekstra

    Hey you guys, looked really forward to play tsm on ets2. Now I downloaded it and want to unpack it, it gives me a popup what says “your file has been damaged beyond repair”. It wont let me do anything with it. Do any of you know what I have to do?

  • Coen Hoekstra

    Help me pls. I wanted to play this great mod and downloaded it. When I want to unpack it, it gives me a popup screen what says “your file has been damaged beyond repair.” and it wont let met do anything with it. Does anyone know what the problem is??

    • Will Potter

      I think you should download it again :(

      • Coen Hoekstra

        Thn x man!! Im really greatful. It works. Are you one of the people responsible for this mod?

  • Charless Sabueros

    Trucksim map is one of the best map mods out there! They started creating their map at Africa and now they reach Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and even Denmark!

    A year ago I used this map mod and there were pretty quite a lot of bugs on that time, and on that time there was only Africa that tsm made. Later on there was Greece, parts of Italy and there were really bug problems esp. in Greece.

    I stop ets2 for a couple of months, then I returned at v.1.7.x and I used once again the tsm map mod, changes include more cities, and I was able to get to Spain and parts of France. Bugs were been improved, but I can still observe some bugs in France and Spain.

    Again I stop ets2 for a couple of months and recently I came back to ets2, again with the version 1.13.x. TSM was there and many changes have been improved, new cities, Whole Italy and France and soon for Spain and Portugal. Wonderful map mod. I’m starting my journey from Paris and now I’m at Rome. I explored some parts of Greece (which had no bugs for me so far!), parts of Africa, France, and my current objective is to explore the western part of Africa and Spain & Portugal. What a wonderful map mod to explore!

    Keep it up TSM team!

    • Will Potter

      Great words. Thank you so much mate!

  • Paul Dumitras

    It does not work with 1.14.2

    • Will Potter

      Works fine for me.

  • Abdellah aski

    how can i use it with other mods

    • Will Potter

      Just… do it??

    • Paul O.

      I most likely won’t work with other map mods, the exception being the Russian map mod Rus map? Other mods that don’t effect the map should work just fine. I am using truck, traffic, environment, sound and trailer mods and they all work fine with the map.

      • Will Potter

        That’s right.

  • Paul Dumitras

    this map does not work on 1.14.x.

  • Paul O.

    Anyone every have a run where they spring construction on the map with no feasible detour? I had to cancel a job as the only way into a city was blocked. =(

  • KryptoniteBrony

    666 MB lol Awesome map, works well with Rus Map. Love it!

  • bonkers howlingmad

    ya shame you got a motor way blocked of some where forget where as i was like f this and quit the game and cudent find a route around to where need to go well smart that clap clap clap

  • Charles C. Sabuero

    Here is my full review of the mod:

    One of the best map mods. This is a big map which, until now I am still exploring! The game runs very smooth with TSM, so far I haven’t seen any bugs from v1.14 until from v1.15 where when I am about to reach the truck dealer in any city the game crashes.

    Great roads to see. Let’s see Africa first.

    This was the first TSM part of the map to appear(started from TSM 1.0). Our first impression was though TSM is an Africa map, so of course you get to explore the deserts, yeah and the cities as well and even the beaches. In the latest version it has been improved a lot. I get to explore deserts smoothly, I feel that I’m in Africa and the atmosphere is just beautiful.


    This was the 2nd TSM part of the map to appear(am I right?)( started from version 2.0). It seems that TSM wants to connect Africa to Europe by adding Greece. So TSM was not only an African map. In the 1st versions it was a very buggy Greece. To this latest version, very smooth. I was able to explore the cliffs of Greece, the mountains, the hilly terrains, and everything in Greece. Some zigzag roads and highways to explore and very great Greece map.


    This was the 3rd TSM part of the map to appear almost prior to Greece & France (am I right too?)(started from version 2.0). Italy on that time was only 1/8 of Italy. Little bugs occured. To the recent version it has now the whole Italy. Beautiful Italy even in the Mt. Vesuvius in Naples has been seen in this map! I have seen also the mountains which is quite awesome.


    This was the 4th TSM part of the map to appear almost prior to Greece and Italy (am I right too, too?(started from version 2.0). The 1st parts of France were in the southern coasts (cities like Nice, Marseille.) To this version almost the whole France was included. Beautiful landscape, great highways and plains to explore. Southern coasts were a whole somehow real to me as if I’m on a holiday while driving at the south of France.

    Spain & Portugal

    This was the 5th TSM part of the map to appear (started from version 3.0) Spain was a great map, though it gave little frame loss and of course some bugs. To this version, Spain map is still expanding and reworking, as some parts in Spain do not have roads and cities yet. Though it’s like that, I really like the atmosphere there. Roads, bridges, were good to look at. Amazing.


    Just added to TSM map I think in version 2.x. It just added. Nothing to really tackle about that, as it adds the European map there. (Do you think they have plans to start heading North?)

    Very big map. Right now I’m still exploring as it should be. I have given a lot of information already about TSM map. I’m a fan of this map so you should have the information given.

    Works with Rus Map, Ro Map Addon, graphic mods, jassycat mods, everything as long it does not conflict with the map.

    Works well with v1.14.
    Works also with v1.15 but you may not be able to immediately to enter the dealer by the world because before you enter your game may crash. So better buy online, which is the safest way :D
    TSM would update it soon.

    • Will Potter

      Set as feature.
      Thank you so much dude!