Europe and Africa Map MultiMod v5.5: Best Map for ETS2!

Finally, version 5.5 of Europe and Africa Map MultiMod has been released!

Europe & Africa Map MultiMod v5.5 details:

  • Includes 2 big continents are Europe and Africa with these countries:
    • Europe: Finland, Sweden, England, France, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Italy.
    • Africa: Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and a pyramid!
  • Add railway stations in Africa for move easier, also add one hidden ferry in Africa.
  • There are bus stops and bus stations in this map.

These mod are included in Europe and Africa Map v5.5:

  • Real GoodYear Chrome Tire
  • Realistic Physics Mod
  • Small Right Mirror
  • Xenon Light Mod
  • New Realistic Camera Mod
  • Bridgestone M730 Wheels for Trailer

Screenshots for Europe and Africa Map MultiMod v5.5:

europe-africa-map-multimod-v5.5-1 europe-africa-map-multimod-v5.5-2 europe-africa-map-multimod-v5.5-3 europe-africa-map-multimod-v5.5-4 europe-africa-map-multimod-v5.5-5 europe-africa-map-multimod-v-5-5-ets2

And a lot of more details in this video:

How to install new map for ETS2:

  1. Launch game.
  2. New Game ~> New Profile.
  3. At Game Module ~> Choose mapname.mbd
  4. Enjoy!

Download Europe and Africa Map MultiMod v5.5 for ETS2:

From MandelSoft (Promods Team):

This map is a mix of the Promods map and the TSM map; for your information, all roads that have been added to the south are from TSM, while all roads that are added in Scandinavia are from Promods. Both TSM and the Promods team have NOT given any permission. We respect each other’s work and we have come to an agreement not to merge both maps, since our scope and working methods are different. This map also contains a highly outdated version of the Promods map.

Anyone who downloads this map is not respecting this copyright agreement and is downloading blatant piracy and plagurism without even MENTIONING the names of the original creators. This is what bugged both teams the most. It’s like someone else is selling your art as if it were his. Would you like this happening? No!

This kind behaviour lead to the fact that both TSM and Promods locked their mods. If it weren’t for the hackers, we wouldn’t put locks on our mods and the world would’ve been a whole lot easier. But alas, that’s not the way this modding community works…

This map will get no support from either the Promods Team or the TSM Team. Merging both maps together will bound to have some bugs. If you want the proper support and full experience of both maps, download them from the respective teams.

Best regards,
MandelSoft (ProMods Team)

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  • Alexandre Perrotto

    How download this map

    • Will Potter

      Anyone who downloads this map is not respecting this copyright agreement
      and is downloading blatant piracy and plagurism without even MENTIONING
      the names of the original creators. This is what bugged both teams the
      most. It’s like someone else is selling your art as if it were his.
      Would you like this happening? No!

      Please don’t download this map if you love ETS2 :).

    • Sokr

      There is no download.

  • NikoTheRagdollKitty


    • Muamer Kozica


      • John Haughey

        Because the people who “created” it stole the content from other modders and put their name own name on it.

  • Panagiotis Gekas


  • Domingos C. Doné

    No download

  • Kin Pong Chung


  • Mahir Omerčić

    How to download this map?

    Where do I click?

  • Алексей Карташов

    How download this map

  • Floris Donath

    There is no download button.

  • Bobo Saga

    There is no download.

  • Bobo Saga


  • recond9
  • Abdo Jbari

    Tell me you have a problem in the save game

  • Vagelis 4VP

    Why is it that all the teams who do map-mods cant join their efforts for to merge their maps so that we dont have 10 different map games, with 10 different profiles in them? I dont want to use different map-mods, for the reason that i have to start a new profile each time. If the map-mods teams would co-operate, and join their maps it would be much better. Anyways, thats my rant… and thanks to all modders for the work and energy u put into it.

  • Charles C. Sabuero

    Wait is the mod created by Mario? Well if it’s true I am seeing the latest version of this mod:

    Mario Map v10.2 + Addon

    Here is the last version of Mario Map v10.2 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, un updated version of the map, a very famous author maps – Mario Bogdanov. Now it will appear in the latest add-ons and the latest change to the card itself.
    In the game you can see not only the card, but also many other various updates.

    The map includes two continents: Europe and Africa.
    European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy.
    African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (there is even a pyramid).
    In six cities in Africa added railway stations and one ferry that would move quickly. But – on the map, they are not visible and you have to find them. In some cities, there is not only the bus, but the bus stops.

    Game version: 1.15.x (but will work at 1.16 with the fix that I gave to this website, if Will Potter still knows…)



    And I am not sure if Mario had rights to combine the two regions…
    But I’m confidently speaking that Mario wouldn’t share his mod without asking permissions… so since he shared the mod, I’m confident he asked permissions already…

    • Will Potter

      Hi Charles,
      Thanks for giving me the new update. But this is a bad map. He steals objects and cities from Promods and Trucksim Map to create this map. The last time when I posted this map, I was requested to take them down by Promods Team and TSM Team.

      • Charles C. Sabuero

        Oh i see…

  • Ganesh Cholke

    game crashes on v1.16.2
    any solution??

    • Will Potter

      This mod doesn’t support 1.16 dude!
      It’s 1 year old now!

  • disqus_UwrTk9aIo3

    Well lets face it, the true is people love combining this 2 awesome maps in one game and I’m sure there will be more people would love to play this and that is what you call “productivity”. Playing this game with 2 different mods map in 2 game, it’s kind of bummer, coz we can’t escape that people thinking that “It’s gonna be more awesome if this 2 maps combine” and you got the “WOW” for that. I hope soon this 2 team join, imagine if you have 2 awesome maps in one game with lots of support and I’m sure there will be more awesome mods to come with a huge maps. OR l hope SCS saw the potential and create another expansion pack for this, I would buy it…. hehehehehe peace mate. Just saying :)

  • Փափուկ պատերը պատերը

    Help !!! Site : For Dowload Africa + EuroPA Truck Simulator :(

  • krimo ameur

    how can i download the map

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry. This map is really old and the author of this map stolen all works of Promods and Trucksim Map Team.

  • ddd

    Am I needed Scandivania DLC?

    • Will Potter

      No, you don’t need because we can’t use this map anymore!